The Eternally Flowing River

The Brahmarishi Title Ceremony of our beloved Mohanji

By Amitha Hughes


10 October 2016

“Being in Guru is being in the Eternal Flow of Consciousness” – Avadhoota Nadananda

Even the elements danced, matching the joyful mood of all those gathered on the holy grounds of the Siddhaganj Ashram in Kurnool on 10 Oct 2016 for a once in a lifetime, rare and sacred ceremony.

It was the Brahmarishi Title Ceremony and Transference of Spiritual Powers from the beloved saint Avadhoota Nadananda (lovingly referred to as Guruji) to our beloved Spiritual Master Mohanji. The sheer grandness and magnitude of the event defies description.


The ceremony was held on the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, which marks the end of the 10 day celebrations honoring the Divine Mother as well as the Maha Samadhi day of Beloved Shirdi Sai Baba. Guruji was guided by the sacred Guru Mandala, the Inner Higher Spiritual Council of Light, to hold Mohanji’s Title Ceremony exactly on this day. It was an instruction from Guru Mandala, and it was clear. Guruji faithfully brought it to fruition. Such a sacred ceremony had never been allowed to take place in public before. Now the Guru Mandala had spoken.


Guests galore turned up; and a host of Mohanji’s followers, friends and family were there too, from India and America, to Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa and countries in between. A group of around eighty international guests, all Mohanji’s followers, joined the rest of the spiritual family present at Siddhaganj Ashram to witness the unfolding beauty of this ceremony. It was an occasion we are surely never likely to witness in our lifetimes again. Ami from South Africa said: “It was a privilege to meet this Great Master Avadhoota Nadananda ji in person at last! Mohanji personally introduced each one of us to Guruji. It was an event in itself͙. The smiles and deep sense of familyhood are truly eternally treasured moments. And what a welcome we received from Guruji! His loving hospitality is beyond measure. Guruji and his family of the most kind-hearted disciples and devotees received us with heart-melting warmth and love.”


The love of Guruji’s disciples towards all of us really touched our hearts. In their house, we were like the people of the house and they were like guests. Their house was our house. We were made to feel at home. Sujathaji, Rameshji and family, Satyanarayanaji and family, along with Mohan gaaru, the trustees, even other visitors, they all looked after us as if we were their closest relatives. The training that Guruji had given them in hospitality was unexplainably beautiful. Total selflessness and unconditional love! All of us from different parts of the world were considerately served delicious food without chilies, which is very difficult in a habitually spice-oriented culture of the land. Many such micro details were carefully taken care of by the Siddhaganj team, which made us feel extremely at home.

9 October 2016

A day before the actual ceremony, on the evening of Saturday the 9th October, Guruji led the Guru Mandala puja, a powerful invocation and worship of Guru Mandala. Mohanji was at his side. Guruji was in an extremely heightened state. The highly expansive energies pulsed powerfully in the puja hall and throughout the Ashram. It was a privilege to be present.

At some point during the puja Guruji suddenly said: ‘Guru Mandala is here.’ In that moment most of us simply lost the breath. The energy was overwhelming and a change in the vibration was palpable. All of us could feel (and some could see) the presence of various Masters there. Guruji said that every Divine Being that was invoked poured Blessings galore. He said he witnessed the great Mahatapa (Mahavatar Babaji), the great Guru Dattatreya, Agastya Rishi and many other powerful masters who adorn Guru Mandala, coming there and blessing all present, especially Guruji, Mohanji and the function. Till then the room was very hot and stuffy but in the moment when he said ‘Guru Mandala is here’, we could feel a pleasant breeze circulating throughout the room from various directions. We then realized that it was raining outside. The heavens literally opened and the rains came down quite heavily! This was a sign of approval and a true blessing from above.

Much as the showers were welcomed, they did however pose a little bit of an inconvenience in view of the outdoor function (Title Conferment Ceremony) scheduled for the next day. Well, Guruji was having none of that! This was a function that he had planned with great patience and care, and he did not want it to be ruined by the rain!

After the guests had left to go to their hotel, says our dear sister Preeti Duggal, Guruji marched outside, and looking heavenwards, threw his hands up and literally roared with a mighty voice: “INDRA, AB YE BAND KARO.” … meaning, “Indra, now stop this!” Well, it stopped raining very soon! The great Indra listened … and Surya smiled!


We do not fully know the power of our beloved Gurus, the elements are at their COMMAND!

10 October 2016

The next day was the big event all were waiting for. The Brahmarishi Title Conferment upon Mohanji, followed by the book launch in the afternoon.

Guruji did the actual Transference of His Sadhana Powers to Mohanji in private in the very early hours of this blessed day during a special Homa that he performed. He allowed nobody to be present, except one of his closest devotees, Sujata. She was there to help pass the necessary puja items to him. Guruji also said that when he invoked the Fire and started the Havan with certain mantras, asking Mohanji to accept, the Holy Fire was going towards Mohanji. When the sacred transfer was over Guruji said: “Uske baad pauper ho gaya,” meaning, “After that I became bankrupt!’”


Guruji told to us later on that day: “Now I am empty. I am free. I gave everything I have earned through my spiritual practices to Mohanji over a morning homa which I performed with Mohanji. He was chosen by the Guru Mandala. He was sent to me. Mohanji did not ask me for anything. Neither did I decide this event on my own accord. I was guided to this by the elders of our tradition. If you read the chapter of my Kailash journey in my autobiography, you can see the instruction of my Guru Tara Mayee to me to find a potential successor who has the capacity and maturity to handle all what I have spiritually earned and transfer it all completely. Today, I did exactly that, which made my journey complete. I waited for 14 years for this person and this occasion. If the ever-loving Guru Mandala had not sent me Mohanji, I would have wasted all what I had earned and perhaps would have had to come back to earth to complete that task.”


He further said: “Nobody can enter Siddhaganj ashram unless permitted by the great Masters of our tradition and the ever-compassionate Mother whom we worship. This group has been chosen for this function by them. Many others tried to come. They could not reach here. Eligibility is purity, selflessness, love. You are all lucky. You have all been chosen.”

During another informal satsang with Guruji on that day he shared with us how Shri Ramakrishna’s Sadhana (spiritual practice) Powers were transferred to his beloved disciple, Swami Vivekananda. Guruji said that there has to be a medium for transference.

In the case of Shri Ramakrishna, who was suffering from throat cancer, the Master went into a coughing fit and was coughing out a lot of phlegm. Swami Vivekananda understood exactly what his Beloved Guru was asking him to do. He collected the phlegm from Shri Ramakrishna’s mouth and gulped it. The sacred transfer was complete. When it was done, Shri Ramakrishna said: “Abhi mein pauper hogaya re,” meaning, “I’m now bankrupt!”

With his Guru’s power, Swami Vivekananda moved like a hurricane in the world and energized people. Guruji said the sacred transfer from Him to Mohanji was through the medium of the Holy Fire, the Homa Agni.

The pure Love that Guruji has for Mohanji is beyond measure. Guruji has said their relationship is not one of Guru and disciple, but that of dear Brothers of the Great White Brotherhood.


But that was not all that Guruji had in mind for us on that heavenly day. Guruji blended the energies of the East and West in yet another special ceremony. He wanted to express his deepest gratitude to Mohanji’s parents whom he also lovingly calls Acchan (father) and Amma (mother). Guruji blessed and thanked Acchan and Amma in unique ways for bringing Mohanji to Earth … and into his life.


In a most touching way, that morning Guruji arranged a special Aarti during which Amma, Mohanji’s mother, was worshipped as the embodiment of the Divine Mother Herself, and Amma’s dear and beloved daughter-in-law, Devi Mohan was asked to honor Amma by performing the Aarti after adorning Amma with flowers and bathing her feet with a paste made of turmeric and kum kum. The beauty of this process arranged by Guruji was transcendent and touched the hearts of all present. Amma indeed looked like a Devi and she shared with us later on that she didn’t know where she was during that Aarti as the most blissful energy engulfed her completely.


Thank you Beloved Guruji for your never-ending stream of blessings.

Evening ceremony – from tears to bliss

The actual ceremony in the evening was beyond description. The crowds swelled. All gathered in the marquee (a huge special tent made for this function) for Mohanji’s Brahmarishi Title Conferment.

Indeed, this was the mother of all functions for all of us deeply connected with Mohanji. Guruji transferred his spiritual savings or, in other words, his spiritual “bank balance”, to Mohanji and conferred him the prestigious title of “Brahmarishi”! As Guruji himself had said a while ago, “This is no ordinary function or an ordinary title”. All of us who know Mohanji at least for some time know that he never went after titles or powers. He never asked any Guru to give him anything. That is why this became even greater event for all of us – completely ‘out of this world’ and a true miracle to behold.


The deeper meaning of the sacred Brahmarishi title and its implications for our beloved Mohanji are of a nature that is guarded by Guru Mandala, and is not to be made public. It is magnificently life altering for Mohanji, with a wider implication for everyone connected to his Consciousness. The holy Conferment comes with the might, power, blessings and beneficence of the entire Guru Mandala.

However it also comes with a great deal of added responsibilities, amongst the most important of which is: Living life in service to others … to bring Light to others … to bring Freedom to others!

The approval from the Guru Mandala was palpably obvious in the precision and the smoothness with which everything flowed. There was elegance, grandeur and precision all the way. We were told that such a function is very rare, especially in public. Transfer of powers has happened many times in the past between a guru and his most loved disciple. But, this function had its own uniqueness. First of all, Guruji met Mohanji only a day before Datta Jayanti in December 2015. This transfer happened on October 10th 2016. Instant recognition and corresponding guidance from Guru Mandala rapidly created this event.

As another miracle, a confirmation from above, soon after the transfer and title ceremony, Guruji’s blood pressure became normal on its own and it continued to be so, even after a couple of days, as we write this.

During the function Guruji presented a certificate to Mohanji conferring the title Brahmarishi. He said this certificate is essential to ensure that Mohanji has indeed been conferred the title and is eligible for it, and that the title is as per the order of Guru Mandala. All true masters have gone through ridicule of their society but that could never deviate them from their purpose of birth. The very title and this ceremony is also a confirmation of Mohanji’s stature by Guru Mandala through Guruji. Guruji mentioned that it is his sankalpa and deep wish that Mohanji will indeed visit Gyan Ganj.


One of Guruji’s loving devotees Gokulanji, a gifted musician, and a group of talented fellow musicians poured out their love in musical art form on the stage. There were songs too written specifically for and dedicated to Guruji. The music was enthralling and kept us spellbound. It was so beautiful. It also formed the backdrop for the official launch of Guruji’s books by Siddhaganj – Kurnool.


As the wonderful function began to draw to a close, Guruji’s disciples and devotees, including all of us, Mohanji’s followers, could not hold back our tears. As Guruji slowly walked off the platform and out of marquee (the big tent in which the function was held), tears flowed openly. Some sobbed beyond control, not able to control the emerging emotions. Something deep within was touched.

Joy felt earlier was dulled by sadness. Guruji had stepped down completely, leaving his beloved successors to carry forward the work he had started at Siddhaganj Ashram.

A short while later, Brahmarishi Mohanji who remained seated on the stage, leapt to his feet in joy, for there was Guruji returning to the marquee! We turned our heads and beheld with joy our beloved Guruji walking back to the stage, with flower petals being showered on him. The outpouring of Love ͙ and the sadness͙ of his beloved Ashram family, drew him back. He felt the sadness and could not leave like that.

Cheers, laughter and happy claps accompanied him back on stage. The mood in the crowd swung back up! Guruji danced onto the stage -the music played, and the laughter returned. Guruji took Mohanji by the hands and they danced, while all of us clapped and cheered.

Soon we were all on our feet in front, in complete bliss of dancing and rejoicing. It was amazing. We danced endlessly as truly unforgettable scenes of sheer joy and blissed were being etched in our hearts and minds.

Guruji had yet more gracious blessings for us as the program concluded.

He invited us into the mandir for a most beautiful ghungroo blessing. Guruji was in the higher exalted state of the Divine Mother. Such grace, such beauty, such elegance in the vastly expanded state of Consciousness. Guruji moved his feet in graceful dance, wafting the purifying essence of Frankinscence, to the powerful beat of the drum by Swami Ajayananda. This was the beautiful ending to an unforgettable day.

The River of Life continues its Eternal Flow!

Mohanji mentioned that Guruji, like all great masters, is a flowing river. He cannot be stopped. The tradition cannot be contained. He mentioned that if anyone thought of him as a body or personality, he/she has never understood him. He will continue to exist as a force forever. Guruji himself said that even after he leaves his body, he would continue to work on earth for the next 300 years just like a true avadhoota, never born and never died, just as Sai Baba of Shirdi continues to work after more than 100 years of his physical exit.

Finally, Beloved Guruji got his wish ͙to take to the road once again, and walk the lonely Path of an Avadhoota in Service to others. The only possession he will take with him is a black oval begging bowl. It is called a kappar, and it means more to him than his own life.


Here is a humble offering of our dear Ami from South Africa in sharing some of the highlights from Guruji’s life, as described in his autobiography:

“When Guruji was a little boy, a wandering saint had come to his home. He was carrying a begging bowl. The little boy so politely and sweetly asked the saint for his bowl. The holy many smiled and said, ‘This bowl will come to you in the future.’

And when the time was right, the precious kappar did come to Guruji, down from a mighty and exalted lineage. He was told by a great saint in the Himalayas that the kappar was no ordinary one as it was used by Guruji’s Parampara, a mighty lineage of Masters of eight generations. Guruji was the 9th generation to receive the sacred bhiksha bowl. It came to him from his Beloved Amma, Avadhoota Tara Mayee Ma. She received it from Her Beloved Guru Bhagawan Nityananda … the very same saint that Guruji had met when he was a little boy at his parent’s home, and it was the very same kappar that he had asked for in his childhood.


The Ashram is located some 350 km outside the Indian southern city of Bangalore. It is a place of immense spiritual power, and its activities are divinely inspired and guided by Guru Mandala. It was set up by Guruji upon his return from the Himalayas where he spent more than 35 years, treading the Pathless Path to Liberation … as an ascetic … as a guru … as an Avadhoota, taking instruction from his Beloved Guru, Avadhoota Tara Mayee Ma, and from Guru Mandala.

Guruji’s life is lived in service to others, humans, animals, birds, bees, insect life and plant life … ALL OF LIFE. As an Avadhoota, Guruji is totally beyond any concept of the mind. He trod barefoot through the rough and rocky terrain of the mighty Himalayas, through rain and snow, through wild weather and mild, with only a loin cloth for garment, and nothing else but the Love and Guidance of his Beloved Guru, Tara Mayee Ma, whom he lovingly calls Amma.

Guruji cared not for personal comfort. He served without reservation, all in need who crossed his path, and it was with that kind of Love and compassion that is beyond the ken of our ordinary human mind.

As he trod the Himalayas, Guruji was guided and guarded, but in the True Tradition of the Great Avadhoota Masters, never pampered. He was not allowed to beg for his food or accept money. His Guru told him, “…the food that comes to you is meant for you, accept it with gratitude. When food fails to reach you, observe fasting. I shall be with you.” – quote from: “Autobiography of an Avadhoota”, by Avadhoota Nadananda.

Guruji did just that! There were days he went without eating anything. He did not ask, he did not beg. He ignored his physical discomforts and just continued on his path, firmly rooted in the Love of his Beloved Guru, Amma.

Amma sustained him. She held him in Her Celestial Heart. She is Everything to him.


Guruji’s humble nature belies his powerful spiritual stature. He is unquestionably an authority in ‘Samaya Marga’ or ‘Srividya’. He spent years researching it. During his last days in the Himalayas, Guruji was taught the ‘secret sadhana of Srividya’ by Masters of Guru Mandala.

As Grace of the Divine Mother flowed, Guruji was told to always remember his guru, Avadhoota Tara Mayee, who gave him ‘Shaktipat deeksha’: “Guru is the reason and result of all this. Even if you expend all your energy for some good purpose of healing others etc, you will lose nothing. Whatever quantity of energy you spend, you will receive twice that by the grace of your Guru!” – excerpt from: “Autobiography of an Avadhoota”


Guruji is a much sought after spiritual author. He’s written more than 70 books, including, “The Roaring Silence”, “The Pyre of the Destined”, “The Science and Essence of Sri Vidya”, and the latest in print, the much-awaited “Autobiography of an Avadhoota.” It was among several other books officially launched by Ashraya Trust- Kurnool on Vijayadashami, 10th October 2016.

A number of Guruji’s books have been released in the Telugu and Hindi languages.

Guruji’s deepest wish in writing the books is his cherished hope that those who read them will find within their pages, the treasured secrets that he liberally shares that lead to Inner Awakening, to the Kingdom of Self Within.


Guruji’s entire life has been dedicated to what he calls “the Sweetness of Seva” – feeding the hungry, nurturing the sick and vulnerable, providing medical care for those in need. He’s worked tirelessly in slums, fanning hope, always with the smiling divine face of a Mother’s Love, extending kindness and compassion to those ‘forgotten’ by society. At the same time, he was gently nudging all away from the confining limitations of a bonded existence, to the True Realization of the Liberating True Self. His humanitarian and social services activities are staggering.

His Beloved Guru, Amma, had told him to decide whether he wanted to live for himself, or live for others, saying: “If you decide positively, take an oath that you will live for others for the rest of your life, only for others. No matter what the consequences are to yourself.” – excerpt from “Autobiography of an Avadhoota”. Guruji says he touched Her Holy Feet and took the Oath.

The feeding project initiated by Guruji at Siddhaganj a few years ago, today feeds more than 600 poor people and slum dwellers every day, and the numbers are growing daily. All his seva projects fall under Manav Seva Samiti and funding comes from caring and loving people. All the Ashram work is carried out by volunteers.


Guruji has been a lonely traveler for most of his life. He has met all sorts of people. Some helped, others hurled insults. He has suffered tremendous hardships, harassment, personal slander, harsh criticisms and betrayals, but never once did he retaliate. He just continued living his life to better others. For him there is only that sweetness that he derives from serving others.


Guruji has been in Kurnool for the last 14 years and has continued serving Life with increasing passion and dedication. His operating level is Pure Consciousness. He knows only the unifying power of Love, and service to All, including those who have abused and hurt him.

Guruji is now 75 years of age. His body is tired. In his all-abiding compassion, he had some years ago taken on the karma of cancer from a devotee, seeing in his action, again, nothing but the sweetness of service. His body is not as strong as it used to be. Guruji had been wishing to step away from public life for some time and hand over to a successor, but Guru Mandala had not given the go-ahead. A successor had to be decided upon.


When Guruji told Guru Mandala that his body was too tired, he was told, “We are carrying the burden, not you. Existence will continue.” Recently Guruji was given permission to step down. The Guru Mandala had decided who was to succeed him – upon instruction from Guru Mandala, the Great Inner High Council of Light, Guruji was instructed to announce that our beloved Mohanji is to carry the torch.”

Guru Mandala-version 5.jpg

It is with awe and deepest gratitude that the entire spiritual family of Mohanji welcomes whatever Eternal River brings us, remaining forever at the feet of the sacred Guru Mandala and our beloved Mohanji through whom all these blessings continue to reach us in most unexpected ways.

Jai Mohanji!


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  1. Words stops here! Im in awe! Thank you for this amazing text! Pray all to stay blessed with the presence of our beloved Guruji Brahmarishi Mohanji and all Guru Mandala!

  2. This blog describes so beautifully a true milestone in the lives of all who choose to be connected with Mohanji’s consciousness and bathe in the blessings of this amazing Path of Pathlessness which brings us much more than we could have ever possibly imagined… I will forever treasure the experience of the “Guru Mandala is here” moment described in this blog and several other experiences from the amazingly loving Siddhaganj ashram in Kurnool, some ofriends which remain secret.
    I must share something with you here. When we first met Guruji in December 2015 in his other ashram in Dhar, he gave us a room which was as basic as it gets..Just before going to sleep I noticed a rat running across the room and made sure Mila doesn’t see it to avoid any drama. But not for one moment did it occur to me to complain about the accommodation – after hearing the stories from Guruji’s life, a life of a true Avadhoota who dared to walk the mighty Himalayas barefoot, silly complaints about accommodation did not even cross my mind. And Mila was so incredibly happy at that ashram – she was blissfully enjoying all that came her way, bathing in the loving energies. No 5 star hotel would have brought her such joy, I knew that.
    Almost a year later, we meet Guruji again. This time I had no expectations about the accommodation at Siddhaganj ashram in Kurnool, but when we arrived and saw it’s beauty, the amount of most loving preparatory work behind this event , serenity of the place, its extra pure and mighty energy, and most of all the most amazing hospitality of all the ashramites (led by Guruji), I was truly overwhelmed. Reading from the “Autobiography of an Avadhoota” about Guruji’s experiences with his Guru Tara Mayee Ma, his journey to Kailash and to Gyan Ganj, one’s horizons are truly expanded and all that is left is awe, deepest awe and gratitude on a direct confirmation that something like this is truly possible within our human frame.
    Such is the power of Love and genuine surrender to one’s Guru…
    At the feet of Mohanji, Guruji and the entire Guru Mandala, with all my heart and soul, Devi Mohan

    1. Beloved Guruji, Jai Maa
      My eternal Love, Gratitude and Thanks to our Beloved Mohanji for this rare, sacred and divinely wonderful opportunity.
      So much Love to You and Mohanji

  3. Reading this text my heart melted, tears run down my face… feeling as if I was there… So much unconditional love!

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