Walking in the Presence of Master’s Grace and Love – Part 1

Written by Riana Gaspar (South Africa)

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Master’s Grace is always there whenever you need it (however, never take it for granted when faith falls short).
As I look back over the last few months, I realise that the only thing that stood between me and probable death or grave injury was my Master’s love and Grace. I share with you a couple of major incidents which shook me completely, but brought out how a Master’s Grace works across oceans.
Saturday 5th March was one such fateful days! The people who saw the incident could not believe that I walked away unscathed as the accident almost defied the laws of physics.
Before I dive into the incident, allow me to give you a quick background.
The car I used to drive was very old and used to repeatedly break down time after time. Eventually I had to let it go.
The option left for me was to use public transport. However, in South-Africa, public transport is really dodgy and overcrowded minibus taxis are a seriously bad idea, more so when one is a white female and travelling into the slums areas of Johannesburg.
A couple of days later I went into my home temple and prayed to Mohanji – that I was seriously scared of going to work by taxi.
I clearly heard his voice: “It’s taken care of”.
The next morning a friend of mine was at my gate at 6:30am with her old car! All she said when she gave me the keys was that she could not sleep the whole night thinking about me and that she had to bring the car to me immediately. Her consciousness did not allow her to sleep knowing that in the morning I would disregard my safety to help others while she slept comfortably. (I run a shelter for abandoned and abused teenage girls in downtown Johannesburg which is a very rough area).
Her car doesn’t run fast, however that is not an issue for me as long as I can go from point A to B. At least we now have transport in the shelter again.
Thank you Baba for the loan of the car!
Coming back to the incident on that Saturday …
Due to the slow pace of the car, I was driving on the left hand lane on the freeway. With my previous car, I would have been flying in it on the outer right hand lane. I was driving on the freeway with a couple of Mohanji’s devotees – Ami Hughes and Sjarn. They were a couple of cars behind me on their way to a Power of Purity meditation at Nameshri’s house in Johannesburg. Normally Ami would have been way in front of us and we could have been eating her dust. I was expecting her to come flying pass fast as they were running late for the POP meditation.
Suddenly, the car on my right hand lane clipped the first car on its right side and then smacked hard into the side of a second car. The impact caused the driver to spin around and at about 120km per hour dashed head on into the concrete barrier on the far right. It immediately spun around again and headed straight towards me at a high speed. There was nowhere for me to go! Even braking would have been too late.
All I remember doing was scream out Mohanji’s name!!!
The oncoming car as if guided by unseen divine hands veered away me and instead crashed into the embankment on the left side of the freeway. I managed to come to a standstill just within less than a few meters away from the crumpled car. The distance was little between my car and the crashed car that when the ambulance arrived, it could barely get its nose in between our cars.
As I rushed to the crashed car all I could do was pray that there were no children in it. The front wheel caused the door of the crashed car to get stuck and I have no idea how I got it open. Divine play again! At this stage I was petrified because the lady driving that car was slumped over the steering wheel with the airbag engulfing her face. All I could get out of my mouth was – “Please Mohanji Please”. I pushed her back gently towards the seat, saw her eyes roll back in her head and she passed out immediately. I refrained from moving her as I was not sure about injuries to her spine, hence I started channelling Mohanji’s shaktipat immediately to heal and provide solace to her.
A man rushed over and the first thing he asked me was, “How did you miss that? It looked like you were pushed sideways away from her car.” Ami and Sjarn arrived seconds later and contacted the ambulance and police. I passed Sjarn the accident victim’s phone, and she phoned the last number on display, it became evident that she was on the phone when the accident happened.
As the victim started regaining consciousness, all I could do was hold her in my arms, give Shaktipat and pray fervently to Mohanji. A few minutes later she regained full consciousness but had no recollection of what had transpired. Fifteen minutes later she was able to climb out of her car just before the ambulance arrived.
I still can’t believe how the victim walked out of the car after that horrendous crash. What a divine play of Mohanji! That day Mohanji saved not just me, but the victim and many others maybe. Thank you Mohanji also for protecting Ami and Sjarn.

After the incident I was in shock but with so much gratitude that Mohanji is in my life in this volatile time. To get rid of the adrenaline spike I went for a long walk when I arrived home. Thinking how we waste time and our abilities. How easily everything can change in a split second. As I was walking the only sound I kept on hearing was the impact, the dull sound like a plastic coke bottle bursting but much, much louder. Smelling and seeing the smoke in the car interior as I pulled open the door, not knowing if the lady was alive or dead…
Slowly the sound and vision got replaced with calmness and more gratitude. I heard Mohanji’s voice telling me not to be afraid of wasting time but to be aware of every action. To live the moment in unconditional love and His grace will flow.
I live in eternal Gratitude and Grace of my Guru, Mohanji!

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  1. What a Miracle.! So happy that you are safe and sound. God Bless . our Prayers always. Love babu and usha

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