What I Learnt from Mohanji

Written by Rajesh Sethi


Whilst spending a long break with Mohanji in India, a profound spiritual master, I have come to the following conclusions :
1) If you want to achieve liberation you have to surrender fully and allow the master the opportunity to cleanse obstacles that are preventing your liberation. In order for this to happen the main obstacle, which is the mind, has to be stilled. The more stillness of the mind that is cultivated the more surrendered you are becoming. This provides the right environment for the master to perform cleansing.
2) Remain in his energy field either by being in his close proximity or stay connected to his consciousness wherever you are. This can be done by japa, meditation etc. Distance does not dilute the actual effect. The master resides inside of your being, so there is in actuality no distance at all. In so doing you are allowing him to shine the light and in so doing dispel the darkness from your being. With every breathe chant the name of your master and in this way you will be attracting his grace towards you day and night 😊. Your life will also become infused with peace and happiness for no apparent reason.
3) Follow and practice his teachings with sincerity and discipline needs to be cultivated. Masters are always there to help any disciple who is sincerely seeking liberation. So become sincere and realise that the path to liberation is not a part time occupation but a full time 24/7 preoccupation. You have to in a way “convince the master of your sincerity” by practicing his teachings wholeheartedly and once this has happened, miracles and mind blowing experiences start happening.
God bless you always ❤ ❤


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