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As we march towards Empowered 2.0, here are some beautiful experiences shared by some of our global participants.

Ranjana Balagopalan, India

The 11 days of Empowerment with Mohanji was a wholly transformative experience for me. I had come across a blog about Mohanji last year, but I started to read up seriously about him and his blogs and watch his YouTube videos only this year. And this was the first time I attended a retreat with Mohanji. Though it was online, it didn’t feel so at all. Each day, I felt I was sitting right there in front of Mohanji and listening to him.

I’m still thinking about my experiences from the first day to the last, and I am overwhelmed by them. Mohanji’s presence and words caused multiple shifts in my thoughts, emotions, and overall mental makeup each day. I’m aware of some of the changes, but I also know a lot more has happened beneath the surface, and I feel subtle changes are still happening within me. I think it will take me a long time to realise the depth of the changes fully. And I’m astounded by the sense of powerful energy and joy I experienced throughout the programme. I’ve begun to feel more stable, calm and compassionate, and it is all because of Mohanji.

On a couple of occasions during the retreat, I woke up in the middle of the night with unusually bad headaches but felt okay by morning. I realised later that they were not regular headaches. There were other experiences in terms of energy, and I felt healed at so many levels. Often, a thought would occur to me during the session, and a short while later, Mohanji would say the same thing, confirming that I was right to look at something in a particular way. And many of the questions that I didn’t even know I had were answered by Mohanji. Many insights came my way over the 11 days due to Mohanji’s grace.

Before I joined this programme, I had been dealing with intense anxieties and fears. But the teachings and techniques imparted by Mohanji have created a deep sense of peace and stability within me, and the more I practice the techniques, the greater the stillness inside me.

Much more has happened, but I think it will take me time to fully grasp and express the deep impact of this retreat. So I’ll just wrap up by saying that this was a powerful, life-changing experience for me. I’ve been trying to progress on the spiritual path for many years now. I was completely lost and was just meandering aimlessly. But now I feel I’ve finally found my path, purpose and my Guru.

I am already eagerly waiting for the December retreat.

I offer my humble pranaams at Mohanji’s feet.

I would also like to thank the team that organised the retreat for their selfless and tireless services to ensure that each participant felt heard and valued. I’m very grateful to all of you.

Ashwinder Mayur, Oman

Overall, I gained momentum in my day to day activity, being more aware of what is happening inside me. The most significant transformation that occurred with the start of this workshop was that I became consistent in waking up and doing my sadhanas precisely at the same time, at the same place.

I believe these two months will be a transformational journey that Mohanji shall take me to, and I am fully aware and prepared for becoming FEARLESS… Jai Mohanji!

Shalini Elisabetta Bagdasarian, USA

It was my first time with Mohanji, and it has been a blessing beyond words. One of the best choices I made in my life. All his talks were divine grace; I love the way he gave a clear life map. The techniques he taught us connected me to the Guru within in a profound way. I feel graced by being able to attend this retreat with him. Jai Mohanji!

Nirvana Singh, South Africa

I was at a wobbled space in life, where I mentally and physically couldn’t recognise myself, my fit in my family/world, nor Mohanji’s physical form. I placed my plight unreservedly in Babaji’s care, knowing that faith in him has always shown me the way and always will. Deloshni (SA) lovingly contacted me to join the program. I instantly knew Mohanji had a great plan for me. Then the magic began for 11 days. I am still wearing the blissful silence and smile, having tasted and experienced such joy/bliss of cosmic consciousness under the guidance of my loving Guruji Mohanji.
I LOVE you beyond words Mohanji. Lakh lakh Shukar (Immense gratitude)

Jayshree Phalad, South Africa

I have gained so much knowledge from Mohanji. I have started practising his teachings; I feel so great. I know Mohanji is always with us.

I had wanted to ask him a question on Day-8 but never got through. Then on Day-9, I tried again but was unsuccessful. So I decided to give up on trying. On the 11th day during the workshop, I noticed that my hand was up, yet I didn’t raise my hand. So I know Mohanji knew, and it was his leela that I just got connected. I was so nervous when I eventually spoke to him that I asked him half of my question. My heart was racing. Like Mohanji said, the answers are all within us – just keep silent and go deep within, and I will get my answer.

I do quite a few of the practices that he speaks about. I belong to the Early Birds Club (EBC), so I am an early riser. EBC is a beautiful platform for those struggling to rise early. Like Mohanji says – sadhana during golden hours is very beneficial. He has given us so many tools, but we have just to make use of them and progress.


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