EMpowered by Mohanji – 11

Some of the participants share their little nuggets of inspirational and transformative experiences as we inch closer to the big day – December 4th, 2021 for Empowered 2.0

Verina Mohanlal, SA

I was introduced to the Mohanji family and path in 2020 whilst my sister was in the hospital recovering from post-C-section complications. She sadly passed away in Oct 2020, and honestly, I was and am extremely heartbroken. At times my faith was tested, but over the months, I kept reading Mohanji’s messages and watching videos, and as days have gone by, I have recognised myself accepting more. I joined this programme to connect better with myself but most importantly to find myself, and this week alone, decisions became clearer, procrastination became less. It is little things that have made a huge change in my life. I continuously am grateful and pray for a more enlightened path.

I look forward to meeting Mohanji in person one day and also continuing this journey!

Sadhana Subramanian, USA

Dear Mohanji, I am new to this path, and one of my friends introduced me to you and your various platforms. So far, I am happy with all the learnings that I am imbibing from you. Not sure I understand everything, but you actually answered so many of my questions without me even asking. I am able to connect a lot of dots based on your teachings. Thank you.

Cathy Johnston, UK


Clear, crisp and concise, bite-sized nuggets of divine wisdom. How lucky am I?

Trying to digest every word at each precious moment spent in Mohanji’s warm & benevolent presence misses the point. To just ‘BE’ in his presence, to wallow in his glory, to grow with his family, mere words can’t convey the enormity of the privilege I feel.

The only school desk I long to return to – will treasure my notes close to my heart. Jai Mohanji! My Beloved Mohanji!

Prajakta Sonawane, India

I am falling short of words as I may not fully justify what I have gained. In short, I have gained myself, which was lost in the last 36 years. Mohanji’s presence made me realise so many things, and one of them is his talks. I feel it is not me who is operating; it is Mohanji operating this physical form, and I am so happy to serve as his medium. Lots of love to Father (Mohanji) and all the M family.

Ankush Khandelwal, India

I feel that I got some very simple and more practical techniques that can be implemented to increase awareness. This was the most amazing experience. It felt like having one to one session and getting all the answers without asking any questions.

Runa Gupta, USA

I gained a deep sense of immense gratitude, reduction of tamas, one-pointed focus towards my purpose, a loving spiritual family and the Guru’s direct guidance. These words fall short of describing the wealth gained.

On Day 2, I was thrilled when Mohanji shared the Silent Technique because this was a technique I had instinctively been practising last many months and it felt validated.

After the workshop, I listened to the Shiva Kavacham when I started to experience my heart centre feeling softer and more open than before. Part of my Silent Technique practice was to look within/focus on the heart centre to experience the silence. However, I never felt that I was truly able to go deeper.

But now, I suddenly felt like a barrier had been broken, and I was one step closer/deeper to my journey towards the Silence within me. I could even feel the words of the Shiva Kavacham rising from the silence and sensed the silence in the gaps between each word. My heart was opening. I felt a gush of inexplicable gratitude to Mohanji, who is working on all of us. All that I had to do was simply show up for this workshop and be present for this time!

Regula Pfenninger, Switzerland

This workshop helped me gain clarity with a strengthening of purpose. I am automatically observing more of my inner self with the outside. I am grateful for all the guidelines we got in this nourishing workshop and the privilege of being able to participate in this program. There is less fear when confronted with problems that seem impossible to resolve. I feel very happy to learn and to go on learning.

Bhagyashree Parulkar, Malaysia

Honestly, I came to know about Mohanji because I am a Sai Baba disciple. During these 11 days, I was talking to Sai Baba in my prayers that “You made me (your Bhakta) to connect to NOW to MOHANJI. So tell him to hold my hand and show me the right path. This would be for me your direct confirmation. Give me some hint, Sai!”

And unexpectedly, during this workshop time, I got udi sent from Shirdi! I live in Malaysia, and so during this time, getting Udi from Shirdi was a big promise and assurance from Sai to me confirming, “You are on the right path.”

Prafulla Chandra Bansod, India

It can’t be summed up by words. I believe it’s a continuous relationship that I have with Mohanji now, on my journey in this life, where he looks after me in all aspects. I feel very secure and experience different aspects of myself strongly, and I am accepting it with prayer and trust every moment. I have surrendered myself at his feet. Let Mohanji take care of me!

Tihana Frleta, Hrvatska

I am very grateful to Mohanji for this opportunity. I already feel a big change in perception and acceptance; I feel his energy flow helping me to get rid of unnecessary patterns and be more authentic. I’m already attuned to his advice to feel others more. Also, I find it very interesting that my work schedule matched to follow the whole program live.


From the beginning, it feels like receiving a hug in the form of Mohanji’s energy that stays with you continuously. In one session, he made me feel whole again. When he smiles at you, you know that he is with you.

Nirmal Saini, Australia

Mohanji changed my life totally. I have so many experiences and transformations that you brought into my life. When I connect to Mohanji mentally or physically through this online program, I always cry a lot. I feel I just want to be with him—so much energy around me. My body gets tuned into energy in his presence (the body spins and sways like a pendulum). Most of my answers I get when I listen to him and sometimes through thoughts while in his presence. I am looking forward to going deeper in silence in the presence of my beloved father, Mohanji. Love you, Mohanji!

Katarina Knežević-Nikolić, Serbia

I am deeply grateful for this gift. It comes at more than the right time in my life and helps me tremendously on my path of liberation. Somehow, on my path during the last couple of years, I have focused more on helping other people actualise themselves, and forgot about myself, lost my connection and my brightness which created challenges. I am grateful for being reminded of who I am and what is necessary to continue my journey into the light and be the light. Love.

Tamara Tapić, Serbia

I feel encouraged, supported on my path in my insecure baby steps. I am learning by example since Mohanji is pure love and kindness that I can feel. He is providing clear guidance about what, why and how. I feel truly empowered on the long journey in front of me.


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