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Memories from Tiruvannamalai 2018

By Padmini Ravikumar, Dubai We had planned a surprise visit to see our mother for her 80th birthday. Her birthday was on Oct 16th, but my other siblings wanted to celebrate it on Oct 3rd, on her Hindu birthday, in Mumbai.  Here I was wondering how to take time to be in Mumbai and then […]

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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 5, February 2019

Every disciple’s end goal is absolute dissolution, complete merge into Shiva. One of the most purest path to achieve this is through bhakti yoga and absolute surrender to Guru. In absolute surrender, there is no existence except that of the Guru. However, it is not easy being with a Guru, a living master. Being with the Guru, every moment the disciple burns a lot of samskaras along with burning the ego, burning the intellect, burning the entire mind matter. When the existence of the disciple is completely burnt he turns into pure ash. That’s when Shiva wears the ash and thus the disciple merges completely into Guru, the Adi Guru – Shiva!

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