Guidance Will Happen

This is a revelation of how Masters function. This is my story of conducting ‘The Power of Purity’ meditation for 150 souls (110 adults and 40 children) at a time in Shrirampur in Maharashtra.  

Celebration of Colors - Shrirampur


Jyoti didi (we address elder sister as didi) asked me to give a talk for around one and a half hour, which would be followed by the meditation on the next day. This was the plan.

As soon as the program was decided, I asked Mohanji- what I am going to talk and how should I conduct the program. I wanted to prepare for the talk. His answer was, “Deepali, guidance will happen”. I kept quiet.

Didi and I used to discuss the plan on phone. I told her, “Let everyone come. There is no restriction on women, men, children or age.”  I also told her to let more and more children come.

A week later, I asked Mohanji again the same question, and received the same reply: “Deepali, guidance will happen. Don’t you have faith?” I do have tremendous faith in him, but my mind was a bit shaky because this was my first experience of delivering a talk on spirituality to an audience of this strenght – I am used to a planned and structured teaching in medical science.

Jyoti Didi and Deepali

Mohanji’s Arrival to Delhi and My Illness

Mohanji coming to New Delhi on his way to Singapore was indeed a surprise for me. I thought it is a good chance to take few tips on what to talk and to prepare myself better. But, Delhi had a different story. Mohanji arrived to Delhi on Nov 16th. At that time, I somehow picked up a serious flu. I had a severe headache and fever. Moreover, I developed a serious bronchospasm, wheezing and coughing. I could not breathe or talk. With great difficulty I was able to walk 2-3 steps! At the same time there was a lot of work.

Meditation was planned on 18th and 19th at Dana’s house. Sumeet came from Jammu. Dana, Sumeet, Abhishek, Navin have witnessed fast deterioration of my health. I was surprised. Since I was initiated into Shaktipaat and have started meditation, this routine cough and cold had disappeared from my system. But this attack was rather serious. And I was all the time thinking about my program in Shrirampur…. How will I conduct this program in my current state of illness!!! I had a few medicines and Abhishek promptly brought other vital medicines that I needed. But, medicines were not working on me. It is always hectic with Mohanji. When he is around, normally there is no time to rest.

Moushami and Mohanji - beyond the dimensions of time

Meditation on 18th at Dana’s house was wonderful. At that time I clearly felt that Mohanji took away my cough – he coughed during the meditation, once or twice. I felt much better after the meditation; at least I was able to breathe. Lungs were slightly open. I was hungry for prana and could finally get some.

During those 3 days in Delhi with Mohanji, I once again asked about our program in Shrirampur. But, his answer was again: “Deepali, guidance will happen.” I could not understand him. To be very honest, I was slightly upset with him, as I believed that this should not be the way of training a novice or junior. Anyway, I had no choice but to accept and I accepted with full faith and surrender, even though my conscious mind remained obsessed with the content of the talk.


Welcoming the Guests

 In Shrirampur – Preparation of the talk

As I arrived to Shrirampur, Didi told me that 80 people had registered for the program and that it would be conducted in a big hall. Moreover, the Town Mayor would attend the program, and the Chairperson of the function would be the famous Palmist and Astrologer, Mr. Kantilal Bhandari. When she asked me “Is your talk ready?”, I did not know what to answer…

Next day, I opened my laptop, connected with Mohanji’s eyes and started drafting my talk in Power Point. I simply wrote what flowed from my heart, adding lots of pictures. I prepared 30 slides in two hours, which included:

Guru-tatwa principle; offering gratitude to all Masters, Babaji, Dattatreya Tradition, Sai Baba, Mahavir Swami and Mohanji; uniqueness of each one’s journey; skeptic mind; what is spirituality; how to go beyond religions; experiences with my Guru Mohanji who showed me the reality and made me forget that I am Deepali; my spiritual journey; Experiences in the Vashitha Guha and Ganeshpuri; What is the ‘Power of Purity’ meditation and how is it different from other meditations; What is Shaktipat; Faith-Purity-Surrender; Emotions attached to Thought-Word-and-Action and how we accumulate karma; mind-body-habits and conditionings/samskaras; Ammucare and Mohanji’s blogs.


Lighting the Lamp


The talk

When I reached the venue, I was surprised to see how wonderfully organized  – from the registrations to the decorations – everything was. In the background, the Dias was filled with flowers and photos of Mohanji, Sai Baba and Anand Rishiji Maharaj (A Great Jain Sadhu), which were positioned on either side.

Program started by lighting the lamp (samai). Hall was full. Children sat on one side. A few more people joined. I was happy to see an audience of 150people in front of me who would soon get to know about Mohanji and BTW. After the initial formalities, I was handed the mike, connected with Mohanji and started talking in Marathi. Before the talk, all of us did AUM chanting and relaxing breathing. Then I spoke for 1 hr 20 min. in fluent Marathi. I was surprised. There was a pin drop silence throughout the entire talk. Even the children were quiet. People remained quiet even after the talk and I knew it had triggered some deep thinking in them.

Mr. Kantilal Bhandari then spoke about meditation from the Jainology viewpoint. Listening to the words of this experienced 82-year-old man was a great joy.

We then had a good question-answer session. One question was – “These are Deepali’s experiences. Why should we accept them?” I liked the question. Before I could say anything, Mr. Bhandari took over the mike and said: “God is everywhere. It was Deepali’s time to know it. Arjun was with Krishna but could never realize his stature. He was blind. At one moment, Krishna had to give him vision to see the real and Lord Krishna showed him the Reality. Let’s open our eyes.” I thanked Baba and Mohanji for this answer.

Another question was- “When do we meditate and how do we start”? I answered but Dr. Uttara Sidhaye completed the answer with shloka from Bhagawat Geeta (18 Adhyay, shloka 66)-

Sanskrit Shloka

Meaning…. Lord Krishna says: “Do not sit crying over problems in life. When you feel like; offer all your deeds and karmas to me and just surrender. I will take care of all your karmas and sins and give you liberation.”



Audience During the Talk


Meditations on 21 November 2010

A big dilemma arose – how would Moushami and I manage to give Shaktipat to 150 people at a time. We decided to divide them into 3 groups of 50. The first group was called at 5.15am in the morning, second at 7.15am and third, reserved for children, at 9.30am. In the end, more came for meditation than expected!

Conducting ‘Power of Purity’ meditation at 5.15am on Bramha Muhurat (the most auspicious time in the day, from 3 to 6 am) with the chirping of birds and cool breeze had a deep effect and was a beautiful experience. All meditations went undisturbed. Mohanji’s energy was flowing very, very strongly. He was in Singapore at that time on a business trip. Moushami and I were able to effortlessly give Shaktipat to all. We were wonderfully surprised at the ease with which this happened!


All Breathing As One


Experiences during Meditation

How can I narrate the experiences when hundreds got connected with Mohanji’s consciousness at the same time? All 3 groups did wonderful initial breathing. They really breathed as a one body, one group! All followed instructions so well and were fully receptive to Shaktipat! We began the meditations by connecting with Mohanji’s eyes followed by AUM, humming and breathing. A spectrum of the post-meditation comments are given below:

This was my best ever experience,

we felt completely relaxed,

we saw white light,

we never thought we would be able to sit for such a long time,

we did not realize the time,

we felt things leaving our system,

we saw Sai Baba.

I felt I am not in my body.

Shaktipat reduced thinking. Shaktipat gave energy surge in the body. Shaktipat was warm and felt it ran everywhere in the body. We actually felt Shaktipat.

I had a few jerks in the body, but was fine.

I felt I am in a closed room.

We felt Loved!

We felt light.

We have done other meditations, but this was the most relaxing and powerful one ever.

This is different. We feel happy and released. ….

So many cried and so many wanted to cry, but suppressed it. Stored and suppressed emotions of lifetimes were leaving their system!! Almost everyone had melted. Some said that so many emotions surfaced and gave pain but at the end all pains vanished and they felt relieved.



Deepali and the 7.30am Meditators


While giving Shaktipat to a lady, I could feel that she was suffering from a severe cough and that Shaktipat was working on this specific problem of hers. At the end, when I asked her about her condition, she was surprised that I was able to know this. Moushami and I had many experiences similar to this. Shaktipat was happening effortlessly through us.


The 9.30am group

For the 9.30 group, initially only few people and 2-3 children had arrived, but within next 5 minutes, all arrived. Moushami was so happy.

Children were so receptive, much more than the adults. Some were naughty and opening their eyes in between! It was so pleasant to give them Shaktipat. Their spontaneous reactions were: “This was very comfortable; we felt like sleeping; we feel fresh; Shaktipat is like the mother’s love; we were floating; we feel so happy; we want more!” Their reactions were deep, from the heart. Giving Shaktipat to children was the most beautiful experience…

Moushami, my sincere thanks to you. Children were so happy to see you there. They could identify with you and could see that children also meditate. Their parents gained confidence seeing you there. Mohanji always says: “Children are more receptive. It is better to instill this knowledge at this young age before they get conditioned. Baba loved children. They would become better beings.”

Next day, a group of 25 people requested one more meditation. News had spread in the town and a few new people joined. We thus conducted another meditation on 22nd evening.

 Without me realizing, guidance indeed had happened. It is a beautiful understanding of how Masters work. Mohanji not only guided me but also guided my sister and the wing of daughters-in-law, people who attended meditation, parents who sent their children, and all other who helped organize the event! Guidance will keep happening to all those who have seen his photo once and received Shaktipat.
Moushami Giving Shaktipat

Shrirampur usually has electricity problem. And yet, interestingly enough, during the talk and throughout the meditation, we did not have any problems. Moreover, the owner of the meeting place expressed his wish to build a Sai Baba temple in the premises! Everyone was satisfied and was given what they needed. This is guidance and it will happen if we remain open.

This was a beautiful demonstration of how Mohanji planned the whole thing and never told me anything! He quietly worked towards it from a much higher dimension.  We only see things next to us. Masters look at things from the top of a mountain. They have a holistic view of what is needed for humanity at that time. They ensure things happen properly, in accordance with a higher purpose. What we need to do is allow that to happen. At the end, I felt I did nothing and was just an instrument – ‘I’ does not exist in this equation.

Guidance does happen. My conscious mind had no role to play! I have no doubt that, whoever will try to organize Mohanji’s event in the future, will also automatically experience this divine guidance from his side.


I am grateful to Adrash Jain Mahila Mandal and Shrirampur Taluka Medical Association, especially Mrs. Chhaya Gandhi, Mrs. Shital Mutha, Mrs. Rani Babel, Mrs. Jyoti Sanghavi, Mrs. Mangal Mutha and Mrs. Sarala Gandhi, for organizing this event. I thank everyone in the meeting hall who took care of ensuring cleanliness and sound system operation. I thank the photographer and all others who helped in making this event such a success.

Dear Mohanji, I feel words like ‘deep gratitude’ and ‘complete surrender’ do not exactly express my feelings. My feelings are much deeper than that. Moushami and I came back with deep satisfaction of being instruments of connecting people to you, to the Divinity.

Love and regards to all,  Deepali

Dr. Deepali and the Unforgettable Shrirampur Talk

ACT-inspired Seva in Jammu and Thane, India

Dear friends, I would like to share with you two beautiful testimonials of proactive Seva activities inspired by the “ACT NOW!” slogan of the ACT foundation and the principles expounded by Mohanji and Bless the World meditations. Interestingly enough, both happened on the same day, which happened to be the birthday of a great Master, Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh path. With love, Biba


SUMIT: “Dearest Divine Sister,

Due to the grace of Mohanji, we were able to distribute blankets and woolen caps to needy people on the occasion of Guru Nanak ji’s birthday (Nov 21st).

A Woolen Cap, Blessing and a Blanket

I believe that, with Master’s grace and guidance, this winter will be the warmest winter of Jammu.

Eyes full of Gratitude

I pray the same for all the needy beings all over the world.

Blankets for the Family Sleeping on the Pavement

Didi, Mohanji loves me so much that it can never be understood fully by a living being like me. But I know only one thing – that HE is my FATHER, a TRUE MASTER sent into my life by the HEAVENLY FATHER, and I am doing my best to be HIS son. After meeting him Mumbai and experiencing his Unconditional Love, all I wanted was to be of use to Him and his Mission.

During this Seva activity, I could clearly feel Mohanji’s energy presence and was amazed to see his presence in the form of orb on several photos.

The Crystal Lotus in the orb - Mohanji's presence


The photo on which Mohanji’s orb is visible the most is with a stray dog that we fed (dog represents Dattatreya tradition) – everything was more meaningful than it appeared to be…

Mohanji's orb next to a dog - the Crystal Lotus, representing Para Brahma

The way Mohanji has accepted me and answered my soul’s call, whatever I may do in this life or whenever, I cannot express my gratitude enough…..

After our recent BTW meditation session, during which all participants had very deep experiences, we felt very inspired and ready – LET US MOVE AND ACT, AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE……… 

Nothing like the Amrit of Love felt during Seva

The ONLY one goal I have now is service to my FATHER to the best of my abilities. I pray that, till my last breath in this life and forever, I live as per HIS wish with courage, humility and love.


Biscuits & Love offered to a dog - the heart-touching moments...

Love and Act Always,



SUDEEP: “While still in Muscat, as per Mohanji’s guidance, I committed to do 9 consecutive Thursday Vratas of Shirdi Sai Baba, but could not complete the same by feeding the needy children. However, I made a vow to Shirdi Baba that, once I am back in Mumbai, I will certainly do so.

Our Humble Seva Team

This commitment was thus fulfilled on 21st Nov 2010 when a team of 8 of us (my family members (wife Shampa, daughter Shubha and mother-in-law), as well as dear friends – Shantanu Haldar, Sushma, Murari & Ravi) went to Takarda village in Thane around noon time and fed about 80 village children with lunch that comprised of satwic vegetarian food. My friend Gopal, who is a caterer, prepared the foodstuff (Khitchri, one mix vegetable & sweet dish- Jalebi) with great care and lots of love.

Anna daan in Takarda Village

Takarda village is located on the foothills of Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Ovla, Thane W. There are about 140 families who live there (very, very poor). The families belong to many local tribes.

Shantanu, Sushma & myself went to Takarda a day before the Seva activity to arrange the things and do prior survey and meeting with the village chief Larkaya. We were amazed to see the conditions they live in…

Children in Takarda Village

On 21 Nov, eight of us thus collected the foodstuff, plates, spoons, glasses etc.  and joyfully conducted the food distribution followed by distribution of clothes. The clothes were collected from Murari, Sushma’s neighbour & my own household.

Proudly Wearing my New T-Shirt 🙂

As per Mohanji’s guidance, they were collected neat & clean and as good as new, apt for both children & adults.

A Lovely Dress for a Sweet Girl

The whole function ended on a very happy & satisfactory note at about 3 pm and we all left with a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

Their Joy is Our Joy - Multiplied Manifold

I am enclosing a few pictures taken on this occasion. You can see many Orbs even during the daytime. We surely felt the presence and blessings of the Masters.

Sudeep, Children and a Luminous Orb

Being in a position to do this Seva is a great blessing and we hope to do more such activities in the near future….

Loving regards,


Sudeep and Love that oozes during Seva


Spreading the warmth of Love

The 2nd Round of Blanket Distribution in Delhi

A beautiful account of the loving Seva activities on Nov 14th, 2010:

ACT Volunteers and the girls from shelter

  Dana: “While most Delhites were resting on that beautiful Sunday, ACT team was in full action since early morning.

It happened to be Children’s Day and we visited one Girls Shelter called Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which provides accommodation and educational facilities to 95 street and working girls. Besides street girls and those saved from child labor, there were also girls who suffered a big trauma after being forced into marriage before the age of 12 and then abandoned.

Shelter has only two big rooms/halls (if they can be called as such) which serve the purpose of classrooms during the day and bedrooms at night. Since the lady of the house had told us previously that, more than the blankets, girls are in need of mattresses, that is what we opted to donate. Aside from the mattresses, we gifted them clothes which have been collected not only in Delhi, but in Muscat as well. It was our great pleasure to have Dr. Deepali and her lovely daughter Moushami join us all the way from Oman. Bindu also came with her girls: Aparna, Akshara and Ankita, so we had some really lovely volunteers helping us in this initiative.

ACT Volunteers

Girls from the shelter were so loving and so happy to receive the gifts. I especially loved the moment when Moushami (who is now 11) noticed that the youngest girl from the shelter was wearing her old clothes (which most definitely looked brand new) – she was overwhelmed with joy! As always, photos speak much more than words, although they offer only a small glimpse of the joy of giving, joy of Seva that we experienced that day.”


Dr. Deepali and little Moushami – in action!

Dr. Deepali: “Moushami and I reached the Kashmir Gate in Delhi with almost 40kilos of clothes that we brought from Muscat for girls and adult males. Those were the loving contributions from our friends who attend Bless the World meditations in Muscat.

As we entered the girls’ shelter, all small children ran towards us and started hugging us and holding hands. They just wanted love.

Blankets, biscuits, clothes - but what is really needed, and was given, was Love...

They called us ‘Didi’, meaning elder sister. I could not control my tears… I was shocked to see that these 95 or so girls (age ranging from 4 to 14 years) are all staying in one room. They sleep in the same room, during day time have their school in the same room, and, in the evenings, play in the same small room. They are coming from various backgrounds – some were sold as child-labor, some were forcefully married and were then left on streets, some were born to a single mother who could not support them – each one had a different heart-melting story. These girls only wanted love and nothing else. They can hardly visit their parents and some do not even know their parents’ whereabouts..

  The day we arrived was their Founder’s Day and all girls were getting ready to visit the other school (as some girls have their brother(s) staying in the other school….). They were so excited to meet them in the new clothes that we brought for them – a rare treat they enjoyed wholeheartedly. One small girl quickly wore her dress and looked so beautiful that we all melted.

What a Joy!

 Looking at them, I just thanked the Existence for granting me a job from which I can support not only my children, but also share love with beautiful souls like these who really need it…

We distributed clothes and sweets and also gave them mattresses to sleep. Till then they had nothing to sleep on. They sang a chorus song for us and were really well behaved. They were keen to know about Ammu (who, as we explained, was the spirit force behind Ammucare) and they all thanked her. They enjoyed writing and drawing on the chart paper which Dana had brought. Ammucare Trust thus now has a beautiful gift from them.

Children signing the Wall of Gratitude

During this Seva activity I witnessed the profound impact Selfless Service has, how it cleanses the one who performs it at a very deep level. It opens our heart and gives immense, indescribable satisfaction. I also noticed how, out of that group of young girls, some were specifically attracted towards Dana, some towards Moushami and Shaju or Bindu, some towards me! I was wondering what that could be and why? I feel, this was a beautiful demonstration of how past life connections work. Soul gets automatically attracted as per that connection.



I am sure that the four girls who joined us as volunteers(Mohanji’s niece Aparna, Ankita, Akhsara and my daughter Moushami) had their own understanding of valuing their belongings and importance of sharing love all the time. Moushami said that she just felt “happy and happy after that”.

So much Love!

Moushami and I sincerely thank Bindu, Shaju and Dana for organizing this event. I also thank all those from Muscat and Delhi who contributed towards this Seva.”   


ACT of Love on the streets of Delhi

Blankets for the Homeless on the Streets of Delhi

Dana: “After visiting the Girls Shelter that day, we have decided to reach out to some of those homeless people whom you can be seen sleeping on the streets of Delhi.


Facing the Winter with no clothes, food and medical care...


On the Children’s Day, ACT celebrated the eternal child within each individual and our blankets gave warmth even to those who were children few decades back…  We mostly visited the areas around temples, gurudvaras, bus stations, markets, etc., since these are the places where one can find such needy people the most. It was so touching coming close to them. We found the leprosy people, those with open wounds and hundreds of flies around them, those who couldn’t even walk, beggars, elders, etc., etc.

A Blanket of Love for All


We made it a point to come to each and every one of them and cover them with our blankets. I must admit that we had to hold our breath quite many times, as well as to move fast since we are not used to all the flies. Few times I thought my heart would skip a beat at the close sight of those open wounds and flies on them. I know that people whom we helped were just a small drop of water in this huge ocean of poverty, but only united drops can make a wave of change. Do join us in creating the same… “ 

Do join us and taste the Joy of Seva