Spreading the warmth of Love

The 2nd Round of Blanket Distribution in Delhi

A beautiful account of the loving Seva activities on Nov 14th, 2010:

ACT Volunteers and the girls from shelter

  Dana: “While most Delhites were resting on that beautiful Sunday, ACT team was in full action since early morning.

It happened to be Children’s Day and we visited one Girls Shelter called Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which provides accommodation and educational facilities to 95 street and working girls. Besides street girls and those saved from child labor, there were also girls who suffered a big trauma after being forced into marriage before the age of 12 and then abandoned.

Shelter has only two big rooms/halls (if they can be called as such) which serve the purpose of classrooms during the day and bedrooms at night. Since the lady of the house had told us previously that, more than the blankets, girls are in need of mattresses, that is what we opted to donate. Aside from the mattresses, we gifted them clothes which have been collected not only in Delhi, but in Muscat as well. It was our great pleasure to have Dr. Deepali and her lovely daughter Moushami join us all the way from Oman. Bindu also came with her girls: Aparna, Akshara and Ankita, so we had some really lovely volunteers helping us in this initiative.

ACT Volunteers

Girls from the shelter were so loving and so happy to receive the gifts. I especially loved the moment when Moushami (who is now 11) noticed that the youngest girl from the shelter was wearing her old clothes (which most definitely looked brand new) – she was overwhelmed with joy! As always, photos speak much more than words, although they offer only a small glimpse of the joy of giving, joy of Seva that we experienced that day.”


Dr. Deepali and little Moushami – in action!

Dr. Deepali: “Moushami and I reached the Kashmir Gate in Delhi with almost 40kilos of clothes that we brought from Muscat for girls and adult males. Those were the loving contributions from our friends who attend Bless the World meditations in Muscat.

As we entered the girls’ shelter, all small children ran towards us and started hugging us and holding hands. They just wanted love.

Blankets, biscuits, clothes - but what is really needed, and was given, was Love...

They called us ‘Didi’, meaning elder sister. I could not control my tears… I was shocked to see that these 95 or so girls (age ranging from 4 to 14 years) are all staying in one room. They sleep in the same room, during day time have their school in the same room, and, in the evenings, play in the same small room. They are coming from various backgrounds – some were sold as child-labor, some were forcefully married and were then left on streets, some were born to a single mother who could not support them – each one had a different heart-melting story. These girls only wanted love and nothing else. They can hardly visit their parents and some do not even know their parents’ whereabouts..

  The day we arrived was their Founder’s Day and all girls were getting ready to visit the other school (as some girls have their brother(s) staying in the other school….). They were so excited to meet them in the new clothes that we brought for them – a rare treat they enjoyed wholeheartedly. One small girl quickly wore her dress and looked so beautiful that we all melted.

What a Joy!

 Looking at them, I just thanked the Existence for granting me a job from which I can support not only my children, but also share love with beautiful souls like these who really need it…

We distributed clothes and sweets and also gave them mattresses to sleep. Till then they had nothing to sleep on. They sang a chorus song for us and were really well behaved. They were keen to know about Ammu (who, as we explained, was the spirit force behind Ammucare) and they all thanked her. They enjoyed writing and drawing on the chart paper which Dana had brought. Ammucare Trust thus now has a beautiful gift from them.

Children signing the Wall of Gratitude

During this Seva activity I witnessed the profound impact Selfless Service has, how it cleanses the one who performs it at a very deep level. It opens our heart and gives immense, indescribable satisfaction. I also noticed how, out of that group of young girls, some were specifically attracted towards Dana, some towards Moushami and Shaju or Bindu, some towards me! I was wondering what that could be and why? I feel, this was a beautiful demonstration of how past life connections work. Soul gets automatically attracted as per that connection.



I am sure that the four girls who joined us as volunteers(Mohanji’s niece Aparna, Ankita, Akhsara and my daughter Moushami) had their own understanding of valuing their belongings and importance of sharing love all the time. Moushami said that she just felt “happy and happy after that”.

So much Love!

Moushami and I sincerely thank Bindu, Shaju and Dana for organizing this event. I also thank all those from Muscat and Delhi who contributed towards this Seva.”   


ACT of Love on the streets of Delhi

Blankets for the Homeless on the Streets of Delhi

Dana: “After visiting the Girls Shelter that day, we have decided to reach out to some of those homeless people whom you can be seen sleeping on the streets of Delhi.


Facing the Winter with no clothes, food and medical care...


On the Children’s Day, ACT celebrated the eternal child within each individual and our blankets gave warmth even to those who were children few decades back…  We mostly visited the areas around temples, gurudvaras, bus stations, markets, etc., since these are the places where one can find such needy people the most. It was so touching coming close to them. We found the leprosy people, those with open wounds and hundreds of flies around them, those who couldn’t even walk, beggars, elders, etc., etc.

A Blanket of Love for All


We made it a point to come to each and every one of them and cover them with our blankets. I must admit that we had to hold our breath quite many times, as well as to move fast since we are not used to all the flies. Few times I thought my heart would skip a beat at the close sight of those open wounds and flies on them. I know that people whom we helped were just a small drop of water in this huge ocean of poverty, but only united drops can make a wave of change. Do join us in creating the same… “ 

Do join us and taste the Joy of Seva


6 thoughts on “Spreading the warmth of Love”

  1. It is very pleasing to the eyes, touching to the heart and elevating to the soul. Love begets Love alone. Unconditional sharing with love will have profound effect on the body, mind and soul. I am blessed to see these visuals. May God guide and bless. Love and Love alone ….

  2. I used to do the same with others volunteers from Sai Seva Samaj in the burning wards of Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi, and on the streets around Sai Baba Temple, Lodhi Road and on the way. In fact, we used to go to the hospital during day time and around the temple and other places in night, so that we can really see the tragic plight of those under-privileged and marginalised. Now, due to slip-disc and sciatica pain, I cannot do it any more.

    But, many thanks for reviving my memories and making me to have a few tears of love. May God guide and bless.

    Love and Love alone ….

    P. Gopi Krishna

  3. It looks amazing. if all the wealthy citizens and middle class consider this as a duty,towards the underprivileged beings on earth,this will mark an end to poverty and hardships.

  4. danijela bhandari

    Yes, a little can mean a lot!!!

    Thank you all for supporting Ammucare and those in need be it through your kind thoughts, words or actions.

    Love to all,


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