Mohanji and the Path of Pathlessness as I See it

By Hein Adamson

I first met Mohanji 3 years ago and in that time I have learned a lot and seen a lot. I have had the privilege of seeing my Guru in different contexts and situations and I have spent close, intimate time with him for extended periods. Mohanji’s Path, the Path of Shiva, the Path of Pathlessness, is both challenging and at the same time effortless, simple and yet mysterious, plain yet indescribably beautiful. The purpose of this writing is to share some of the things I have learned and seen, to share some of the pitfalls and glories of the journey thus far.

The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless
The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless

The Love Unconditional and the Love Relentless

One of the things that drew me to Mohanji is that he lives by what he teaches. He embodies and exemplifies his teachings and the fundamental teaching, the base of his tradition, is unconditional love. I have never seen or experienced anyone who expresses that as explicitly as he does. I have seen him spending hour after hour and day after day concerned for an individual half a world away, he will not rest until he has made every conceivable effort to bring some relief and solace to one who is suffering, who is lonely, who needs a helping hand or who needs to feel that someone cares.

Of course, we are free and we often choose to suffer as I myself have chosen many times. But Mohanji never lets us go, he walks with us every step of the way, in my case, every need is being taken care of and provided for by my Guru, from the totally mundane like food and shelter, to the totally sublime like purpose, elevation and belonging.

I have often disregarded his guidance and his teachings only to fall flat on my face and come crawling back to his feet and time after time, without fail, he welcomes me with open arms. Many people have said negative things about me to Mohanji, to the effect that he is wasting his time on me and a host of other discouraging things, but he never sways, he has remained objective and pulled me up inch by inch. I have nothing to offer, I have no skills which could be exploited and no money from which he might profit, it’s all love and only love.

I am not the only one either, I know of a few cases in which he personally sponsored seekers and devotees to enable them to travel with him, to join him on a retreat or to take a pilgrimage with him and there is zero expectation of return from anyone. It goes even further even that: many people who have been on the receiving end of gifts from Mohanji, who have had life transforming experiences in his presence, have, in the height of ingratitude, betrayed these gifts and gone so far as to spread the most heinous and brazen falsehoods about him. Yet despite this he remains unaffected and his love remains undiminished, no one is ever rejected, no one’s welcome is ever worn out. Once you are a part of Mohanji’s family, you will never be without family again.

The Master and the Mirror.
The Master and the Mirror.

The Master and the Mirror:

He has no agenda whatsoever outside of delivering to the person who comes in front of him according to their eligibility. He never worries about the future, he never worries about the next year or the next day or the next hour, he flows form one moment to another with a grace and elegance seldom seen in this world. I have travelled with him for 27 uninterrupted days, spending nigh on 24 hrs of the day with him, long enough know that this is genuine and cannot be pretence, no one could maintain that level of grace and flexibility for that long if it weren’t real.

There have been scientific experiments conducted on Mohanji which evince that he has essentially no mental activity (see ). I once asked him whether he ever meditates and he replied as follows: “I have no mind, what will meditate?” There have been occasions when I am contemplating on Mohanji, trying to better understand who and what he is and arrived at the conclusion that there is no such thing as Mohanji. What we are seeing when we look at Mohanji is nothing more or less than a reflection of ourselves. He is a perfect mirror, empty, pure and objective. The Masters all share this quality of emptiness and reflection, they become the person who is in front of them. When I came to him with doubt, he reflected doubt, when I came to him with anger, he reflected anger and when I came to him with love, he reflected love. I have seen this time and again with many people who have come in contact with him. He always says that his job is to guide us to ourselves, to reveal ourselves. I often think of Mohanji and become very uncomfortable, I have to wonder, at those times, why am I feeling this way when he represents love and liberation? Contemplating thus I inevitably come to the point where I realise that I am not uncomfortable at all, it is the “devil in me” that becomes restless. But what is it? What is the devil in me? That’s an easy question to answer: It is my mind…

The Infinite and the Mind.
The Infinite and the Mind.

The Infinite and the Mind:

For the vast majority of us the only operating platform we have ever known is the mind. The mind through which we perceive the world is little more than a bundle of impressions and conditioning, it is a garbage bag where we keep all of our baggage and our junk. Mohanji and the rest of the Enlightened Masters throughout history have always been without this garbage bag. They operate not from the mental plane but from the plane of consciousness which has no boundary and no limit. This, I think, is why we find it so difficult to understand them.

We try with limited faculties to understand the unlimited, we try to understand divine expressions using terrestrial means. Try as you might, you will not succeed. I have tried, I have tried my entire life, over and over again to grasp the consciousness that Mohanji represents, to fit it into some sort of neat criteria or frame, to give it some sort of identity, but it is too alive to be put into a box that way, just when I think I know what he is about, he frustrates my conclusion by expressing something else. The fault, I have realised, lies not with him but with me. He is available, he is accessible, he is near, but to access Mohanji you have to become Mohanji and to become Mohanji, Hein must cease to be, he has to die his natural death every day.

The Spontaneous and the Liberated.
The Spontaneous and the Liberated.

The Spontaneous and the Liberated:

I have never known Mohanji to be contrived in any way, nor have I known him to plan anything beforehand. Everything happens now, expressions happen now, giving happens now, liberation happens now. This moment is his only reality, he completes what can be completed now and leaves nothing half-finished with the idea that he can do it later. Whatever comes his way is accepted fully, he offers no resistance to any development or situation nor does he hold on to any emotions. I have seen him put on a show of anger for the sake of a seeker, he will blow up entirely and then be laughing the very next moment. He is not bound or enslaved by these expressions. He remains detached.

There was at one point going to be an ashram in India which fell through. At a time when he existed basically as a nomad with no base and really no rest, a place to settle would have been a welcome relief. But despite the fact that it did not work out, he went about his business as though nothing had happened. He has faced revilement, jealousy, rejection and open enmity but continues to flow and to love unconditionally no matter the circumstance.

The Purpose and the Mission.
The Purpose and the Mission.

The Purpose and the Mission:

Mohanji is the most intense and productive person I have ever met. There is literally not a moment which passes him by without being utilised. He sleeps very little, sometimes as little as 3 hours a night for a few nights in a row and even then is busy functioning and carrying out his mission on other planes and dimensions. Every breathe he takes, every movement, is loaded with clarity and purpose. He is totally and completely purpose driven, 24 hours of the day, without stint, without interruption.

On a terrestrial level, he is always travelling, going from one program to the next, delivering clarity and elevation through his discourses and meditations, which are always free of charge. On other levels he delivers subtle experiences to many people across the world in the various time zones. Sometimes he fights battles on astral and other levels for the sake of his devotees, the signs of which are visible even on his physical body. He often gets ill from absorbing and churning the karmic baggage and negativities of the people he comes in contact with. He never brings any attention to the subtle work he does and stoically takes everything in his stride.

The purpose is so simple it beggars belief: Liberation. Liberation from habit, from limited patterns and from conditional thinking. In short: liberation form anything and everything which could bind us in any way.

The Tragedy and the Betrayal
The Tragedy and the Betrayal

The Tragedy and the Betrayal:

When the truth confronts you, you have two options: Heed the voice of truth, take the opportunity to release your conditioning and preconceived notions, to transform, to liberate yourself. Or, kill the one who speaks the truth, scandalise him (As in the case of Sai Baba, Mata Amritanada Mayi and Bhagawan Nithyananda), crucify him (As in the case of Jesus) or poison him (As in the case of Socrates and Osho). In short, to shut him/her up as quickly as possible and get him to stop saying things which might require me to re-evaluate my life and my priorities.

This message is in part to make an appeal to anyone who might come in contact with a Living Master, be it Mohanji or any other: let go your limitations, let go your ideas about what a saint should or should not be. Drink up his presence and his gifts with humility and gratitude. Above all, do not miss the opportunity they represent. We never know how long it will be before another True Master comes to us, it could take many lifetimes before we once again attain the eligibility required to benefit from an enlightened presence.

There is, to my mind, no greater tragedy than to miss this chance. I know very little, but I do know that once you have surrendered to someone like Mohanji, to a True Guru, everything in your life happens for one reason and one reason only: To liberate you. It does not matter how the Guru expresses himself, what he says or what he does, his purpose is to set you free, and your purpose is let him do it.

The Family and the Unity.
The Family and the Unity.

The Family and the Unity:

I have seen and heard about Mohanji coming into contact with many great Saints and Masters both living and not. Through Mohanji, many have experienced Jesus, Mahavatar Babaji, Sai Baba and Gorakh Baba to name but a few. On a terrestrial level any Master who meets Mohanji or Mohanji’s devotees has always shown love and affection. Masters like Vittal Babaji who is the standard bearer of the Dattatreya Tradition, Devi Amma from Whitefield in Bangalore, Baba Nataraja in America, Swami Chaitanyananda who has been entrusted with caring for Vasishta’s sacred cave and Gorkhe Guruji in India have all welcomed Mohanji with love and openness. We are one family, we are one soul. The Golden Tradition of Liberation and Love is everywhere. That is what Mohanji represents and that is what he makes available to us by his presence in our lives.

The Path and the Destination
The Path and the Destination

The Path and the Destination:

I am ignorant and as such will not go into much detail about the depths of the Path of Pathlessness. I will only say that here, there are no rules. Nothing is forbidden and nothing is seen as wrong, nothing is even expected of you. All you need to do is be natural and stay connected to the Guru’s consciousness. That is the only practice you need. Elevation, experience and knowledge are all provided by the Master. Surrender and Faith are the only prerequisites. Grace is all you need and grace is showered in abundance.

For me Mohanji is both means and destination. I don’t know about God or enlightenment, but I know that Mohanji can deliver me into the lap of the supreme. Whether I can understand it or not, whether it tallies with my limited notions or not, whether I find it pleasant or not, whatever he gives is absolutely in my best interest.

My eternal Love and gratitude goes to Mohanji now and ever!!

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  1. PRA nams. To mohanji.fortunate are the ones who are aligned with a true guru.”guru sakshat para Brahma”. Guru is god. It was great reading the article.


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