In Mohanji’s embrace: A journey of care for parents

by Manisha Patel, Canada

Grace of the Master

Recently, my Dad passed away because of dementia. Doctors and people around us shared that in the last few years of their lives, dementia patients go through terrible suffering. My Dad walked for the last ten days and had food for the last 2-3 days until he transited. It was clear that Mohanji’s tremendous grace was with him.

He usually used to stay with my brother, but he has been with me for the last two and a half months. Dad had some age-related issues, but his dementia journey was short. Otherwise, as per medical science, it could have prolonged for 10-12 years, and the last stage of dementia is for a couple of years. With Mohanji’s grace and each Mai-Tri session, Dad’s suffering time was reduced.

Manisha with her parents and others

There were dementia symptoms and fast deterioration, but the length of suffering was reduced literally to a few days only. Dad was mostly in a state of hallucination for six months, but hardly any pain. Mohanji and Baba Sai’s pictures were in his room. Sometimes, with folded hands and tears in his eyes, he used to look at the pictures and pray something.

Simultaneously, we had pre-surgical assessment appointments for my Mom’s knee replacement revision surgery, and the doctor told her that she was low on iron. Still, unfortunately, we couldn’t get an appointment for iron infusion. The doctors felt they might have to give her blood during or after surgery as in such a surgery, patients lose a lot of blood, and it could delay her recovery.

I was very worried about Dad’s condition and Mom’s surgery. I remember while returning from the hospital, I felt dizzy and blacked out in the car. As usual, I couldn’t do anything except pray to Mohanji requesting him to take care of everything. I prayed, “You do it, as I have no talent or capacity to handle this.” Surprisingly, after two days, I got a call from the hospital that they had a cancellation, and I could take my Mom the next day for an iron infusion.

Similarly, getting an appointment with a senior assessment manager is lengthy. But to my surprise, I got a call from the assessment manager just a day before my Mom’s surgery. She visited our home the same day and arranged everything for Dad as a palliative patient. To my greatest surprise, we got a hospital bed and mattress, a three times-a-day service for personal support workers and nurses, and all palliative medicines. We were witnessing Mohanji’s grace and how he arranged everything.

Two weeks before Mom’s surgery, Dad started having breathing difficulties and could not even have a sip of water for urinating for 24 hours. The doctors warned us that anything could happen at any time. Mentally, I prayed to Mohanji to extend Dad’s time on earth for at least two weeks because I knew it would be very difficult for Mom to go for surgery if Dad passed away then. The wonder of wonders, Dad recovered the following day. While having tea in the morning, he told me, “Manisha, look, I’m ok now; I have no breathing problem and no rattly sounds in breathing. He passed away exactly two weeks after the day I prayed to extend his life for two weeks and a week after Mom’s surgery.

This way, Mom’s surgery also went well, and Dad’s final rites went well. With the grace of Mohanji, Mom’s recovery was exceptional. During each bi-weekly post-surgery visit, the doctor wondered and said, “It’s rare to have this kind of recovery within a month – the way she has recovered and walking.” He doesn’t know that Mohanji is with our family and caring for us all.

Thank you, Mohanji, for keeping us under your umbrella. Thank you for your immense grace, blessings, care, love, and compassion. Ever grateful to you and your presence.

Manisha with Mohanji


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