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A story of practical teachings by Mohanji

As an ordinary human with an average intellect, I am blessed with my Guru’s love in this lifetime by sheer Anugraha Shakti (compassion of universal consciousness). Things were going well with personal experiences of grace in myriad ways in my daily life; sewa activities were supported with grace, giving me deep satisfaction and joy. In all, I was able to navigate through life with a lot more awareness and a heart brimming with gratitude. Transformation in all aspects of life was evident in the last three years, including relationships, physical and mental health, as well as contentment quotient. I was able to laugh at situations and smile without a reason- essentially loving life!

During a trip to India in February 2024, I remember this so vividly; my mother happened to show me this ‘lump’ she had felt for a few months but decided not to speak to anyone about it until two days before I was due to fly back to the UK. With my clinical hat on, I knew that this ‘lump’ needed urgent attention, and hence, I discussed it with my sister, and we arranged a scan. The preliminary report arrived the day after the scan with a suspicion of neoplastic pathology (abnormal growth of tissue). 

The flow of grace was always evident from finding an excellent surgeon locally within hours of inquiring with my professional contacts in India, and all further tests and biopsies were completed on the day of her first consultation with her surgeon. This is when my actual tests of awareness, faith, and acceptance started. Her preliminary tests were all pointing towards the dreaded ‘C word’; there was a constant tussle between my professional head and the heart of a daughter. Part of the biopsy reports came back within four days showing ‘no malignancy’ (cancer), but the actual tumor biopsy results were still awaited. 

I remember this was Wednesday early morning, and I dreamt of Mohanji dressed in all white, looking as gracious as always; he hugged me and pressed the top of my head, blessing me. I felt very reassured and could feel the warmth of Mohanji’s love in my heart centre; I took this as a positive sign. Mohanji had already thwarted another danger from my family, as he had done several times. 

As I was driving back from work that night, my sister called, and during our conversation, her phone pinged, and Mum’s final biopsy reports were back. My sister read the report out for me, and my mum had a ‘grade 2 invasive malignant tumor’. I felt a deep pain in my whole being with this news as I continued to drive, almost a little numb. I got home, and I surprised myself as to how calm I was as I planned the next steps needed to get Mum’s treatment started ASAP. We contacted her surgeon the next day and discussed a treatment plan for my mum. 

The flow of grace continued as we digested this news and formulated an action plan. My other half, who is also a surgeon, offered to discuss my mum’s biopsy reports with one of his colleagues at work. Now, this might not sound much to the readers, but in all these years of knowing my husband, this is the first time he had ever asked for a ‘personal favour’ from a professional colleague here in the UK. 

By Mohanji’s Grace, we could have a trustworthy second opinion for my mum and make informed choices in her best interest. I say this, but I knew deep in my heart that Mohanji was taking care of every single detail of my mum’s treatment plan like a perfect surgeon. 

A practical lesson in acceptance, one of Mohanji’s core teachings

I had a couple of weeks to plan my trip and sort my work commitments, and I felt I was doing well overall as my mum now had a scheduled date of admission and surgery. Again, the flow of grace ensured that my clinical work cover was arranged within a day, flights booked, which were the cheapest ever, and I was packed and ready to travel to India. 

Mohanji’s grace even arranged friendly co-passengers and extra legroom on both flights without any extra charge; you could not miss his meticulous planning and love. This is when the true test of ‘acceptance’ of my mum’s diagnosis started. 

A week before I was due to travel, I started to really struggle. My intellect was saying, ‘Accept and surrender,’ but my mind had other plans. My mind was reminding me of everything that could possibly go wrong in cancer management. I had lost my sleep and appetite (very unusual for me). I continued attending work, but things got worse. Within that week, I cannot remember seeing any patient who did not have either an active cancer or a past diagnosis of cancer. The proverbial ‘final nail in the coffin’ was when I saw a patient with almost identical presentation and history similar to my mum. I barely managed to complete her consultation, felt nauseous, and nearly threw up in my clinic room. 

This was when I realized how much my past patterns were coming to the surface, not allowing me to accept the situation and surrender completely. I barely managed to drive home and cried bitterly to Mohanji at my little puja altar. I said, “Mohanji, I know what I am supposed to do, but I am feeling too weak to do it; I have tried and failed. I cannot do it without your help.” 

I went to bed crying, and I remember feeling a glow of warmth surrounding me as I slept that night crying. I woke up the following day expecting the same sinking and miserable feeling, but surprisingly, I felt fine, as if a ‘switch’ in my brain had turned off, blocking any negative or scary thoughts. My monkey mind did not stop here; I was trying to dig for that sinking feeling from the pit of my stomach, but it was not there anymore. 

I knew then that Mohanji had energetically helped me to manage my mind to allow acceptance and surrender. 

He knew all about my pain and my struggle to practice his teachings, which he so lovingly taught us during his satsangs and empowered programmes. His kindness and care for his children are deeper than a mother’s love. I have been fortunate to have first-hand experience of Mohanj’s grace, and hence, at times, I am able to see his ‘signature style’ and smile to my great fortune; this was one of those moments. Tears of gratitude were rolling, and I could smile through the rest of the process. 

I travelled to India, and I could feel Mohanji accompanying me, holding my hand. My mum’s operation went exceptionally well, and Baba and Mohanji perfectly orchestrated everything. Miraculously, my mum’s surgeon decided against chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which my mum was most petrified of. 

It was almost as if we all as a family had to go through this ordeal as per our karma, but Guru’s grace protected us from the heat and intensity of our heavy karma. It was as if my mum had cancer, but she did not suffer from cancer. I was there with her to complete my dharma as a daughter, but I was not doing anything. It was all happening, and we were all just flowing through the situation, almost not being a part of it. I also realised that this is the first time since my move to the UK a long time ago that I was able to spend nearly three weeks with my mother on my own. 

I was able to experience deep gratitude for Guru Mandala for allowing me this quality time with my parents. It almost felt like a celebration of grace in our life; I would reminisce about my childhood days with my mum during our late-night chats. She would speak about her struggles bringing us up and how proud she feels that we are happy and content now. I felt the constant expansion of my heart center brimming with pure warmth. 

I took my mum for her staple removal just before I traveled back to the UK. I remember feeling a deep love in my heart center, almost tingly, while looking at other cancer patients in the waiting area. I started praying to Mohanji to bless them all, and somehow, anyone I would look at in that waiting area would start smiling at me. I felt this unexplainable wave of compassion toward everyone, including patients, doctors, and nurses there. I sat there witnessing everyone doing their work, but time felt still with a deep sense of calm. I could not recognise myself as the same person in a state of panic a few weeks ago. 

Offers of help and prayers came from Shirdi Sai and Mohanji family all across the globe. I hereby quote Mohanji’s reply during a satsang on the 19th of May 2012 in Serbia-

You have a family where you were born, where you grew up, and you have a father and mother who helped you grow, but some people are lucky to meet their spiritual family. Most relationships are conditional, based on expectations, if you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. It is sometimes transactional. But in the spiritual family, it is never transactional. It is never conditional, and there are no expectations. Love is unconditional. When you are in such a family, you know you are at home. 


I cannot begin to explain the extent and range of help offered by the global Mohanji and Baba family during my most vulnerable time. Mohanji Acharyas undertook Mai-Tri for my mum despite their busy schedule and time zone differences. My spiritual family checked on me continuously, offering prayers and reassuring words. They even offered to support my daughter while I was away in India. I do not know what the future prognosis would be for my mum, but I can say with complete conviction that she has been taken care of by the tradition.

I surrender completely at the lotus feet of my Guru Mohanji, whose teachings are perfect and whose compassion is unfathomable. I would never wholly understand the vastness of his work and his consciousness, but this glimpse of it in my experience has transformed my being forever. I now understand what acceptance and surrender can look like, which was not practically possible without his grace—my deepest gratitude to the global Mohanji family for all your love and handholding. 

I want to end this by praying at my Guru Mohanji’s and Baba’s lotus feet; keep me grounded and worthy of your love. 


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