Mohanji Healing Meditation, Toronto, Canada


Swami Mohana Bhaktananda from South Africa graced Toronto residents by conducting Mohanji Healing Meditation on May 14th. Mohanji healing sessions with Swamiji are becoming more and more recognized amongst the people in Toronto, this was the 5th session and each time people are very strongly feeling Mohanji’s energy cleaning lifetimes of karmic baggage, having profound experiences leading to peace and happiness in their day to day life.

Swamiji very lovingly explained the meaning of Mohanji’s Healing Meditation and how it helps people. He explained that beyond our physical body (the only body that we are aware of) there is Energy body, Mental Body, Karmic/Causal body and then the eternal Soul. The life that we currently live and will experience in future is the effect of our past Karma. All these impressions and Karmic baggage are stored in our Causal body. The ever pervading Mohanji’s energy heals these impressions and settles that Karma which the person experiences in the form of peace and lightness of his body. What a person would have experienced in the form of physical ailment or disturbed relationship or mental agony is healed by Mohanji’s divine grace and the person goes through it in just those few moments. The healing takes place at various levels i.e. mental, emotional or physical level depending upon one’s need of spiritual upliftment. The more a person is open and surrenders to the Divine, deeper is the effect of healing. Mohanji’s Grace knows no bounds and heals one and all without any discrimination of religion, nationality, gender and whether a person is following him or not.


Experiences Shared by Devotees:

Neha Parekh: “As soon as Swamiji invoked Mohanji’s energy I was blessed with the vision of Durga mata (Ashtabhuja) with 8 hands in my heart. The divinity was shining with light spreading all my body. Suddenly, my heart filled with deep compassion for each and everyone in the room and around the world. My heart started blessing each person, thing and place like a mother would to her child, and everyone was my child. I had this tremendous motherly feeling towards the whole universe and that compassion got tears in my eyes, May all my children be happy was all that my heart blessed. This divine mother within started blessing Mohanji and in my mind I was thinking “How can I bless Mohanji my Master!”  but it was the divine mother within blessing him. My was heart melting each moment and Swamiji kept guiding us tirelessly to go through each bhaav, each emotion and experience it fully. In no time did Swamiji proceeded further with His Guidance through the breathing, I saw myself as a child in an open space, upon gazing up I was shocked to see that there was no Sky…..”The Sky was Mohanji” Mohanji had spread across the universe and became my Sky, I like a child kept leaping to grab Mohanji but could not. Seeing this out of Sheer compassion Mohanji reached out to me from up and made the child in me happyJ Mohanji then played like a Father with me on the horseback, etc. This vision was so beautiful that I cannot express enough Gratitude to Swamiji for granting it to me. Those precious moments of playing with My Father left me in awe. My body could not sit straight, the meditation made me light as a feather and I was swaying constantly. At some points I felt like dancing, laughing, singing….Never ever have I felt this way, empty, joyous and loved With My Father. Thank You Swamiji, for bringing me face to face with my true self….”Ananda Swaroopa” God bless You. May many be benefited by Your seva  to Mohanji.  Jai Mohanji”

Poonam Mistry: “I experienced the burning of Karma in the fire that Swami Bhaktananda, Mohanji and Shirdi Sai sent to me.  I also saw Lord Shiva who passed a conch from his forehead to my forehead. After the meditation Swamiji showed me the conch that was sending me the energy. All three Shirdi Sai, Mohanji and Swamiji’s energy brought on a fire from the bottom of my spine and moving upwards. I felt burning heat and heard a voice “this heat is burning your karma”. I felt very light after the meditation.”



Manjiri Bhalerao: “Initially I could feel a light where there was Shirdi Baba. My foot was hurting a lot, most of the time. I could see Mohanji’s face in the background. I felt like crying most of the time. My back was very heavy and tingling. Then at a point my head became very heavy and I felt a tingling sensation as if something was circling above my head. Later on Swamiji explained that heaviness in my back and head was because my father in law who had passed over was standing behind me in spirit form and blessing me.  I cried many times during the healing, feeling the hot tears rolling down my face. This was my first healing experience and I am indeed blessed to experience it. Needless to say, I would like to do it again and again. Thank you Mohanji, Swami ji and everyone who was involved in arranging this wonderful healing experience.”

Anuji: “I experienced profound peace during the healing session. As the session started, I felt a lot of load in my Throat and neck section. With the progress in the healing and with every invocation, I felt the load was lifted and there was a surge of energy as Swamiji invoked all the Divine sources. It felt as though a tremendous amount of load was lifted and there was a very peaceful Feeling.”

Sunita: “Throughout the meditation my whole head was tingling and I was travelling through my third eye. Very calm, serene feeling came over me. In the end I became very cold and still. I had the residual feeling of coldness in my chest”

Sara: “I was feeling a tingling sensation all over my body. My face and palm were tingling and numb. I started vibrating all over with a special movement, which Swamiji explained later was a special Kriya movement. It was new to me, I have never done any Kriya. Swamiji mentioned that this Kriya was performed spontaneously to clear the path for me. Many karmas were burnt. It was a very calm and relaxing session. Throughout the meditation I felt as though Mohanji is constantly giving me Shaktipath, His hand was over my head all the time.”


Gaurav Bhalerao (son of Mahesh and Manjiri ) one of the youngest participant who attended the healing :

“My legs were hurting throughout. I saw 2 old men and a blue soothing light. Suddenly I saw Sai Baba in front of a Golden Light…..Swamiji said to him that he was here for a special purpose, to see such visions in this age was not an ordinary experience. His parents shared with us that Gaurav is very well connected to Sai Baba. He reads Shree Sai Sat Charita every day and thinks  different. Gaurav was born on October 15th, Vijayadashmi (Sai Baba’s Samadhi date).

Mahesh Bhalerao“Right from the beginning  I saw white light and then I saw My Guru “ Mohanji” at my house informing me that “ My picture should be placed downstairs on this wall rather than upstairs” I saw Mohanji sitting on the sofa for a while. My body was shaking and I was seeing a black pickup truck in front of me as I was driving. My body felt cold and was very light at the end, Thank You Swamiji. Jai Mohanji.”

Neeti: “I felt so cold and light throughout the meditation. I was numb all the time. I couldn’t feel my body. When a devotee chanted “Aum Namah Shivaay” I felt a sudden surge of energy in me. I kept shaking for a while. As Swamiji invoked Devi Maa I felt so much energy enter my being. I started screaming MAA MAA on top of my voice until I choked.  I felt very light thereafter. Jai Mohanji”

Nilesh Parekh:

“I have attended all the sessions of this meditation since Swamiji started conducting it in Toronto and every time I witnessed a shift happening either at emotional, physical or mental level enabling more clarity, faith and feeling Mohanji more and more. However, this time it was very intense, it seemed a lot of burden was taken away.  It started with increased awareness, everything that we believe to be “I” appeared to be separate from me and yet part of me. Each and every subtle activity at all levels was very clear and visible. As the energy started rising, I felt it was rotating in circular motion and along with that my whole body started rotating in clockwise direction. The initial reaction was to take control of the body and be still but was overcome by the energy and had to go with the flow. Though there was deep pain in my upper and lower back it seemed that the pain was very far off. After a while, I saw great master -Maha Avtar Babaji and Mohanji blessing me, this was the moment where I experienced just gratitude for all the masters and each and every being whether living or non-living thing in this world. The vision that moved me and even now while writing this gives me goose bumps was the one where I found my head in Mohanji’s lap and Mohanji lovingly moving his hand over my head. We pray that we ever remain at lotus feet of Mohanji.”

Swamiji has healed many and is always there to offer this seva whenever asked. Swamiji is a great blessing Mohanji has given us all. Swamiji is a wonderful disciple and dedicated Bhakta. We always remain inspired by Swamiji and His Bhaav of total surrender and Humility. Mohanji heals many in different ways, with His presence, in absence of His physical body, through His eyes, through His Name and through Bhaktas like Swamiji. Bhaav of Surrender in the Lotus Feet of The Masters is the only bhaav that melts them. Their ever compassionate nature never sends a devotee empty handed, everyone always gets their share of blessings. That is Datta tradition, always giving unconditionally. Only pure heart and bhaav is all that is needed to receive the abundant Grace that flows through Mohanji”

PS: We were also blessed to meet with so many beautiful souls on this day ….all thanks to Swamiji!!

Jai Mohanji

Mohanji’s Visit Changes Durban

Mohanji’s arrival at Datta Tapovan Ashram (27/04/16)

The 27th of April 2016 heralded an unforgettable day amongst the Mohanji Family of South Africa. Our Beloved Baba had returned to his humble abode in Durban. Devotees from all corners of South Africa (Johannesburg, Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town etcetera) and further afield from the United Kingdom waited in anticipation for their beloved father to take his rightful seat in the Ashram. The excitement was palpable and his arrival saw the crowd burst into all flavors of emotion from tears to laughter.

After welcoming Mohanji and performing Aarti, a well-known local bhajan artist Pravesh Shanker and the devotees sang bhajans, melting themselves completely in higher energies. The entire atmosphere was charged and radiating love. We had welcomed our beloved to his home in Durban.

2 Consciousness Kriya
Consciousness Kriya initiation Durban (28/04/16)

On the 28th of April Consiousness Kriya welcomed 19 new initiates in the city of Durban. The initiation process was rigorous. Would-be initiates were put through their paces and deep cleansing preceded the initiation. Mohanji inculcated a deep sense of reverence for the Kriya tradition. All participants took the Kriya Oath thereby expressing their commitment to the sacredness of the practice.

In the evening Mohanji conducted a radio interview on a national radio station called Lotus FM. The radio interview was well received and callers flooded the lines to have Mohanji answers their questions. Burning hearts from all parts of South Africa looked to our divine master for solace and his words were a soothing balm for all those facing hardships. Spiritual seekers brought forth their questions and Baba lovingly illuminated their path. Each word uttered was a fragrant rose petal and those in search of themselves could follow the fragrance to their inner abode. The true home of the divine.

The day of the 29th of April broke to the news of Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj attaining Maha Samadhi. Mohanji was deeply connected to this humble saint and so all of Mohanji’s children felt the pain of his absence in the world.

3 Homa at Datta Tapovan Ashram
Homa at Datta Tapovan Ashram (29/04/16)


A Homa was scheduled to be conducted at Dattatapovan by Mohanji himself. It was amazing how many people attended the Homa during a week day. Many people took sick leave or just did not attend half a day of work to be part of the Mohanji energy at the Homa.

The Homa.. Tears flowed from the eyes as we realized the true depth of Mohanji’s love for his children. His absence, despite being physically present, was noted many times during Homa.  Still he put our needs before everything else and conducted a Homa which was completely life changing for all who were present.

There were approximately 130 attendants. Mohanji began the Homa in his eloquent, direct and succinct way. This is the style of a true Master. Everything done is simple and direct. Only the essentials with no frills and fuss. Although it may have seemed simple to the outer eye, the inner eye knew the changes that were happening. Transformation was ablaze and everyone felt the churning of lifetimes of Karma and emotions. Some people felt physical pain, some emotional pain and some had closely held concepts shatter. Many participants reported that they were transported into another level of awareness where they felt connected to everything.

Five coconuts were offered during the Homa.  Even before the coconuts were offered they spontaneously cracked. Karma was released. Swamiji described how during one part of the Homa he felt as if there were a million suns in his heart and as it expanded, the last coconut on his left suddenly burst with a loud sound as it stood on the table. Mohanji always says that when he does Homa all the devas come. This is very true. Many people reported feeling various deities around them. But the most important aspect of the entire Homa was the utter gratitude that overflowed.  As blockages were removed, people began to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Many people attest to the fact that this feeling lingers in their hearts to this day.

6 CW
Conscious Walk

After the Homa a Conscious Walk took place at the New Germany Nature Reserve. The setting was the epitome of natural beauty. The landscape was untamed and vegetation grew wildly and of its own accord. This amplified the naturalness. The 25 participants experienced the powerful energy boost of walking in your own aura body. The terrain made the walkers more present and contributed to the deep sense of oneness with nature. The connection was strong and many reported being deeply aware and meditative during the walk. The presence of our divine Master made the experience all the more powerful.

7 Satsang at RB Chetty Hall
Satsang at RB Chetty Hall (29/04/16)

That evening, a vibrant Satsang with Mohanji took place at RB Chetty Hall in Phoenix, Durban. The atmosphere was electric with a tangible sense of divinity as Mohanji entered the hall. The event began with the rendition of a few soul stirring devotional hymns by the incredibly talented Deshan Naidoo. Mohanji enthralled the crowd with pearls of wisdom. The audience participated avidly and lapped up the sage words from the unfathomable depth of consciousness that is Mohanji. Swami Siva Yogananda of the Saiva Sithantha Sungam graciously presented a gift to Mohanji after inspiring the crowd with a few chosen words regarding the essence of spirituality. The night was a joyful celebration of Mohanji and buds of devotion began to blossom in the hearts of each devotee.

30/04/16 Day 1- Durban Weekend Program

The first day of the Durban Program opened with great pomp and ceremony as Padam Pooja was performed by the sweet Sahil.

He is an ardent Mohanji’s devotee at the tender age of 10. The naturalness of children was a lesson Mohanji impressed continuously. Sahil was the perfect example of a spontaneously natural child and it showed in his connection to our divine Father.

8 Sahil, a 10 year old devotee, that opened the weekend program by performing Padam Pooja
Sahil, a 10 year old devotee, that opened the weekend program by performing Padam Pooja (30/04/16)

Mohanji’s candor and humble demeanor captured the hearts of all 120 attendees. The audience remained captivated as Mohanji dispensed  jem after jem in the Q and A sessions. A great amount of releasing took place and every person was visibly changed. The Shiva Kavacham instilled a sense of protection around the room. From this protected space participants freely shed eons of baggage. Our divine master graciously presided over the entire process and gently guided those experiencing difficulties. Once the heavy weight of the karmic burden was cast aside, Mohanji filled the audience with the mercy of his grace. A chanting walk with 108 steps was available to participants during the break. The children were regaled with tales of the Bhav (devotion) of Hanuman and the perfection of Lord Ram. The children’s corner was a hive of activity with young and old joining together to color pictures of their favorite deities. The day closed in Arthi by the vibrant youth group of Datta Tappovan Ashram.

9 Datta Tapovan Youth and Bhajan group singing Arthi
Datta Tapovan Youth and Bhajan group singing Arthi (30/04/16)

The resounding chants of the glorification of Mohanji inspired many people to find their hidden inner voice. A shower of gratitude and love rained forth.

01/05/16 Day 2: Durban Weekend Program

The second day was also intensely cleansing. Activities included a breathing meditation. Through this meditation many caught a glimpse of the perpetual inner stillness that is available to all of us. Tapping into this deep seat of power energized most participants. Attendees were then introduced to each other’s souls in an activity that evoked a great deal of emotion. Some were left raw with recognition whilst others were running for the hills.

With all the grace of a loving father Baba broke the walls that held many back. The participants had advanced in leaps and bounds, all due to the sheer grace of our beloved Master. Next we participated in a dance of reckless abandon expressing the essence of gratitude and love for the divine. This incredibly moving experience brought on a torrent of unexpressed emotions and the final cleansing for the day was complete. Mohanji then proceeded to perform Shaktipath, filling up the vessels that he had lovingly emptied.

10 Mohanji in expanded state before Shaktipath
Mohanji in expanded state before Shakthipat (01/05/16)

Thus concluded the second day with people shaken to their core and then elevated to the heights of spiritual ecstasy.

02/05/16 Day 3: Durban Weekend Program

The day began with a healing meditation conducted by Swami Mohana Bakthananda Barathi. Karmic baggage from many lifetimes were cleared in a catharsis of emotions. On the final day of the program laughter became the predominant theme. The crowd was often thrown into seemingly unending bouts of roaring laughter in a cleansing that was beautiful to witness. The Datta Tapovan Youth group enacted a play highlighting the role of Spirituality and Mohanji in our lives.

11 Datta Tapovan Youth enacting a play for Mohanji
Datta Tapovan Youth enacting a play for Mohanji

Our children are the pride and joy of Datta Tapovan Ashram and their enactment displayed their deep love and connection with our divine Master. Expressions of gratitude and love for our beloved Guru flowed from every individual present. Every single person had undergone a monumental change that showed visibly on their faces. Through the maze of emotions and thoughts some had attained a deep stillness while others processed difficult emotions and events that had plagued them through lifetimes. Many had come full and left empty. Concepts had been unabashedly destroyed. The weekend events had created a tremendous sense of unity and the feeling of being part of a wonderful extended family. A divine sense of oneness pervaded the room that day as everyone hugged wholeheartedly and wished each other well on their onward journeys.

Mohanji visited the Om Hari Sabha temple in Verlum on his last day in South Africa.

12 Final day of Weekend Program in Durban

He began the program by joking and reminding everyone that even last year he concluded the program in exactly the same place.  It was the case of saving the best for last.

16 Mohanji Satsung at Om Hari Sabha Temple, Verulam
Mohanji Satsung at Om Hari Sabha Temple, Verulam

People were so receptive. They asked many important questions that affected their day to day living.  They enquired about numerous topics, from methods to deal with tragedy right to explanations and asking guidance about specific prayers.  There was so much love showered.

17 Mohanji Satsung at Om Hari Sabha Temple, Verulam

15 Final day of Weekend Program in Durban


Finally came the time for us to wish our beloved Master well on his travels.

18 Bon Voyage our beloved
Bon Voyage our beloved


Mohanji went through South Africa like a storm. Upheaving lifetimes of karmic bondage and negativity. He left the landscape forever purified by his grace. He flung the doors of closed hearts wide open. The outpouring of love, not only for our beloved Guru but for each and every being from a humble ant to the tallest tree, was felt by so many. This kind of unconditionality, exemplified by our Master, was experienced in every sense. We in South Africa are forever grateful and forever changed. We see Mohanji in everything and especially in each other. Thank you Mohanji for this most precious gift. Words will never be enough but we dedicate our hearts to you.

Love Forever

South Africa

A weekend in the presence of Mohanji at Yogaville Ashram, Virginia, USA

Written by Geeta Iyer (USA)

Yogaville Ashram, Virginia, USA
Yogaville Ashram, Virginia, USA

During the first weekend of April 2016, a group of about 30 people met in Yogaville for a spiritual retreat with Rajayogi Mohanji.

Yogaville or Satchitananda Ashram located in rural Virginia, USA, is about a three-hour drive from Washington DC. It is a sprawling campus of breathtaking beauty and panoramic views. The James river flows as a wide curving ribbon and the green woods stretch to the horizon.  This most peaceful spot was the perfect location for a much-anticipated weekend with the Master.

Participants assembled for satsang around Mohanji. His presence always induces a feeling of calm and stillness in those blessed to be around him. This was only enhanced by the peaceful panorama that was forming the backdrop through the glass wall behind where he sat. Though many may have arrived with questions and Mohanji encouraged them to ask, some people now found themselves strangely content, their minds not compelled to ask questions, or even care about needing an answer. Just being in the proximity of the Master and basking in his energy field was enough.

Satsang with Mohanji
Satsang with Mohanji

Mohanji led participants through Satsang, yoga and breathing processes which detoxifies on the cellular level and increases the vibratory plane. He spoke about leading and living by example, and to let our lives become the message instead of confining the spiritual experience to the few minutes or hours spent in meditation, chanting or yoga. We can practice the ‘Be Here Now’ way of living. Be 100% with actions and words. Move from moment to moment without trace of past moods. When problems arise, we can acknowledge but not dwell on them or analyzing which can create emotions. This way we can remain untouched. We reach the oneness state of awareness through experiencing yet transcending duality. When the samskaras (imprints on the mind due to deeds from previous births) are completely cleansed, there is no karma anymore and one moves to a state called ritambhara. Now no more imprints are formed and moving on further, the state of nirbeeja samadhi is attained.

Yoga led by Devi
Yoga led by Devi Mohan

The pace picked up again soon after and everyone trooped off to a lovely vegetarian dinner in the huge dining hall. There was a short satsang again in the evening since there was going to be a yoga session early next morning. Yoga was led by Devi Mohan whose attentive eye and skill guided participants through a most satisfying session, energizing and setting the pace for the day. Fast-moving it certainly turned out to be, with no room for dawdling or inertia. Participants connected with each other over meals and in between over tea, enjoying the company of the little children who had accompanied their parents to the retreat.

Children enjoying the natural beauty at the Ashram
Children enjoying the natural beauty at the Ashram
Lively satsang and q&a sessions
Lively satsang and q&a sessions

Satsangs were lively with plenty of laughter and humor. Regarding the effect of the breathing exercises, someone mentioned that he felt that not much oxygen was needed in the calm state thereafter. Mohanji attributed it to the mind being with vertical alignment. Another mentioned that the sounds like the wind blowing outside or people coughing, did not bother her like it did at other times, such was the stillness experienced. Yet another person said they just felt like laughing out loud for no reason – joy without cause and a taste of freedom.

Participants listened to a recording of the Shiva Kavacham in Mohanji’s voice, a most powerful and stirring rendering, that is like a protective amulet to those hearing with attention and devotion. Devi conducted the Power of Purity meditation, eagerly awaited by everyone. This is like an internal bath and Devi moved through the meditators, working on them through her touch. Some experienced warmth along their spines and vibrations in sahasrara.

Conscious walk at Sylvian Surroundings
Conscious Walk at Sylvian Surroundings

The last day also began with energizing yoga. The group went for a photo session in the meadow by the pond. It was sunny and warm, amazing considering that there had been a raging storm the previous night with howling winds. The children skipped along, picking flowers. The Conscious Walk followed, a powerful dynamic meditation technique. We were instructed to be conscious of each step we took, as if kissing the ground. Being conscious of each step and the way we were taught to align our eyes was a reminder to be rooted in the present always, aligned with spine, and unconcerned with worries about the destination. Frequent practice of this technique preserves energy and the mindfulness and increase in awareness spill into daily life, greatly enhancing life experience for us.

Grace of Shaktipat
Grace of Shaktipat

Towards the close of the retreat came the shaktipat, the sacred touch on the forehead and the most anticipated experience of the retreat. It is a most precious gift from the Master receiving which one may experience huge shifts in consciousness and transformation in months to come. How much one receives depends on our emptiness and surrender: the emptier the cup, the more the Master is able to fill.

People left the retreat lighter and happier, more in touch with themselves and grateful for all the divine blessings.

It is important to remember that Mohanji is not bound by the physical body, and physical proximity is not a necessity in order to be connected to his consciousness. He loves unconditionally, accepting you as you are, never giving up on you.


Comments from Participants:

Kim Lindquist –  “While we sat in the room listening to Mohanji speak, it seemed as if a fog had come over in the room everywhere except around an aura outlining him – the fog kind of closing in around him. She said that it was a reminder that things were really quite different than she imagined. A lot of heat and warmth felt around the spine.
My first meeting with the family of people I met in Virginia for the Mohanji weekend was perfect. Even though I had already felt Mohanji’s power after finding him through the internet, it all felt so ordinary to meet him and be in his presence at the Yogaville retreat. After Mohanji led some exercises to unify the group I felt connected. Many of the people suddenly seemed very familiar to me. When I looked into their eyes it was like looking into my own eyes. Without knowing about anyone’s personal life, I suddenly felt I had known some for a very long time. I’ll keep this short, but want to tell what happened on the way home from Virginia. My husband and I started driving toward Washington DC and got hungry. We stopped at what happened to be a smoke house. We are not vegetarian, so we ordered meat…but neither one of us could take more than the smallest taste. We sent it back and the staff insisted on letting us taste another meat dish. We could not eat it! We ended up having salads…and thinking that Mohanji must be traveling with us. Next on the adventure was our hotel. We walked up to the desk at Embassy Suites and the man behind the counter immediately said, “Is it okay if we upgrade you to a deluxe suite?” We agreed! It was nice to have the two rooms to stretch out. Again, we suspected Mohanji. But perhaps the best surprise was the treatment we got at Dulles airport. When we walked toward the security gates we saw several long lines. However, after Carl and I showed our tickets and ID cards to the attendant we were told to go to the TSA Precheck line. We walked along the roped off section and ended up at an agent who was ready for us immediately… absolutely NO WAITING! By now Carl and I were convinced that we now have a special travel companion. Thank you, Mohanji!”

Carl Lindquist – “Mohanji’s wisdom, humility and humor are welcoming, comforting and somehow very familiar. After decades of solitary searching I no longer feel quite so alone.  I have accepted a spiritual teacher for the first time in my life. I love that he includes his beautiful family. While I will always have my solitary work to do I am also grateful that my wife and I now truly share something spiritual. We share our spiritual teacher; Mohanji!”

Kathy Edwards: “Mohanji expanded my World by teaching me to become Aware of my World
in the Now”.

A participant – “I had read about Mohanji and connected with his eyes in the picture. The same night I had a dream with the appearance of Shirdi Baba and traveled from another state to visit.”

Nimmy Rajkumar – My experience was more of peace within self. I was looking for guidance and direction to make progress in my spiritual path, Mohanji’s explanation during Q & A session, helped me to clarify some of my doubts and confusion.
Morning yoga session was enjoyable adding more essence to my daily yoga.
My great experience was meditation, I would like more time spent on it, I learned some more new techniques. I am hoping to join more of Mohanji’s weekend programs. Thank you so much.

His Grace Is Beyond Human Comprehension

Written by Neeti Shori

Neeti 1

I have been a depression patient for many years. Slowly and steadily my condition improved over the last two years and I returned to normalcy. However, since February this year, I once again began slipping into a severe depression. I stopped going to work. I stopped doing most of my household chores and completed just the minimum basic requirements of cooking for my family. Along with a feeling of severe loss of energy in the body, there was constant anxiety in my heart and I was never peaceful.

Each day, I tried my best to be active but would end up being lazy, lethargic and inactive all the time. I never felt like doing anything, including my regular puja (worship). I would just lay down silently on my bed all day, not talking to anybody or even listening to bhajans (devotional songs). During this time, I was taking my medicines regularly but the depression kept increasing each passing day.

Then one day in April, I messaged Mohanji and told Him about my situation and pleaded Him to make me normal. I had strong faith that He could bring me out of this condition because two years ago a similar situation had happened and he HAD brought me out overnight.

He looked at my message soon and replied “Tathasthu! Bless You”. I was overwhelmed because I knew the power of His words. I slept at night and the very next day when I woke up, I was fresh, healthy, peaceful and happy. There was no laziness or sleepy feeling. I stayed active throughout the day. I didn’t go to bed even once during the day. I cleaned my house, went to the store, did my puja, listened to bhajans and cooked with much happiness.

He cured me overnight with just a few words. No medicine at all. It has been several days now and yet I feel active, energetic and happy all day long. All the anxiety has stopped and I feel so blessed to be normal – something which I was struggling so hard to be.

What a blessing, what a miracle, totally unbelievable and beyond human comprehension. I can never thank Gurudev enough for His Grace upon me and my family. We are so fortunate to be in His sharan (divine protection).

Jai Ho Gurudev, I love You a lot. You are always with me.


Read Neeti’s previous experiences, the story Know that I am always Alive within the blog and He is Omnipresent, Always Listening to us. Experience them and identify the truth.