Mohanji Healing Meditation, Toronto, Canada


Swami Mohana Bhaktananda from South Africa graced Toronto residents by conducting Mohanji Healing Meditation on May 14th. Mohanji healing sessions with Swamiji are becoming more and more recognized amongst the people in Toronto, this was the 5th session and each time people are very strongly feeling Mohanji’s energy cleaning lifetimes of karmic baggage, having profound experiences leading to peace and happiness in their day to day life.

Swamiji very lovingly explained the meaning of Mohanji’s Healing Meditation and how it helps people. He explained that beyond our physical body (the only body that we are aware of) there is Energy body, Mental Body, Karmic/Causal body and then the eternal Soul. The life that we currently live and will experience in future is the effect of our past Karma. All these impressions and Karmic baggage are stored in our Causal body. The ever pervading Mohanji’s energy heals these impressions and settles that Karma which the person experiences in the form of peace and lightness of his body. What a person would have experienced in the form of physical ailment or disturbed relationship or mental agony is healed by Mohanji’s divine grace and the person goes through it in just those few moments. The healing takes place at various levels i.e. mental, emotional or physical level depending upon one’s need of spiritual upliftment. The more a person is open and surrenders to the Divine, deeper is the effect of healing. Mohanji’s Grace knows no bounds and heals one and all without any discrimination of religion, nationality, gender and whether a person is following him or not.


Experiences Shared by Devotees:

Neha Parekh: “As soon as Swamiji invoked Mohanji’s energy I was blessed with the vision of Durga mata (Ashtabhuja) with 8 hands in my heart. The divinity was shining with light spreading all my body. Suddenly, my heart filled with deep compassion for each and everyone in the room and around the world. My heart started blessing each person, thing and place like a mother would to her child, and everyone was my child. I had this tremendous motherly feeling towards the whole universe and that compassion got tears in my eyes, May all my children be happy was all that my heart blessed. This divine mother within started blessing Mohanji and in my mind I was thinking “How can I bless Mohanji my Master!”  but it was the divine mother within blessing him. My was heart melting each moment and Swamiji kept guiding us tirelessly to go through each bhaav, each emotion and experience it fully. In no time did Swamiji proceeded further with His Guidance through the breathing, I saw myself as a child in an open space, upon gazing up I was shocked to see that there was no Sky…..”The Sky was Mohanji” Mohanji had spread across the universe and became my Sky, I like a child kept leaping to grab Mohanji but could not. Seeing this out of Sheer compassion Mohanji reached out to me from up and made the child in me happyJ Mohanji then played like a Father with me on the horseback, etc. This vision was so beautiful that I cannot express enough Gratitude to Swamiji for granting it to me. Those precious moments of playing with My Father left me in awe. My body could not sit straight, the meditation made me light as a feather and I was swaying constantly. At some points I felt like dancing, laughing, singing….Never ever have I felt this way, empty, joyous and loved With My Father. Thank You Swamiji, for bringing me face to face with my true self….”Ananda Swaroopa” God bless You. May many be benefited by Your seva  to Mohanji.  Jai Mohanji”

Poonam Mistry: “I experienced the burning of Karma in the fire that Swami Bhaktananda, Mohanji and Shirdi Sai sent to me.  I also saw Lord Shiva who passed a conch from his forehead to my forehead. After the meditation Swamiji showed me the conch that was sending me the energy. All three Shirdi Sai, Mohanji and Swamiji’s energy brought on a fire from the bottom of my spine and moving upwards. I felt burning heat and heard a voice “this heat is burning your karma”. I felt very light after the meditation.”



Manjiri Bhalerao: “Initially I could feel a light where there was Shirdi Baba. My foot was hurting a lot, most of the time. I could see Mohanji’s face in the background. I felt like crying most of the time. My back was very heavy and tingling. Then at a point my head became very heavy and I felt a tingling sensation as if something was circling above my head. Later on Swamiji explained that heaviness in my back and head was because my father in law who had passed over was standing behind me in spirit form and blessing me.  I cried many times during the healing, feeling the hot tears rolling down my face. This was my first healing experience and I am indeed blessed to experience it. Needless to say, I would like to do it again and again. Thank you Mohanji, Swami ji and everyone who was involved in arranging this wonderful healing experience.”

Anuji: “I experienced profound peace during the healing session. As the session started, I felt a lot of load in my Throat and neck section. With the progress in the healing and with every invocation, I felt the load was lifted and there was a surge of energy as Swamiji invoked all the Divine sources. It felt as though a tremendous amount of load was lifted and there was a very peaceful Feeling.”

Sunita: “Throughout the meditation my whole head was tingling and I was travelling through my third eye. Very calm, serene feeling came over me. In the end I became very cold and still. I had the residual feeling of coldness in my chest”

Sara: “I was feeling a tingling sensation all over my body. My face and palm were tingling and numb. I started vibrating all over with a special movement, which Swamiji explained later was a special Kriya movement. It was new to me, I have never done any Kriya. Swamiji mentioned that this Kriya was performed spontaneously to clear the path for me. Many karmas were burnt. It was a very calm and relaxing session. Throughout the meditation I felt as though Mohanji is constantly giving me Shaktipath, His hand was over my head all the time.”


Gaurav Bhalerao (son of Mahesh and Manjiri ) one of the youngest participant who attended the healing :

“My legs were hurting throughout. I saw 2 old men and a blue soothing light. Suddenly I saw Sai Baba in front of a Golden Light…..Swamiji said to him that he was here for a special purpose, to see such visions in this age was not an ordinary experience. His parents shared with us that Gaurav is very well connected to Sai Baba. He reads Shree Sai Sat Charita every day and thinks  different. Gaurav was born on October 15th, Vijayadashmi (Sai Baba’s Samadhi date).

Mahesh Bhalerao“Right from the beginning  I saw white light and then I saw My Guru “ Mohanji” at my house informing me that “ My picture should be placed downstairs on this wall rather than upstairs” I saw Mohanji sitting on the sofa for a while. My body was shaking and I was seeing a black pickup truck in front of me as I was driving. My body felt cold and was very light at the end, Thank You Swamiji. Jai Mohanji.”

Neeti: “I felt so cold and light throughout the meditation. I was numb all the time. I couldn’t feel my body. When a devotee chanted “Aum Namah Shivaay” I felt a sudden surge of energy in me. I kept shaking for a while. As Swamiji invoked Devi Maa I felt so much energy enter my being. I started screaming MAA MAA on top of my voice until I choked.  I felt very light thereafter. Jai Mohanji”

Nilesh Parekh:

“I have attended all the sessions of this meditation since Swamiji started conducting it in Toronto and every time I witnessed a shift happening either at emotional, physical or mental level enabling more clarity, faith and feeling Mohanji more and more. However, this time it was very intense, it seemed a lot of burden was taken away.  It started with increased awareness, everything that we believe to be “I” appeared to be separate from me and yet part of me. Each and every subtle activity at all levels was very clear and visible. As the energy started rising, I felt it was rotating in circular motion and along with that my whole body started rotating in clockwise direction. The initial reaction was to take control of the body and be still but was overcome by the energy and had to go with the flow. Though there was deep pain in my upper and lower back it seemed that the pain was very far off. After a while, I saw great master -Maha Avtar Babaji and Mohanji blessing me, this was the moment where I experienced just gratitude for all the masters and each and every being whether living or non-living thing in this world. The vision that moved me and even now while writing this gives me goose bumps was the one where I found my head in Mohanji’s lap and Mohanji lovingly moving his hand over my head. We pray that we ever remain at lotus feet of Mohanji.”

Swamiji has healed many and is always there to offer this seva whenever asked. Swamiji is a great blessing Mohanji has given us all. Swamiji is a wonderful disciple and dedicated Bhakta. We always remain inspired by Swamiji and His Bhaav of total surrender and Humility. Mohanji heals many in different ways, with His presence, in absence of His physical body, through His eyes, through His Name and through Bhaktas like Swamiji. Bhaav of Surrender in the Lotus Feet of The Masters is the only bhaav that melts them. Their ever compassionate nature never sends a devotee empty handed, everyone always gets their share of blessings. That is Datta tradition, always giving unconditionally. Only pure heart and bhaav is all that is needed to receive the abundant Grace that flows through Mohanji”

PS: We were also blessed to meet with so many beautiful souls on this day ….all thanks to Swamiji!!

Jai Mohanji

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  1. I would love to be part of this satsang, I am in California, would it be possible to join these meditation sessions via Skype or google hangouts ? Please let me know. As much as possible I would love to be in these meditation camps, I strongly believe these will keep me focused and centered helping me stay aware every second of any and all dream states.

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