Aum Guru Mohanji

Written by Reva Gupta


1st Experience

Flurry of Energy


In my life I tried many times to look for a True Guru but every time the search was in vain! One day, I said to my husband, Kamal, “Now it’s useless trying, it does not seem to be that we will find our Guru in this lifetime and we may have to leave this current life without finding one.” Well! God had other plans this time. He heard our prayers and showered His Grace on us!

I have two daughters – Richa and Kanika. Those days my elder daughter was living in Pune. One day she called me and asked me, “Mumma do you know that Sumit bhaiya has a Guru?” Sumit is my nephew. To this question I replied in the negative. Then she told me that she had read a post from Sumit on Facebook that had a mention of a Guru.

After our phone conversation, Richa immediately called him up and asked him if he had got a Guru to which Sumit responded he had. Richa asked Sumit why he hadn’t mentioned about his Guru to her parents – meaning to me and my husband, as we had been searching for a Guru for a very long time!!! To this Sumit replied, “Maybe their time hadn’t come and at the right time, they would naturally get to know!” So, time kept passing by!


In the meantime Richa got pregnant and she was advised bed-rest due to some complications. Then she spoke to Sumit. He assured her that all would be well. He comforted her that her problem would be resolved and that she should receive Shaktipath from his friend named Manish who is a shaktipat initiate of Mohanji and was located in Pune, too. Richa coordinated with Manish and he came to her house to give her Shaktipath.

During these days, I wanted to be with Richa and one day I reached her home, all by myself. That night I told Richa that there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the lobby and that I would like to sleep there. The bedding was arranged on the floor and I lied down there. After some time, I received so much of energy there that I felt that all my exhaustion from the travel disappeared and my heart started dancing with joy and I felt like laughing loudly!!! I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night! When Richa came to me in the morning, I was already awake and as fresh as a flower. I asked her what had been there at that specific spot in the house to which Richa replied, “Nothing mom, why what happened?”  I told her, “Something is surely here, the vibration of that spot is fantastic” and I related the night’s experience to her. Then Richa shared with me that sitting at that particular spot was where she had received Shaktipath from Mohanji’s disciple Manish. I was astonished on hearing this! I thought to myself, “If the Shaktipath of a disciple has such a high energy and vibrations then what must it feel like to be in the proximity of his Guru!”

This was my first experience of Mohanji before meeting him.


2nd Experience


20151119_133428 - Copy

One day I called up Sumit from Pune and told him that I also wanted Shaktipath.  Sumit said that Manish would come to give the Shaktipath. One week later Manish came to Richa’s home and gave me the Shaktipath and also shared with us some of his new experiences with Guruji.  After this I did meditation at Richa’s home every night. Time flew and after one month I came back to Jammu. I continued my meditation practice there. One day, I was alone in the afternoon and I thought to meditate. As soon as I sat on the chair and was about to start the Power of Purity CD, a doubt came to my mind as to whether I had taken the right decision to make a Guru and that maybe I should have cross-checked thoroughly before doing so. Immediately, in a loud voice I called out to Mohanji and said that if He was a true Guru then He ought to give me a sign. The moment I uttered this, my chair shook strongly as if somebody held it from behind and shook it. At first I thought this is the sign from Guruji but the next instant, my mind continued to doubt and thought I must have imagined it. I requested again for a sign. After a while, I heard a loud cough and I thought this was the sign yet my doubtful mind wouldn’t believe. So again I loudly said, “Not like this Guruji, give me a solid proof.”  The moment I asked for this, I was stupefied to see that Guruji manifested himself before me and sat cross-legged on the floor, He was wearing orange clothes, I just couldn’t believe my eyes!!! And then he vanished and I was left completely bewildered! After a while I came to my senses and thought Guruji had indeed given me a solid proof. Or was it my mind’s illusion? The next moment I thought that I should message Him and ask. Immediately I messaged Him and asked, “Guruji, were You here?” and He gently replied, “How many times you tested me, even now you can’t believe?”  How my mind played the doubting game!

Mohanji, you showed mercy on me and took me under Your fold,

I didn’t understand Your Grace,

O Sat Guru! You showed me the path of devotion,

But my mind continued wandering in the world,

My restless mind,

Can’t express the depth of your compassion!!!


3rd Experience

Fear of Horses and a Sore Knee

We had our first retreat with Guruji at Patnitiop in Jammu. After the retreat, the plan was to go to visit the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. We reached Katra at noon.

Katra Vaishno Devi in Jammu (photo source: Internet)

Initially the plan had been to take the helicopter but due to fog it had to be cancelled. Guruji and other devotees were ready to take the horses but I am too scared of them and was unwilling. I have always been scared of riding horses. Another lady and I decided to take the palanquins instead. There were only a few available as the palanquin guys were on strike and so we couldn’t get any. Meanwhile, the rest of our group including my husband Kamal , went ahead and began the ascend. Both of us ladies tried a lot to get a palanquin but we didn’t succeed. Time passed and it was 6pm and then we too thought of taking the horses. We told the horsemen that we would reward them if they ensured we had a smooth ride uphill. We did reach safely by Guruji’s Grace. That night when we were all sitting around Guruji, I said to him, “Guruji today the helicopter didn’t work, but tomorrow we would surely go back by helicopter.”  Guruji laughed and replied, “We will go back on the four-legged helicopter, now only half of your fear has gone, the remaining half is yet to go.” On hearing this I became sure that the next day we would go back on the horses again.

When we woke up the next morning, there was dense fog, but it cleared the moment, we paid our respects at Divine Mother’s shrine. We all got on our horses and went towards the helipad. The chopper was ready to fly but the moment we sat inside it, a blanket of fog enveloped us and the helicopter couldn’t fly. We all sat and waited for an hour for the weather to clear but when that didn’t happen, Guruji asked us to take the horses. Then I recalled what He had said earlier, “We will go on the four-legged helicopter.” This is the divine play of our beloved Guruji and then we got the horses and started our ride down. By His Grace, Guruji’s horse and my horse trotted side-by-side.  While we were going down, my knee brushed past the knee of another person on a horse and my knee was hurt badly and it pained so much that I was unable to continue sitting on the horse! I felt like getting off the horse but after some time, the pain in my knee totally vanished. This was indeed a miracle! When we reached half-way through, I asked Guruji to have some water and we both got down from our horses. When Guruji tried walking He was unable to. When I enquired of Him as to what had happened to His leg, He answered, “Nothing, the knee is aching.” After having the juice we resumed our ride down. Guruji was walking with great difficulty. That right leg and knee of Guruji was aching on which I had suffered the injury, His play is incredible, He had taken my pain on Himself. When I asked Him why He had done so, he smiled and responded, “It would have taken 8 days before your pain would have been relieved, my pain would be gone in 8 hours.” This is the nature of a True Guru who is with His devotees at every step.

“Guru is my worship, Guru is Govind, Guru is my Para Brahma, Guru is God!”


4th Experience

Longing for the Divine Hug

One day when I sat in the Puja room of my home, my heart instantly swelled-up with deep love overflowing for God and in that devotional fervor, I said to God, “Why don’t you come to me, I have been longing to meet You for so long, I want to hug You today, You will have to come today.” And I began to cry. While crying, my eyes fell on Guruji’s picture and I started crying more and more loudly. I said to Guruji, “You too have gone so far away, I am missing you a lot too.” Guruji was away on ‘World Tour’ those days. I went on, “Today I feel like hugging you tightly. You will have to meet me today.” I had just uttered these words and my grandson, Vedant, who had been bathing, quickly came out of the bathroom and started hugging me and kissing me which was very unusual. When he touched my eyes, he said, “Grandma, why are you crying?” I was speechless on seeing such outstandingly quick response of my Guruji who used Vedant to comfort me. Vedant wiped off my tears and asked me again as to why I was crying. I told him that I was missing my Guru. He replied, “Grandma, don’t cry, we will go right away to meet your Guruji.”  On hearing this, I hugged him tightly and it felt to me that I was hugging Mohanji and that He in turn was reciprocating. Such is the Divine play of my dearest Guru!

O my Gurudev, O my Gurudev,

Listen to my heartfelt prayer,

It is my plea,

That night and day, I worship Thee!


5th Experience

A Birthday Gift

On 23rd Feb 2016, there was a birthday celebration of Mohanji at both the schools in Jammu. First the celebration was in “Mohanji ka Aangan” and then in the second school.


Once the function was over in the second school, then Mohanji sat there for some time. I had got a gift for Guruji but was unable to decide how and when to give it to Him. I desired to give Him the gift at my own home which he had no time to visit because of his busy schedule. Then I thought that I don’t need to think too much and that Guruji would show a way. Then Mamu asked Him to hurry a bit as they all had to reach somewhere else. At that time, Guruji was accompanied by Rajesh and two other people.  Since my home was en route to their destination, I requested Mamu if they could drop me. Mamu told me if there was space in the car he would accommodate me. I had full faith and knew that I would go along in the car with Mohanji. Suddenly then Mamu asked me to sit in the car and while I was thinking about giving the gift to Guruji, we had reached my house. Guruji suddenly asked Rajesh if he had seen Guruji’s picture in the Puja room of my house. When Rajesh mentioned he hadn’t, Mohanji asked him to go and see it. At that instant, I humbly requested Guruji to put a foot inside my home and bless it. Guruji laughed and good-humouredly responded, “I don’t have one foot but two, I will put both” and then he got down from the car and came inside. Everyone else too came in and while they were looking at the picture in the Puja room, I gave the gift to my dear Guruji and thus he fulfilled my unspoken wish. This is an example of faith and surrender and the associated fulfillment. When we surrender fully, then faith develops and when we develop faith, surrender automatically happens.



6th Experience


I would like to share an experience during the days when I was learning Yoga from Sanjay sir. Once we were practising pranayaams, “breathing exercises for expanding prana”. While we were doing the breathing, we heard some loud breathing and it seemed to be in rhythm with our breathing. Once we were done, Sanjay sir commented that I breathed very loudly that day, I denied this saying that instead I thought it was he who was doing so. Since it had not been either of us, then both of us burst out laughing as it dawned on us as to who had been in our midst. Mohanji looks after us always and he proves it time and again to those who have deep faith in him. He loves fun. At times, Guruji performs playful lilas with us. Like Krishna, my Guru’s play is wonderful as well.


Once when we were practising Yoga in the evening, Sanjay sir’s attention was drawn to the flame of the lamp that we had lit. While doing Yoga, first lighting the lamp was a practice that we followed. Sanjay sir took out his mobile and clicked a picture. When I asked what he was doing, he showed me the picture of the flame, I was astonished to see that in the center of the flame, there was a red and black colored-heart. We took more pictures and this was visible in each one. When I went back home and clicked the picture of the flame of the lamp lit in my Puja room, that too had that same red and black-coloured heart in the center. To verify this, I tried clicking pictures of the flame of the lamp of my Puja room, the following day, but then the heart could not be seen. Again, Mohanji displayed his presence and love for us.

Unconditional love, only unconditional love!

7th Experience

Causeless Laughter

When Swami Bhaktananda Bharatiji visited Jammu for the first time, then he did a “hawan” – fire purification ceremony at our home, post which he asked all of us to meditate. During the meditation, he gently asked everybody what they were feeling. Each one responded but I was sitting still. The moment he asked the girl sitting next to me, she instantly burst into tears; I started to laugh loudly, very loudly. I was unable to control my laughter and continued laughing. After five minutes, somehow I gathered myself and stopped. There had been no reason for my laughter. Due to lack of time I was unable to ask Swamiji how and why my spontaneous laughter had happened. The next day as I logged in to Facebook, the first post I saw was of Guruji and it was on “Causeless Laughter” which he had explained in detail. I had received my answer! He always hears our heart and gives answers. If only we listened!

O SatGuru! Let Thy Love, Peace and Joy blossom in every heart and eliminate all hate-thorns!


Jai Mohanji!

7 thoughts on “Aum Guru Mohanji

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you are truly blessed. I laughed on this sentence: “How many times you tested me, even now you can’t believe?”
    Stay blessed and strong in faith!


  2. Baba you heard my cry for singing your Bhagans and chants then one is overjoyed by hearing it already playing in my head. Deepest most humble gratitude for your unconditional love🙏🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗💗💗


  3. Dearest Reva
    I so enjoyed immersing myself in your heart-melting sharing.
    Continue to enjoy and bathe in Mohanji’s ever flowing Grace.


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