5 days of ecstasy with Mohanji in London

By Subhasree Thottungal

July 2016

We have all been waiting for last few months for Mohanji’s trip to London. The preparation was going on in full swing for the past many weeks. This period brought me very close to the Mohanji UK team, participating in the ACT foundation social service, preparation for the Guru Purnima and participating in most discussions and meetings with the team. This place now feels like family!

Well, almost for a week, Mohanji is going to be with us in London, starting with the most auspicious celebration of Guru Purnima, Satsangs, Consciousness Kriya Initiation and finally the weekend retreat at Gilwell Park – an action packed few days. The wait is exciting!

19th July 2016, Guru Purnima with Mohanji In London

Mohanji on stage.jpg

Many weeks of preparation for the much awaited Guru Purnima celebration with Mohanji in London. Finally, the day is here. Mohanji is here! We all got ready, arrived at The Bhavan, helped in the decoration of the hall in whichever way possible, with Vighneswaran Anna taking the full charge spreading his magic. Beautiful altar of Shree Ganesh at the entrance, powerful altar ready for Mohanji on the stage, the flowers, garlands, traditional Deepams (lamps) – even malli pu (gajra) for ladies!! The bright, colourful, sweet-scented hall filled with positivity already! It was a scorching hot day in London – 32 degrees Celsius! But that wasn’t any hindrance. All immersed in the ocean of positive energy and love for Mohanji eagerly waiting for his arrival in the hall. I was waiting at the door to welcome all other guests. And there he was, with his white Kurta and dhoti on with a couple of rudrakhsa malas hanging on his neck. With a bright radiating light on his face with a loving smile, he entered, looked at us and nodded his head with blessing. Speechless!

The programme started. More than 160 people inside the extravagant, beautifully decorated hall, had taken their seat. Mohanji entered with a smile on his face showering his love and blessings on everyone present. Boys and girls ready on the stage to sing many shlokas, bhajans, which were just out of the world. The entire hall was filled with an elegant atmosphere of purity, peace and love. The bhajans sung by the children soaked with innocence, purity and love enchanted all. Everyone was completely immersed in the ocean of devotion.

Mohanji in London stage.jpg

Mohanji came on the stage, sat on the beautifully decorated altar. What an image! Mesmerising. So powerful, radiating and filled with love for everyone. At that moment I felt like being immersed into him, being HIM, being ONE!

Mohanji delivered his message for Guru Purnima – this event was being telecast live. “At this current time, all we need is a cleansing path. The method is; Contemplate on the soul – which is flexible, fluid, immortal, imperishable, indestructible, pure energy, pure consciousness. Connect to this! The shift will happen. Then all that is gross – the body, mind, intellect, and ego will start losing their grip”.

Guruji’s message flew smoothly, everyone was totally engrossed! After the powerful and awakening message, there were many questions which were answered spontaneously by Mohanji.

Then there was a very informative video played by ACT foundation – the charity organisation by Mohanji that runs all over the world helping needy people – providing food for hunger. Some heart-wrenching images of people in need and the selfless activities of ACT to help the needy people brought tears to eyes. This made everyone ponder on what Mohanji had said “We have received so much from this earth. What have we given?” Food for thought, indeed! After a short break for quick snacks provided by the ACT volunteers, the Q&A session resumed. As each question was put forward, Mohanji was just explaining more and more fluidly, deeply and the messages were flowing as if the sacred water was getting sprinkled over everyone! What a satisfying experience, such an enlightening message coming directly from a Guru of such stature. We were all indeed extremely fortunate.

Finally, it was the time to offer our gratitude to the Guru in form of an aarati to Mohanji. Vijay bhai had informed me that there will be 10 ladies offering the aarati and I will be there in the 10th position. Once again, I take a moment to show my gratitude. I can’t thank my stars enough for this opportunity. While we were waiting in the backstage getting ready to go for Aarti, Jay (UK ACT foundation Chairperson) came with a red rose and gave it to me saying that I should offer this flower at the feet of Mohanji at the end of the aarati. This was indeed the cream icing on top of the cake!!! Doing Aarti, that too in the final position and offering the flower at his feet. My head was spinning. I pinched myself again, this is all real! Finally, when we were all in front of Mohanji, the aarati song playing, all completely merged in devotion only with one prayer in mind – “Oh Guru, please guide us in the path of consciousness with your love and light. Help us contemplate the beautiful soul that you just explained to us.”

To conclude the beautiful programme, there was an elegantly beautiful Kathak dance and Tabla programme presented by Kathak Guru Padmashree Pratap Pawar’s students. There couldn’t have been any better conclusion to such a beautiful celebration!

Mohanji’s appreciation for the artists came out in the form of his appreciation to Padmashree Guru Pawar when he presented him with a beautiful silk Shawl and hugged him so dearly. Getting the hug from Guru is getting immersed with the consciousness. Lucky are they!

The much awaited day had concluded in a very satisfying way, everyone was filled with purity, sacredness and knowledge from Mohanji. I certainly was. This was the first event of the week Mohanji was going to be with us in London, many more events to follow – a Satsang, the Consciousness Kriya initiation and finally the weekend retreat with him at Gilwell Park.

22nd July 2016 – Consciousness Kriya Initiation

Much awaited Friday morning, full of purity and positive – a new birth for me. I am going to be led into a path of light and awareness blessed by the Guru himself. The hall where we were all gathered together waiting for Guruji to arrive had an amazing aura around, in a church hall, big colourful glass windows, with sunlight shining through, Guruji’s altar facing the East, as if the energy from Surya Dev coming directly through Guru’s hands to us. We were facing the shrine of God, facing the Guru. The atmosphere was so pure and consecrated. During the process as Guruji’s voice was swaying through our ears and mind, the feeling was as if we were in the Himalayas! That much power the Guru had, to create an atmosphere suited for the sacred process. Receiving the initiation from MY GURU & offering him dakshina has been one of the most sacred events of my life, as important as my birth from my mother’s womb. Prostrating at your feet my Guruji, let your blessing empower and enlighten my life in this path.

Weekend retreat at the Gilwell park – 22nd July – 24th July 2016:


The entire weekend with Mohanji was a blissful retreat experience! This is what was on everyone’s mind, almost 60 of us. I had a glimpse of this experience last year when I attended the Satsang on the last evening of the retreat last year at the same place and had recived Shaktipat. With an open mind, all were ready to get into any mould that Guru was going to introduce us to. Completely in surrender!

Beautiful location, amidst tranquillity and serene environment, we all entered the sacred place. The evening started with Satsang with Mohanji. A lot of excitement and positivity amongst us, the childlike happiness was surging out of everyone’s face. The graceful Guru, as ever, had an amazing radiance on his face and the million dollar smile that can wipe out any misery in a moment. Agenda for next day was briefly discussed – intensified couple of hours, with a silent promise from Guru of relieving us from all impressions from the causal layer! The evening was concluded with a pious vegan dinner prepared by all volunteers. The retreat was also about  harmonious communal living with everyone volunteering in chores in every way they could! No discrimination of race, colour, creed or gender. Under the assuring shelter of Guruji, all were one single family!

The beautiful Saturday morning began with a bright promise, amidst the cool and clear atmosphere surrounded by greenery. While on my way to practice Kriya, I met Mohanji on the morning walk. What a blessing to get the darshan of Guruji first thing in the morning and that too before doing the Kriya the very first day after the initiation! I took his blessing and my heart was filled with love. Kriya was followed up with a Conscious Walk. A meditative walk that is 6 times more powerful than meditation done sitting at one place. The big trees with branches spread widely promising assurance. Birds chirping, rabbits playing around, morning sun with warm sunshine, this was indeed a promising morning. Sattvic breakfast was ready by the time we finished Conscious Walk and then gathering together to attend the Guru’s session.

Here he comes, all powerful and equipped with grace to lead the 60 followers out of the bindings of karmic impressions and towards the path of light.


Meditation began with the powerful Shiva Kavacha recited by Mohanji himself. It felt as if Shiva himself was around protecting us! Guru’s instruction followed. With closed eyes and focussed on Guru’s voice and instruction, mind was completely tuned and surrendered.

After the first exercise came the first release process, “release all emotions inside – no trapping, no control, leave the ego, let the emotions flow” – th0se were the words. Almost everyone was propelling their emotions in their own way. And here it comes! My experience, the radiant vision in front of my eyes – a lotus flower and Mohanji’s smiling face in the center. Then came Maa Durga sitting on a tiger, then Maa Saraswati with Veena in her hand and finally Maa Kali! What a powerful vision this was. No sorrow, no tears….an amazingly calming smile with all white lights around.

Then we started the next phase. This time Mohanji’s instructions reached much deep inside. All emotions came out as tears flowing uncontrollably making lighter and lighter.

And finally, The Govinda Damodara Stotram was played. We were all mesmerised. Hands up, body swaying, mouthing reciting following whatever we could! The entire atmosphere was completely charged up!

In the end, assurance from Guruji – a lot of release happened from most of us. The release process has started, which will continue for few days. Everyone looked tired after a very emotional journey, but surprisingly radiant look on everyone’s face indicating the energy circulation that had just happened!

This was an experience beyond explanation. All were speechless but enjoying the stillness, calmness inside after storm!

A much deserved break for lunch with delicious satvik Vegan food. And then conscious walk with the entire group. Amazing energy flow through the walk in the woods. Bright sun, beautiful scenery.

By the time we were back, Mohanji was all set to let everyone click pictures with him. Just as a friend, he would make fun comments, tease someone, tap on the shoulder with blessing…who ever wanted whatever expression, they were indeed receiving that!

And last but not the least – the group photo. A memory for lifetime!

The mesmerising effect continued through the evening with further satsang, Q&A, Shaktipath and Aarti. After the dinner there was a beautiful and devotional ambience created with bhajans. It felt like the evening should continue for ever, this bliss should not end at all! Being greedy? Well, such was the taste of bliss!

Sunday morning, the final day, heart was feeling bit heavy. Last few hours and all this will end and Mohanji will go back. The weeklong celebration, many previous weeks of preparation, all coming to an end. Inner voice assured, “Guruji is now permanently with you, you are connected eternally at the conscious level, close your eyes, you will feel Guruji.”

With a silent promise not to get the sadness show up, I practiced Kriya, followed by Conscious Walk, enjoyed the delicious porridge and fresh fruits and all set waiting for Mohanji to come and grace the satsang. Satsang began, some powerful question & answers! Lots of wisdom, eye opening ones! Message for children – Love and only Love. To end the satsang, with request, the Govinda Damodara Stotram was played. Most of us were swaying with the flow. Tears flowing out without any barrier, no control, no stop to the emotions. Urge to merge with the supreme consciousness was growing bigger and beyond. Vigneshwaran Anna started dancing, a true Krishna devotee, no hesitation, and no impediment. Pure love flowing out. Many of us joined him. The atmosphere was all charged up with pure devotion, love and surrender! What an end to the wonderful, out of world experience over last couple of days.

Now it was time to receive Shaktipat from Guruji, the process of getting his grace and energy that has the power of removing all blockages from within and make us elevate higher!

The Shaktipat was indeed powerful and took me to a completely different world!

Finally, we concluded the satsang by offering aarati to Mohanji, a way to show our deepest gratitude to the Guru.

That was not the end, the real surprise was the token of blessings that Guru gave all of us – blessed figurines to show us his symbol of blessing. We were touched by his grace, blessing and love. No words to convey the gratitude.

Mohanji, needed to rush to airport to catch his flight – a long day ahead!

I took the opportunity to sit near to him and exchange few experiences while he was having his lunch. Every moment with Guru is precious. Greedy mind won’t let him have his lunch quietly! But he is Guru, he is father, he is mother. He knows what this heart wanted. No sign of hesitation, now words of caution. He was participating in any discussions we were having, answering spontaneously anything that we were asking, listening to us carefully, everything that we were uttering. Such is his love & affection to us, never diminishing!

Finally the time came, Mohanji had to leave. The retreat programme had concluded. Heart was content with what we received in last few days, but it was still heavy bidding him good bye. With a hope of seeing him again next year and the promise to follow his teachings, we all returned home. The bliss stayed intact! For many more days to come!

Jai Mohanji!


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