I am with you


by Preeti Duggal

When I say, “I’M WITH YOU,” I mean it. Because I DON’T need the body to be with you” – Mohanji


I love Mohanji

A Guru or a true Master is the epitome of unconditional love and selfless service. He/She gives away everything to safeguard the lives of his/her devotees without asking anything in return. Sometimes, He is full of love and pampers us just as a mother would and sometimes, is a strict disciplinarian like a father. We are like small seeds in the forest whom he nurtures, giving us the opportunity to grow into trees that bear fruit for the good of every soul on earth. Now it is up to the devotees if they wither away with a small storm or stand strong with faith and courage.

Though I’m very sure my connection with Him has been there from many past lifetimes but in this lifetime I met Him in April 2013 at the Bangalore Airport with my dearest friend Mrs Vinita Agarwal. His mesmerising smile not only brought a smile on my face but also touched my Soul. I instantly felt a connect. For years in Delhi, I used to pray to Sai Baba to guide me to a path and he always used to reply by saying have Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience). After almost 3 years I moved, against all odds, to Bangalore and, within six months of my stay, met my Guru Mohanji. I now understood why Baba asked me to wait for so many years and I could now understand that there was a bigger purpose behind my sudden relocation.

“Have we met before?” were the first words that He spoke to me. I was clueless as to what reply I was to give, as I knew that in this life I was seeing Him for the first time. He gave me my first Shaktipat which shifted something within me. My body was vibrating with energy. It took me a few hours to understand what was happening to me. This was the moment I realised Baba’s words and my moving to a different city. From the moment He held my hand and took me under His guidance, my life has not been the same. I have been fortunate enough to be showered with so much love that every moment of life seems a miracle. Finally, I got my path in the dense forest of life. He gave a meaning to my existence.

In the last few years, with Mohanji’s grace and blessings, I got the opportunity to meet and seek the blessings of various elevated Masters like Vitthal Babaji, Devi Amma, Ganeshananda Giriji and Avdhoota Nadanandaji and Raman sir. I received so much love and blessings from them that I was left spellbound. I wondered what I did to deserve this. Grace showered on me and my family in abundance, all because of the blessings of the Mohanji.

I’ve had many beautiful experiences with Father, all of which would not be possible to pen down in one go. The most heart throbbing moment was in April 2015. My daughter, Riddhima, was hospitalised in Delhi because of an auto-immune disease. The doctors were confused about the course of action and she was suffering. We were in the hospital for almost a week and I was extremely worried to see her condition deteriorate every day. Then suddenly, one morning, I got a call that Mohanji would be in Delhi that very morning, just for the day, and that He would come to meet us at the hospital.

The moment He entered the room there was a shift in the energies. He hugged Riddhima and me just as a mother giving solace to a wailing child. All the while He kept talking to her casually but I knew he was working on her at another level. It was around noon when He left the room. When we came to the reception of the hospital I came to know that He had not eaten anything since morning. His selfless love for my daughter and myself brought tears to my eyes. He blessed not only us but also innumerable other patients in the hospital. Blessed are those who received the Grace from the Master himself.

The next day, the doctors were able to finally decide on the line of treatment and within a couple of days Riddhima’s condition started improving. About a week later, I came to know that Mohanji, after reaching Dharamshala, suffered from an acute allergy and itching for a couple of days. I was numb and I had no words to express my gratitude to Him. As a parent, He could not see me suffering and took everything on Himself. That day I realised that He works quietly on His devotees and expects nothing in return. He works with you on the physical level and also on the soul level.

Mohanji with Preeti’s children – Sarthak and Riddhima

Today when I look back I feel I have nothing that I can give to my Master. He only asks for faith. Don’t question His doing. He knows what one needs and he will deliver whatever you deserve at the right moment. Once He holds your hand, He will never leave you even if you accuse, abuse, malign or tarnish His image. He never bothers for Himself. He is always giving and blessing whosoever comes to Him unconditionally. He is like an ocean that absorbs everything – good or bad, right or wrong – within Himself.

I have had the opportunity to be with Him and observe Him closely. It is so difficult to be a Guru. One has to work selflessly and without any rewards for others on different planes, whilst sacrificing one’s own life and family. I prostrate at His Divine Lotus Feet for always being with me, and humbly pray to Him that I always walk the path that has been decided for me in this life. I would also like to make a special mention to dear Devi, our Guru Maa and our little Angel Mila for all the affection and love . Life for me has become a miracle every moment and I stay in a state of Bliss all because of my Guru Mohanji’s blessings and love.

Mohanji, Devi and Mila with Devi Amma

Aum Parabrahmaaya Vidmahe Shiva Tattwaaya Dheemahi Tanno Mohan Prachodayaat

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  1. What a beautiful narration of the way the Divine connects to us. Totally touched by your faith and the beautiful and miraculous ways of the Master and his connect with his devotees!

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