Miracle of Faith

By Priti Vilekar

I wish to share with you all an experience which has increased my faith and surrender to Father threefold. Faith and surrender were always there, but then you experience it becoming more and more complete and intense by the grace of your Guru. Father gave me such a lovely gift for Guru Poornima — He healed me in the most subtle and caring way that He could.

For the whole of last week, I had been having a lot of pain in my right upper back all the way to my ring finger. Over the last two days, it had intensified to the point where I could not even open a drawer without feeling pain. My work had definitely gone for a toss and I could not work at all in the last two days. After yesterday afternoon, there was an immense swelling and tenderness around the side of the elbow and forearm.
Amidst all this, I got a message last evening from one of Mohanji’s team members inquiring if I could quickly transcribe Father’s Guru Poornima video message and send it across by tomorrow. In excitement, I immediately said yes. Then, I suddenly remembered the painful state of my hand.  Since I did not have an option now, I surrendered to Father and started to transcribe leaving it all in His hands. After an initial few moments of discomfort, everything went just fine. After completing the transcription, it suddenly struck me that my pain had reduced by more than 2/3rds. What was left was just a nagging muscle soreness which is my own doing as I fail to exercise it enough. All the intense, radiating, debilitating pain just vanished. It took me some time to realise what had actually happened. With Father’s grace, all the pain, which is blockages identified with the body, was  diluted.
This healing experience, due to Father’s grace and compassion, has humbled me so much.. He always says, “Main hoon na” (I am with you). Time and again, He makes His presence felt, just for our upliftment and betterment.
Love you Father ❤❤❤

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