Mohanji – My Guru Over Many Lifetimes

Jyoti Bahl

I met Mohanji in 2014 when I was going through a bad phase. I know that it is my continuous prayer to Shirdi Sai Baba that graced me with the ultimate Guru, Mohanji. In my very first meeting, I felt a strong connection with Him like I was meeting a living God. I didn’t immediately realize that He is my Guru not only in this life but over many lives past. This I began to understand this when I started to experience Him astrally, and then I had a dream that proved Mohanji is and has been my Guru. The connection grew immensely with every meeting. There are many more experiences of this time which I will write later.

In 2016 I was quite unaware of the continuous problems that lay in wait for me. That March my father had critical open surgery for a hernia. When I messaged Mohanji about the surgery He said that He would be there and that I need not worry. He asked me to chant the Maha Mritunjay Mantra during the surgery. The surgery was successful, with His blessings. Post-surgery, however, my father was in a lot of pain, and for that Mohanji told me to do Aum Shree Bhagwan Shree Rajayogi  Mohanji Namaha Aum. And, wonder of wonders, within 20 minutes my father’s pain vanished, never to return. When he came home he told us that he felt some divine energy in OT after which he felt an immense strength. I knew that my father had felt the divine energy of Mohanji.

In May of the same year, my Guru inspired me to do Sadhna and I took permission from my Master and began. After few days of Sadhna, I contracted severe bronchitis which made it very difficult for me to breathe and even sleep. When I told Mohanji about my problem He asked me to continue my Sadhna and renewed my hope through His messages. My bronchitis worsened and I was to be hospitalized when Mohanji provided the solution to my problem. For the next few months, I was on medication and was on a simple diet that did not include onion and garlic.

My troubles continued and in July 2016 my mother-in-law was critical and put on the ventilator for ten days. Since I spent a lot of time at the hospital, I worried that I would fall sick again but Mohanji’s grace kept me well for the next few crucial days. The doctors gave up on my mother-in-law and we brought her home. She was with us for a full day, though kept on oxygen. As soon as she arrived we started chanting and kept the mantra on for the entire day. The next morning (26th July) I was pained to see her in a bad state and I contacted Mohanji who asked me to do the Maha Mritunjay Mantra ceaselessly. Mohanji showed His presence through the manifestation of holy water on His picture which I placed on her heart. I applied the jal on her forehead and within few minutes she left her body with ease. My mother-in-law had been bedridden for five years and in spite of having so many health problems she left her body very peacefully and it was all due to Mohanji’s grace.

On 23rd July when I was going through all this, I became a little upset as my Kriya Initiation was to take place on 28th July and I knew that I may not be able to attend. In my conversation with Mohanji, I explained the whole situation, expressing my helplessness and inability. Mohanji told me not to worry, that Kriya is precious and sacred and that if I miss this initiation, the  Kriya team may not approve another time unless there is a really good reason for cancellation. He told me to have a strong desire and determination otherwise various things will keep overlapping. Then when my mother-in-law expired on 26th July, I was able to attend the initiation and, I was initiated by Mohanji! And in September, with Mohanji’s grace, I was able to complete my sadhana too.

Each cell of mine takes the name of Guruji – he has given so much to me and every devotee who loves Him with faith and surrender. After Kriya initiation, Mohanji asked me to contact Taiji (who has written 1008 names of Mohanji) as she has experienced Him in different forms. This way Mohanji gave me the opportunity to sing his Naamavali and Ashtottari, and His Aarti.

The Aarti was released on Gurupoornima during Mohanji’s London retreat. This was no easy achievement. Whenever I practiced the Naamavali my breathing problem would trouble me.  During the practice, lots of cleansing happened. Along with breathing problem came Chikungunya fever and I was really sad when my son also caught the fever. After recovering from Chikungunya I again had a high fever (during which I was practicing the Naamavali) that turned out to be Dengue. It was the last straw. It took a few days to recover but soon when my son and husband were both detected with dengue fever, I was miserable, and feeling physically and mentally weak.

My son was admitted to the ICU because his platelet count fell and I immediately called DB to convey my state to Mohanji (who was busy in the Serbia retreat). Mohanji kept himself constantly informed about Shivinder’s platelet count. He asked Shivinder to follow a vegetarian diet and, it was a miracle to see my son, who loved his meat, become a vegetarian, with Mohanji’s blessings. Shivinder felt Mohanji’s presence every moment in the hospital. When Shivinder was admitted to the hospital I gave him a picture of Sai Baba and Mohanji’s eye card which he kept under his pillow and the divine energy gave him lots of strength. Mohanji sent His dear souls to the hospital and they gave him healing and prayed for him wholeheartedly. Shivinder was back home on 25th October, his birthday, and he was given a new life by my Guru Mohanji.

Jyoti and her family with Mohanji

I am in tears as I write this as I know our Guru works for us selflessly. After this incident, I decided to dedicate my life to Mohanji. My husband became well too and all of us celebrated Shivinder’s birthday with gratitude and love for our beloved Master. Shivinder has surrendered to Mohanji and whenever I have to leave him alone he feels some divine energy is taking care of him 24×7.Mohanji is with me and my family always.

After this ordeal, I was finally prepared to do recordings in the studio. And His presence made it possible in two days. Taiji patiently made me practice each name over the phone; I bow to such pious souls who are extremely dedicated and surrendered to their Guru. Taiji told me that my bronchial problem happened for a reason as 1008 names are recited for God and for that one has to stop eating onion and garlic, in other words, one needs to eat totally sattvic food. On 11th December Mohanji’s Naamavali and Ashtottari CDs were released in Shirdi. 


Mohanji with Taiji and Jyoti


Guruji doesn’t have a scarcity of true devotees and singers to sing His leelas and yet I got a chance to sing His Aarti, Naamavali, and Ashtottari. Whenever I call out to Sai Baba due to devotion or difficulty Mohanji comes in my dream and gives me the solution.

Initially, I was a form-oriented person but Mohanji has raised my awareness from form to ultimate light. Whenever God comes on earth as an avatar, people are not able to understand the reality and by the time the realization dawns, it becomes too late. Mohanji says,”Destiny gets the Guru in our life and the mind takes it away.” 

How to define the glory of my Guru? He is my God who transformed me in and gave His grace in so many ways. Mohanji is a silent and humble master who loves every soul unconditionally. We are extremely fortunate to have a living Guru in the form of Mohanji and I am truly blessed to have Mohanji in my life. Whatever I went through was really worth taking otherwise I wouldn’t have got the beautiful things in my life which I am experiencing today. Problems as per our karma keep on coming in our life and it is the  Guru’s grace that gives us the power to bear them. This is the importance of a living Guru in our life.

2 Years of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2017 (International Yoga Day) we mark our second year of Conscious Walking. This dynamic meditation has proven to be a really powerful tool in our journey towards Liberation. Mohanji who created this meditation for us has blessed us. We have immense gratitude towards our spiritual master for that. We are also grateful to everyone who participated, helped in any way to organize Conscious Walking events or spread the awareness to as many people possible so more can have the blessing that this technique offers.

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique created by Bramarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and has multiple benefits: It is good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life; It helps self control; It reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears; It increases concentration; It increases togetherness and oneness.

Conscious Walking meditations are organized throughout the world having more and more participants. Here you can read some of the testimonials from the participants who shared their experiences from the year that passed. Take a leap of faith and join us to take a walk towards Liberation and Higher Consciousness.


“I started practicing this simple yet powerful technique in June 2015 and have been consistent weekly, so it is exactly 85th week that I practice it without skipping even once, apart from the retreats with Mohanji. What it teaches, trains and allows me to express is consistency, self-discipline and commitment. I simply love it. Not only that it is lovable, but it is also very useful. It has a tremendous effect on the whole being and sets the mental state in such a mode that I function perfectly centered and calm in spite of all circumstances outside, or even inside me, ups and downs. Furthermore, it has a cleansing effect, so often the feeling of letting go, releasing through tears of bliss happens. After that I am sometimes so inspired that I write poems!

Conscious Walking is strengthening my bond to my inner self and increasing my love for myself in its very true sense. I have walked, I walk and I am going to walk consciously in the future, too. This technique is an unavoidable gift.”

– Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

“Throughout the Conscious Walking the body slowly relaxes. Then comes a feeling of freshness and freedom. The mind is sometimes too talkative, but I do not listen to it. In some moments everything disappears except breathing. And in the blessed moments of bursting into love and tears. Blissful effects of meditation remain present sometimes even for days. A lot of gratitude to our Guru on this gift. I thank Bilja who leads us.”

– Predrag Dobrović, Serbia
“Many of us started with meditations at home, when there is peace and silence. In that way it is easier to concentrate on what we are doing. Conscious Walking is a challenge, to be surrounded by others, yet being conscious only of yourself.”

– Spomenka Iskra Dragojevic, Serbia


“Conscious walking enabled me to, easier than ever before, realize my own inner power of healing. It is the biggest blessing for me and a gift of this unique, seemingly simple, but very powerful meditation in movement. When I practice it, it is truly a real chance to relax and connect with my own self, to let go of fears, achieve my inner peace and wellbeing and keep my faith
 in myself, in spite of the challenges of my curious mind which vainly tries to impose its rules of the game. Focusing on the consciousness, breathing and spine in connecting with oneself, brings me to a kind of healing. In the end of Conscious Walking, when I open my eyes and express gratitude, I am filled with the feeling of inner and outer wellbeing.”

– Dejan Stojsic, Serbia 


“Since I have been practicing Conscious Walking, which is more than a year and a half, I have noticed that I more often pay my attention to the spine and breathing through the spine.”

– Stasa Misic, Serbia

“Conscious Walking is a meditation in motion. While you walk in nature, not only that you connect to nature surrounding you, but you are also connecting to yourself. The deeper you go within yourself the more you are in the present moment, in Now.”

– Dragan Vucenovic, Serbia



’’When I started with Conscious Walking for the first time it was unusual, but I immediately liked it. Though it differs in the way it is practised than meditation, it has a similar effect to the one when meditating – the more there are of us, the stronger the effect is. (It is maybe because of an uncomfortable feeling I have when doing it alone, i.e. because of the lack of ’’safe space’’, where I would not be commented or stopped by accidental passers-by.) At the beginning of the walk I first relax, get calm, and my breathing starts to harmonise with the rhythm of the footsteps. I get overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and energy flow through my spine. While I walk, many details are noticed, I start connecting with the environment, feel the vibrations of the nature around us – the snow has silenced the sounds and it was magical to walk in such conditions. Spring brings chattering of the birds, in summer we are caressed by breeze, and autumn is full of the fragrance of humidity, fallen leaves, soil.Then starts a beautiful current of energy through the body, which relaxes it, makes it more conscious. At one moment during the walk I realise I have been repeating a mantra which I was not aware of. I pay attention to the breath and turn the chanting down to silence. A strong urge for meditation arises, which is, the moment I sit after the deep walk, permeating and wonderful.”

– Vesna Stark, Serbia



“Conscious Walking is a very beautiful meditative technique during which I surrender to the energy to operate, while at the same time I am moving and enjoying merging with nature. Very keenly our daughter Natalija joins us, too, which can only benefit her development.”

– Aleksandra Dobrovic, Serbia

“As travel for work and work with various people and energies, often, during the day, especially when tiredness comes, particularly mental tiredness, I start walking consciously for a minute or two. I must admit, I immediately feel better, the tiredness disappears like removed by a hand.”

Izabela Jovovic, Serbia


“Conscious Walking – meditation in movement is an extraordinary technique of connecting with oneself. Personally prefer walking consciously than meditating because it is practiced outdoors in the open, in the natural environment. It positively affects psycho-physical condition, it helps maintaining the state of presence in the present moment and in this way it contributes to the releasing of emotional and other blockages. The feeling of peace and bliss which is achieved with conscious walking is invaluable. Wonderful gift from our Guru!!”

– Ankica Aleksic, Serbia


 “Conscious Walking is a technique I am practicing regularly for the past six months and the feeling is priceless. During the practice of this technique I have experienced a lot of personal transformations on almost every level of my life. Using this technique I have experienced a lot of benefits, some of them are: Peace, Calmness, Stability, Empathy, Happiness, Positive energy, a feeling of Bliss and internal Purity, as well as a high state of Concentration. I wholeheartedly recommend this technique to all who are working on themself.

– Goran, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking for me is more than just a meditation. It is a way to centre myself within, become more spine orientated and be more ware of this mind and all the experiences which happen through me. I always feel extremely peaceful, joyful and energised after Conscious Walking which lasts for a long time afterwards too.  

It also makes me more aware of Mohanji. As Mohanji says – He is always with us. This meditation really does make me more aware of this fact and makes me feel more connected to His consciousness. With this awareness I feel more love flowing through me to all beings of the universe. Conscious Walking truly is a beautiful and powerful gift which elevates one to higher levels of consciousness and the feeling of oneness. Keep walking!”

– Warren, South Africa


“CW brings me instantly to present moment and I often feel expanded and one with all.
It is very calming.
 Such a simple but powerful technique! I often feel connected to Earth and how alive it is. It has brought so much more awareness to me. So many blockages have left me during CW as well.”

– Milica Bulatovic, South Africa


“Conscious walking is a beautiful technique. So natural. Walking is a natural thing for humans. It’s not boring, it’s dynamic and in that position I enter in deep peace. By bringing awareness to my spine I enter a powerful state. When I walk I feel everything around me in peace, like in mother’s womb.

I think it is good to exercise how to drive through earth life in the state on higher consciousness, not escaping anything, but facing each moment in daily life. I love Conscious walking a lot.“

– Dejan Jovanovic, Croatia


“I practice Conscious Walking for almost year and a half so far. Conscious Walking always brings me back to a quite state of being. As I gradually become aware of the gaps between breathing in and breathing out the breathing itself becomes slower, the gaps become longer and a wonderful state of peace and quite set in.
I feel energized and light.”

– Kristina Jelavic, Croatia


“I began practicing Conscious Walking two months ago and liked it right away. Since I have started I feel the joy of life again, I have more positive energy and I can cope with everyday problems much easier. I like it because it’s a dynamic meditation technique that doesn’t require long sitting posture. I would recommend it to everyone because it’s both dynamic and easy and the results are the same as after deep meditation.”

– Ivana Surya, Croatia
“I felt every pebble stone under my feet, birds singing and wave ripples which fascinated me. I felt wonderful. After Conscious Walking I got the Mohanji Healing and I saw green and yellow color while my eyes were closed.”

– Mirjana, Croatia


“I have been practicing the meditation Conscious Walking for one year. Within this period I felt inner calm and peace like never before. This meditation has continuous effects which can be felt for days after meditating with the focus leading towards the inner self. I feel balance and increased concentration during everyday activities. I recommend this meditation to everyone no matter the age.”

– Mohana Guru Priya, Macedonia


“I practice the technique Conscious Walking from its very beginnings, and that is since an year and an half ago, each week without stopping. I feel great benefits from it. Some of the effects which I experience from the meditation are stability, higher awareness for the inner processes, deep peace, higher energy and personal will power. The echnique is irreplacable, and very simple to learn. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone.”

– Mohana Hanumatananda, Macedonia



“Consciousness Walking helps me focus within my inner consciousness and helps me feel my inner space. I can feel going deeper and deeper within myself. After every Consciousness Walking I have a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, safety and fullness.”

– Ekaterina, Macedonia


“I practice this technique for 9 months and would like to recommend it to everyone because there is a cleansing on all levels, I felt big difference in my body posture and my back become straight . There are a lot of benefits like cleansing the inner space, higher energy level, deeper inner peace and a good opportunity to be in nature with wonderful people.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska, Macedonia

“Because conscious walking is a different meditation than the classic one.
It is dynamic and I prefer movement. In a relative short time my energy circulation increases into a pretty high level, that make me feel free, light, happy and quite powerful.”

– Bobi, Macedonia



Watch Mohanji talk about Conscious Walking: Part 1, Part 2

Read more about Conscious Walking: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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I Rely on Faith More Than on my Eyes

Bosnian pyramids with Mohanji (14-16th May 2017)

Author: Biljana Vozarevic


The aim is to show how we must accept every moment and cherish it no matter how small or ordinary it may look, and also not to neglect the moments which could be counted as exclusive or blessed. Emphasise the attitude of gratitude, dilute expectations and keep moving. Writing trains contemplation, it helps us organise thoughts and complex experiences in a coherent way, it corroborates our understanding of the experience and helps us let go of it, allowing us to move on. It is sometimes a beneficial catharsis.

The aim of my writing this is not to impress you with some miracles which you may or may not experience and which will only make you ponder about how it would be like if you were in my shoes.

Arrival and Mohanji’s intro talk


A group of around 120 people from India, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, UAE, USA came to visit Bosnian pyramids on the occasion of global Consciousness Kriya gathering. What a place! What air! What an event!


The programme started with an intro talk, introduction and presentation on Bosnian pyramids and medical scientific work by Dr Emina who has been a volunteer of the Archaeological park “nBosnian pyramid of the sun“ for years. She told us about medical benefits of being in the pyramids area, especially in the Tunnel Ravne. Being there optimises our health. Her talk was inspiring not only to spend time there more often, but also an invitation to all donors to support more scientific research. Nowadays, in Kali Yuga, scientific facts are trusted the most. Tangible results will come from a larger number of examinees, confirming her statements plausibly. We have all become ambassadors of Bosnian pyramids.

Mohanji added very little about the pyramids, not wanting to take away the thunder from us. He just reminded us that we have come here to FEEL the pyramids, not to SEE them and to focus more on the inner feeling all throughout these two days. Earlier he talked about them. Now he just gave us a simple breathing technique which would help us have the most benefit from our time there.

After his talk he gave each of us a goody bag.

Thundering experience or thunder from the sky?

On the way to Bosnia from Serbia, we wanted to have a longer break at The Ethno Village Suncana Reka as it is a beautiful place near the river Drina. It was sunny when we set off, and along the way, but when we reached Suncana Reka, it started showering cats and dogs. Oh, we worried, this was spoilt, but what about our aimed retreat!? “What are we going to do if the weather continues to be like this? The programme was mostly planned for outdoors and the weather forecast said it was going to rain with occasional thunderstorms!“ There were people travelling thousands of kilometers to experience the Bosnian pyramids. The experience would be almost totally destroyed and wrapped in disappointment in case of rain. We would spend most of the time in Tunnel Ravne and the hotel, I thought… and Tunnel Ravne is an option only if there is a free time slot. In addition, they do not allow anybody to stay inside for more than an hour, we were allowed for 2h because they considered us eligible to endure that much energy, high vibrations and negative ions without overdosing ourselves. “So what can we do? How can we control the weather?“ We just dropped our noses, prayed and waited.

Sometimes the weather turns out right. Luckily, this time it did. In spite of the weather forecast, the sun started shining and continued for all the period we were there. What a grace!

In front of the pyramid of the Sun, guide Ajdin is explaining about the position and precise geometry, then special features of all the pyramids, Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love

Courage paid off

There was a woman who was not fit at all and – very big and overweight. On top of that, she suffered from an illness, a kind of flu. Before coming here, she had even hesitated whether to cancel the trip because of her bad health. At the last moment, she decided to dare it. Her courage was followed by luck and grace. Though she had difficulty walking, she not only managed to climb the Pyramid of the Sun all the way up to the point where we went but also triumphed in the end.


Day 1

On Monday, there was a Consciousness Kriya initiation. The group was the largest so far, with 48 approved candidates. The preparation part was conducted by Devi Mohan for the first time. Mohanji answered the questions at the end and in the afternoon he did the initiation part. The initiation was at an exclusive place with a levitaton energy, the energy of a mother’s womb – in the Tunnel Ravne itself. The Tunnel Ravne is a network of tubelike corridors which seem to be arranged like in a labyrinth, that is why it is also called Labyrinth Ravne.

After the Tunnel Ravne, the energy was very high after accumulating a lot of energy, so participants said they did not feel like sleeping. The energy affected me in a different way. I slept soundly like a baby and considered it very healing.

On the pyramid of the Sun, which is 220m, we climbed up to 20m. We are listening to our guide Ajdin about how pyramids were discovered, their age of about 32000 years, which is also written on his T-shirt 🙂 I was recording videos.

On the pyramid of the Sun, which is 220m, we climbed up to 20m. We are listening to our guide Ajdin about how pyramids were discovered, their age of about 32000 years, which is also written on his T-shirt 🙂 I was recording videos.


Day 2


Early in the morning, we had a satsang with Mohanji. He answered questions including one that was not asked so far – about Bhagawan Nityananda. He talked abut his miracles and also his personal experiences with him. Real life stories from such powerful light bringers. He  showered blessings and gave answers to everyone. He saw a few attendees who he thought would not be using it in this life. Their mind was too restless. They could not sit still and listen. He said they needed to work a lot on themselves. As they could not tame their minds even for a little while, they would only appreciate it in one of their next lives. Somebody wants to grow faster and works towards it in by experiencing all life drama in one life time, while others decide to grow more slowly, take more incarnations and enjoy or suffer more karmic masquerade.


Then we went to Tunnel Ravne where Mohanji gave us a sacred gift, shaktipat.

Shaktipat - Bilja Tunnel RavneCROP960x640

As is customary, I got on my knees and received Shaktipat from Mohanji. I let myself melt completely, dissolve in love and gratitude and then silence and nothingness. Having been born in an atheist family, though I’m officially Christian now, I was not religiously programmed to see Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. I just felt like disappearing.
When I first saw the photo everything looked ordinary. Then when I zoomed it in, I saw the front part of my face and a part of Mohanji’s hand were missing and you can clearly see the wooden pillar behind. It happens that when the mind is completely still, a camera does not catch that frequency, but our body gets diluted and it may turn out to be transparent. That is what crossed my mind. However, professional camera catches all kinds of frequencies.

I showed the photo to my husband and children. They were not impressed at all. Perhaps it was a mistake of the camera. Ok, a professional photographer does not make such mistakes, I thought, but ok. They laughed at me saying that now I could be a stealth aircraft. 🙂 🙂 It is true that I downloaded the photo from Facebook and the photo possibly got distorted.

As I wanted to be sure, I asked Maja Argakijeva for a full resolution photo. Here it is:

Shaktipat Tunnel Ravne

There is nothing unusual in this photograph, everything is visible.

Good, let’s be real. But what is real!?

Faith is more important than tangible proof, a visible sign of any state or condition. I follow inner guidance, this magnet which always attracts me to Mohanji as I’m connected to the ultimate consciousness through him. We’re getting vibrationally closer and closer. Merged and yet to be merged.

In the dimension of truth and reality, there’s no time and space, beginning or end. Everything that will eventually happen already happened. So, in that respect, we are already merged into one ocean, infinite, ceaseless, ultimate bliss, dissolved into emptiness i.e. fullness as there is no duality in it, just that what is.

My faith is unshaken and unshakeable. My love, too. With various changes and tests it can only get stronger, we can only be more powerful together – I as an extended hand of Divine, He as an extended hand of Divine. On the earthly platform, in earthly terms we play the roles of a guru and a disciple. I feel we’ll be together, united everywhere, in all dimensions, forever. Beyond time, beyond space, as all encompassing brightness in eternal bliss.

Meeting Dr Sci Semir Osmanagic in Park Ravne 2

In the afternoon, we visited Park Ravne 2.

Dr Semir Osmanagic and Mohanji in Park Ravne 2, Visoko, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji
Dr Semir Osmanagic is explaining the symbols engraved on each stone monument in the Park
Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji, Park Ravne 2341850933_n
At the entrance into Park Ravne 2
Labyrinth of energy for purification, Park Ravne 2, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017
Energy labyrinth, for purification, walking counterclockwise to giv e energy to Earth, leave all the burden, and then going clockwise, to absorb all the fresh energy from it
Park Ravne 2, Concrete balls, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017
Feeling special concrete balls, looks like blessing Mother Earth 🙂

Dr Semir Osmanagic, who met Mohanji in 2015 for the first time and loves him a lot., compromised his tight schedule and came. In these two days, it was difficult to match both Mohanji’s and his tight schedules. Dr Osmanagic was in the middle of a programme with another guru from India. Despite his tight schedule, he came down to meet Mohanji and our group and gave us a guided tour of the Park Ravne 2 and explained the significance of the different areas and artifacts in the park. We walked along the attractive places in the Park, listening about each, feeling each place and enjoying the overall atmosphere.

Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic, Tunnel Ravne, Labyrinth Ravne, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji
Mohanji, Patriji and Dr Semir Osmanagic in front of the Tunnel Ravne
Mohanji and Dr Sci Semir Osmanagic, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017, Tunnerl Ravne
Love has no boundaries. Mohanji blessed Dr Semir Osmanagic for a success in his positive work

You can read more in a newspaper article “I’ll keep coming to Bosnian Pyramids”





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Meeting Mohanji – Life before and after

By Ananth Sankaran


As a man aged 30+ years with reasonable financial stability, a caring family and a good social life, I too wondered, like many others, about the “purpose” of this birth. I had always been a serious person neither inclined towards any materialistic things nor attracted towards spirituality.


3 years ago, my wife Rakshitha was drawn into spirituality (on the hindsight she has always been a spiritual person) and would be re-directed to Mohanji’s blog whenever she had questions for Shirdi Sai Baba or if something was bothering her. She has read Osho, Jiddu Krishnamurthy (JK), Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) and that very thing makes me stay two steps away from her for the simple reason that I can neither understand them nor I was willing to try. Hence, I would tell her “keep your philosophy with yourself and please don’t bring it to me”. During this time (Aug-Sep 2015), she had read a book titled “Journey of Souls ~ Michael Newton” and was guided to do “past life regression” to know about the past life which would eventually answer few imminent questions:

  1. Why did I take this birth
  2. Why am I in a relationship with an individual (or) in a family
  3. What are the lessons to be learned in this lifetime

Clinical hypnotherapy had always been an interesting subject for me and I, for once, accepted her request and read the book. Impressed by the sheer depth of the work and the case-studies, which I truly believe were for real with no amount of fantasy, I readily accepted to go for the session. The therapist was a very nice person of Italian origin and could connect to higher (ascended) masters. The first session started casually with me going to the time when I was happy as a child and entering the room of Akashic records.


At that moment, without me informing anything in particular to him, he said “someone is eager to meet you” and wanted me to open a door inside the room during the session. It was none other than my dad (He passed away in 2002 when I was doing my 3rd year Engineering. Like all other father-son relationship, I never truly valued him or his opinion when he was alive. Now, not a day goes without his thought.) I had always had this guilt feeling that I had done NOTHING for him. As soon as I saw my dad during the session, I hugged him tight (visualizing), cried (for real) until tears ran out while the Doctor (sensing the energy) kept saying that my dad was really happy with me and I should be proud of myself.

One hour later, the session ended and I returned home happy and couldn’t wait for the next session. In the next session, while the doctor was attempting to get me back to my “past life”, I couldn’t do it. We tried and finally the doctor asked me what would like to do, “access your past life” or “speak to someone”. At that instant, I said I wanted to speak to someone. When probed on who I wanted to speak to, I saw visuals of Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. I should quote that I knew him (Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) to be a Saint and nothing beyond.


Also sitting in that room was Mahavatar Babaji in his lotus posture and never spoke a word until the end of the session. All the talking was done by Ramakrishna and some of the answers came out was with such clarity that I was certain that I wasn’t hallucinating.

During the session, Ramakrishna said that I should go and MEET Mohanji. When the doctor asked “Is He your guru, why should you meet him?” the answer that came out was “he has some important things to learn from him and it will only benefit him in the due course”. When asked “why can’t he access his past life”, the answer was “why should he know about his past when I am telling him what he has to do? People access their past to learn to correct themselves. With our guidance, he need not know his past rather look forward to the future”. By now, my wife had completed reading all of Mohanji’s WordPress blogs, his Q&A blog, cried enough and had an urge to meet him.

With my father’s ceremony (tithi) coming near, I had planned for an India visit in Nov 2015 and had written an email to seeking time to meet him. This was more for my wife than for myself as I knew she was praying hard to meet him and felt it was her eligibility that’s stopping. As destiny would have it, Mohanji was in Bangalore gearing to go to Puttaparthi on the New Year eve (31 Dec 2015).


In no time, we confirmed our willingness to meet him at the allocated time. Through the one-hour auto ride, we hardly spoke a word. We entered the home and were warmly welcomed by the Mohanji Family. We were happily chatting and laughing when out of nowhere entered Mohanji.

Upon seeing him, tears were flowing like a stream of river that had no ending. While I can justify her tears, there could be no logical explanation as I had come just as a companion with my wife who had an urge to meet him. His first words “we have been waiting for this meeting over lifetimes…” still resonates in my ears.

Mohanji spoke about his skin condition (during his Dubai days), importance of settling the dues of ancestors, promises made to people who were alive and many other things, many of which didn’t get into my ears while my mind was busy analysing and forming an opinion about him. Though I have met a few Masters at my young age thanks to my dad, this is for the first time I was drawn to a person and I still couldn’t believe anything that was happening around.

I asked him questions and he answered them. Honestly speaking, I didn’t understand many of those reply. But something in me kept telling that I have found my GURU. We both were given Shaktipat and came home happily. We were pinching each other for a reality check and were blushing all the way through.


Returning home, we continued our daily chores. But I could see something was changing in me. I started meditating which I never ever did before, went to Shirdi Sai temple regularly, observed myself and started removing some of the deep rooted habits and most importantly, kept thinking of Mohanji and his teaching all the time. It was as if the person died on 31st December (on the day of meeting) and a new person was born.

Looking back, I can certainly say few things:

  • No matter what you think you are, GRACE will protect you from all calamities
  • With GURU’s touch, all unwanted habits, things and people will vanish
  • With GURU’s blessings, things will happen on its own with little or no effort from you.

For a practical person like me, it would have been very easy for me to discard past life regression or the book or whatever I had spoken to the Doctor as hallucination or the work of mind, but I had FAITH. I trusted this because I firmly believed it was for my good.

Over these years, I have learnt and still learning many things. It goes without saying that I now value the life Father has shown me and most importantly the pressing question of “what’s the purpose of this birth” has been answered. The answer is nothing but “Living this life NOW is the very purpose of our existence” and I am sure with his blessings and guidance, I will continue this journey.

2 Mohanji - If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent and the rent is service

Thank you Father for accepting me as who I am and always showering your abundant blessings and love. Life is beautiful. Thank you for this journey. I humbly pray that I remain a dust at your feet always. That to me is “a life well spent”.

Of Masters and Fragrances

Written by Madhusudan Rajagopalan


As seekers on the spiritual journey, all Masters tell us clearly that the journey is all about looking inward. Yet, we often search for external validation that we are on the right path. On one side, there is faith and the unerring belief that a Guru’s grace is already working on you at multiple levels. But then how does one deal with the analytical mind that raises questions? It is perhaps to quell these doubts that the Masters grant experiences (or miracles, depending on how “unbelievable” a certain event seems) to the mind; clear signs to indicate their presence and their grace.

Mohanji leading the group for the 2nd shahi snan dip in Kumbh Mela, Nashik 2015

Over time, I’ve learnt that experiences are of various types – visions, astral visitations, materializations, unbelievable synchronicities and so on. Since I came under Mohanji’s fold, I’ve had the good fortune of having a few experiences, some of which I’ve shared earlier. Recently, I had one such experience on the night of Mahashivraatri (Feb 24, 2017) and that got me thinking of a pattern of similar experiences earlier.

It was during a satsang that I first learnt that each Master has a unique fragrance. But this is felt only if the Master wants it to be felt or if they are in their subtle form. My first experience of this nature was during the Kumbh Mela in Nashik 2015. After we had finished our dips on the first shahi snan (royal dip), I heard some people say that they suddenly felt a strong smell of vibhuthi (sacred ash) coming from near Mohanji (For one such reference, you can read the following blog post). However, as I went late for my dip after attempting photographer duties, I couldn’t experience this. Sniffing around in the air wouldn’t have been of much use either, so I put it off saying it wasn’t meant for me. But the question nagged me on and off – why wasn’t I given that opportunity?

Mohanji after emerging from the first Shahi snan dip in Kumbh mela, Nashik 2015

When we finished the Kumbh Mela trip, we stopped at Ganeshpuri, on our way back to Mumbai, to visit Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi shrine. While the rest of the group went ahead to Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi and Kailash Bhavan, Mohanji stayed back at the Nath mandir (temple) with Vasudevan Swami. Kailash Bhavan is the house where Bhagwan Nityananda (aka Bade Baba) lived. So usually a visit to Kailash Bhavan involves stops at the various places where Bade Baba used to sit and sleep – his armchair, his place of rest near the staircase, his bathtub and so on. The devotee gets an opportunity to touch and feel the objects that were hallowed by the touch of Bade Baba. The trust maintains this place wonderfully and with the surfeit of photographs, one can literally feel Baba’s presence in the place.

Mohanji and Vasudevan Swami. The altar holds padukas blessed by Bhagwan Nityananda Himself

Opposite the bathtub area, there is a small room where Baba used to sleep. This is usually closed but one can see inside through the slats on the door. As usual, we stopped outside this room and put our head against the door to pray. As soon as I touched the door, I felt my head spinning and a kind of magnetic feeling as if my head was stuck to the door. At the same time, I could feel a strong scent of vibhuthi (sacred ash) and chandan (sandalwood) emanating from inside. I took my head out and tried again and the same thing happened. A few others around us felt the exact same way and we guessed that Mohanji was visiting Bade Baba. Each of us sought confirmation from the other that they felt it too – you see we need so much validation to believe something unexplainable like this, as there was clearly no physical object in that room that was giving out this fragrance, and the door was not metal, neither was my forehead.

We headed back to the Nath mandir (temple) and asked Mohanji if He was indeed visiting. With a twinkle in his eye, He confirmed His presence there and said He didn’t need to physically visit to pay His respects to Baba. He also added that there were a few Masters there, which would explain the strong energy felt by all of us at that door. So now I knew first hand that Masters can sometimes be felt through their fragrance, and that Mohanji’s trademark fragrance was chandan and/or vibhuthi!

Mohanji in the Nath Mandir, Vajreshwari. Seen talking to our group and with Vasudevan Swami in the background

In December 2016, a group of us folks was with Mohanji in Chennai to mark the Jayanthi (birthday) of Baba Ganeshananda Giri – a great saint and disciple of Sai Baba. Babaji had attained mahasamadhi (a saint’s conscious exit from the body) earlier in the year after initiating a grand Sai Baba temple project in Sriperumbudur. He and Mohanji shared a special bond though their first meeting happened only in December 2015 – a mere 4-5 months before Babaji attained mahasamadhi. Babaji’s birthday fell on December 19th. To mark the occasion, a special book – The Boy who walked with Sai Baba – was being released. This book commemorated Babaji’s life with testimonials from various devotees across India.

Natesh singing Om Shree Sai Sharanam Mama
Natesh offering the chant “Om Shri Sai Sharanam Mama” to Babaji’s samadhi

Mohanji was visiting Chennai to release this book and to spend time guiding the trust up by Babaji. On December 18th, once the books arrived in Chennai, we visited Babaji’s samadhi in Sriperumbudur (located at the same site as the temple) to offer our respects and offer the first book to Babaji at his samadhi. We reached the site and first visited Babaji’s kutir (cottage) where he stayed. Then we walked over to his samadhi (final resting spot) and Mohanji offered the book and prayed there. Earlier, Mohanji had asked Natesh Ramsell (a gifted singer from the US who specialises in kirtans) to compose a chant using Babaji’s favourite mantra “Om Sri Sai Sharanam Mama”. Mohanji asked Natesh to offer the chant at Baba’s samadhi.

Books placed at Baba's feet on samadhi
Books and invitation card offered at Baba’s feet on Baba Ganeshananda Giri’s Samadhi

Natesh began singing this chant at the samadhi as all of us stood and absorbed the moment. A group of cows walked over to our location, watched the show and proceeded to walk away in a single line once Natesh finished his song. After this, we performed aarati there and began to leave. On our way out, I decided to do one more pradakshina (circumambulation) of the samadhi. As I was walking near the samadhi, I felt an overpowering fragrance of roses. When the Samadhi for Babaji was being laid out following his mahasamadhi, the procedures required a copper wire to be brought from inside the Samadhi to the top – this was to preserve a direct energetic connection with the saint inhabiting the Samadhi now. This fragrance was felt at the precise spot where the copper wire was protruding out from the Samadhi. Whats more, I could recognise this specific fragrance.

During Babaji’s samadhi ceremony, as part of the ritual preparations before lowering his physical body into the samadhi, I had been blessed to be part of a group that mixed rose essence with special herbs and vibhuti – this was then used to sanctify and fill up the space around Babaji in the “container”. The “container” was then encased in concrete and there is no way that the fragrance could emanate from within the samadhi. Yet, eight months later, the exact same fragrance was being felt by our group at Babaji’s samadhi! Soon, each member of the group came there and felt the intense fragrance at the same spot. As a mark of respect to Babaji, I had done a pradakshina (circumambulation) on our way into the place, and I was sure that the fragrance didn’t exist then. Further, this lasted only for a few minutes and then began to fade away. This could only mean that Babaji was acknowledging the gift of his book and the chant and was blessing us in approval. So here was another confirmation that fragrances appear as signals and markers, if only one is open to recognizing the possibility.

The copper wire marks the spot where fragrance emanated from.JPG
Mohanji offering the book at the samadhi; the copper wire marks the spot where the fragrance was felt

This year, Mahashivratri fell on Feb 24, 2017. This was a day after Mohanji’s birthday and also when the Advanced retreat in Serbia was due to start. I had contemplated going to this retreat but had to drop the idea due to schedule conflicts. Mahashivratri is considered to be an extremely auspicious day for spiritual progress and staying awake through the night with the spine upright is extremely valuable. I was determined to follow this for as long as I could. After a full day’s work, I finally sat down to meditate at around 11pm, starting with listening to Mohanji’s recitation of the Shiva Kavacham.

Earlier that day, I had this urge to begin reading the Sai Satcharitra, so I proceeded to do that soon after the Shiva Kavacham, and then moved onto chanting. Somewhere through this phase, I began to feel the familiar fragrance of sandalwood all around our pooja room. I looked around to see if any incense sticks had been lit but didn’t spot anything; besides it was well past 1am. I continued chanting now aware of the strong fragrance that stayed all through that period. I was up till about 2am, and possibly drifted in to sleep a few times in the middle. I remember looking at the picture of Mohanji in our altar and asking “Are you really here?” and thinking “Is He really smiling? Or am I just dreaming?”

A view of our altar; the sandalwood fragrance engulfed the entire pooja room

I was convinced that Mohanji had visited our pooja room on Mahashivratri – I couldn’t go to the retreat, so He decided to visit us. How cool (and amazing) is that? I was also more willing to trust the experience of fragrance since I had been through this before just a couple of months ago in Chennai. Yet, just to be extra extra sure, I wrote to Mohanji a week or so later about this and He said “I am sandalwood, though I am sometimes celestial floral fragrance. I use options :-)” He also said that several people had experienced this but many dismissed it as imagination to their own loss.

I am sharing this experience more to tell my own self that these experiences were all real. As Mohanji always advises us, the primary audience for one’s experience sharing is our own self – a reminder to the mind that we didn’t imagine it all. Besides, when we share this with a wider group, it may help several others connect their own experiences and strengthen their faith.

As Mohanji once explained in his typical eloquence, grace is like sunshine – always available to all with no differentiation for any being. Whereas doubts are like clouds – they obscure this sunshine; the presence of clouds doesn’t make the sunshine go away neither can it call the sunshine into question, it only makes it harder for us to feel it. Our job as seekers is to just go past the doubts and focus on the sunshine. Our experiences are just a means for us to realize this critical difference and understand that the Guru’s grace is always shining on us, whether we recognise it or not!

I humbly offer this write up at Brahmarishi Mohanji’s lotus feet and pray that my faith and resolve is strengthened by each passing day.


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