2 Years of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2017 (International Yoga Day) we mark our second year of Conscious Walking. This dynamic meditation has proven to be a really powerful tool in our journey towards Liberation. Mohanji who created this meditation for us has blessed us. We have immense gratitude towards our spiritual master for that. We are also grateful to everyone who participated, helped in any way to organize Conscious Walking events or spread the awareness to as many people possible so more can have the blessing that this technique offers.

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique created by Bramarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and has multiple benefits: It is good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life; It helps self control; It reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears; It increases concentration; It increases togetherness and oneness.

Conscious Walking meditations are organized throughout the world having more and more participants. Here you can read some of the testimonials from the participants who shared their experiences from the year that passed. Take a leap of faith and join us to take a walk towards Liberation and Higher Consciousness.


“I started practicing this simple yet powerful technique in June 2015 and have been consistent weekly, so it is exactly 85th week that I practice it without skipping even once, apart from the retreats with Mohanji. What it teaches, trains and allows me to express is consistency, self-discipline and commitment. I simply love it. Not only that it is lovable, but it is also very useful. It has a tremendous effect on the whole being and sets the mental state in such a mode that I function perfectly centered and calm in spite of all circumstances outside, or even inside me, ups and downs. Furthermore, it has a cleansing effect, so often the feeling of letting go, releasing through tears of bliss happens. After that I am sometimes so inspired that I write poems!

Conscious Walking is strengthening my bond to my inner self and increasing my love for myself in its very true sense. I have walked, I walk and I am going to walk consciously in the future, too. This technique is an unavoidable gift.”

– Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

“Throughout the Conscious Walking the body slowly relaxes. Then comes a feeling of freshness and freedom. The mind is sometimes too talkative, but I do not listen to it. In some moments everything disappears except breathing. And in the blessed moments of bursting into love and tears. Blissful effects of meditation remain present sometimes even for days. A lot of gratitude to our Guru on this gift. I thank Bilja who leads us.”

– Predrag Dobrović, Serbia
“Many of us started with meditations at home, when there is peace and silence. In that way it is easier to concentrate on what we are doing. Conscious Walking is a challenge, to be surrounded by others, yet being conscious only of yourself.”

– Spomenka Iskra Dragojevic, Serbia


“Conscious walking enabled me to, easier than ever before, realize my own inner power of healing. It is the biggest blessing for me and a gift of this unique, seemingly simple, but very powerful meditation in movement. When I practice it, it is truly a real chance to relax and connect with my own self, to let go of fears, achieve my inner peace and wellbeing and keep my faith
 in myself, in spite of the challenges of my curious mind which vainly tries to impose its rules of the game. Focusing on the consciousness, breathing and spine in connecting with oneself, brings me to a kind of healing. In the end of Conscious Walking, when I open my eyes and express gratitude, I am filled with the feeling of inner and outer wellbeing.”

– Dejan Stojsic, Serbia 


“Since I have been practicing Conscious Walking, which is more than a year and a half, I have noticed that I more often pay my attention to the spine and breathing through the spine.”

– Stasa Misic, Serbia

“Conscious Walking is a meditation in motion. While you walk in nature, not only that you connect to nature surrounding you, but you are also connecting to yourself. The deeper you go within yourself the more you are in the present moment, in Now.”

– Dragan Vucenovic, Serbia



’’When I started with Conscious Walking for the first time it was unusual, but I immediately liked it. Though it differs in the way it is practised than meditation, it has a similar effect to the one when meditating – the more there are of us, the stronger the effect is. (It is maybe because of an uncomfortable feeling I have when doing it alone, i.e. because of the lack of ’’safe space’’, where I would not be commented or stopped by accidental passers-by.) At the beginning of the walk I first relax, get calm, and my breathing starts to harmonise with the rhythm of the footsteps. I get overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and energy flow through my spine. While I walk, many details are noticed, I start connecting with the environment, feel the vibrations of the nature around us – the snow has silenced the sounds and it was magical to walk in such conditions. Spring brings chattering of the birds, in summer we are caressed by breeze, and autumn is full of the fragrance of humidity, fallen leaves, soil.Then starts a beautiful current of energy through the body, which relaxes it, makes it more conscious. At one moment during the walk I realise I have been repeating a mantra which I was not aware of. I pay attention to the breath and turn the chanting down to silence. A strong urge for meditation arises, which is, the moment I sit after the deep walk, permeating and wonderful.”

– Vesna Stark, Serbia



“Conscious Walking is a very beautiful meditative technique during which I surrender to the energy to operate, while at the same time I am moving and enjoying merging with nature. Very keenly our daughter Natalija joins us, too, which can only benefit her development.”

– Aleksandra Dobrovic, Serbia

“As travel for work and work with various people and energies, often, during the day, especially when tiredness comes, particularly mental tiredness, I start walking consciously for a minute or two. I must admit, I immediately feel better, the tiredness disappears like removed by a hand.”

Izabela Jovovic, Serbia


“Conscious Walking – meditation in movement is an extraordinary technique of connecting with oneself. Personally prefer walking consciously than meditating because it is practiced outdoors in the open, in the natural environment. It positively affects psycho-physical condition, it helps maintaining the state of presence in the present moment and in this way it contributes to the releasing of emotional and other blockages. The feeling of peace and bliss which is achieved with conscious walking is invaluable. Wonderful gift from our Guru!!”

– Ankica Aleksic, Serbia


 “Conscious Walking is a technique I am practicing regularly for the past six months and the feeling is priceless. During the practice of this technique I have experienced a lot of personal transformations on almost every level of my life. Using this technique I have experienced a lot of benefits, some of them are: Peace, Calmness, Stability, Empathy, Happiness, Positive energy, a feeling of Bliss and internal Purity, as well as a high state of Concentration. I wholeheartedly recommend this technique to all who are working on themself.

– Goran, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking for me is more than just a meditation. It is a way to centre myself within, become more spine orientated and be more ware of this mind and all the experiences which happen through me. I always feel extremely peaceful, joyful and energised after Conscious Walking which lasts for a long time afterwards too.  

It also makes me more aware of Mohanji. As Mohanji says – He is always with us. This meditation really does make me more aware of this fact and makes me feel more connected to His consciousness. With this awareness I feel more love flowing through me to all beings of the universe. Conscious Walking truly is a beautiful and powerful gift which elevates one to higher levels of consciousness and the feeling of oneness. Keep walking!”

– Warren, South Africa


“CW brings me instantly to present moment and I often feel expanded and one with all.
It is very calming.
 Such a simple but powerful technique! I often feel connected to Earth and how alive it is. It has brought so much more awareness to me. So many blockages have left me during CW as well.”

– Milica Bulatovic, South Africa


“Conscious walking is a beautiful technique. So natural. Walking is a natural thing for humans. It’s not boring, it’s dynamic and in that position I enter in deep peace. By bringing awareness to my spine I enter a powerful state. When I walk I feel everything around me in peace, like in mother’s womb.

I think it is good to exercise how to drive through earth life in the state on higher consciousness, not escaping anything, but facing each moment in daily life. I love Conscious walking a lot.“

– Dejan Jovanovic, Croatia


“I practice Conscious Walking for almost year and a half so far. Conscious Walking always brings me back to a quite state of being. As I gradually become aware of the gaps between breathing in and breathing out the breathing itself becomes slower, the gaps become longer and a wonderful state of peace and quite set in.
I feel energized and light.”

– Kristina Jelavic, Croatia


“I began practicing Conscious Walking two months ago and liked it right away. Since I have started I feel the joy of life again, I have more positive energy and I can cope with everyday problems much easier. I like it because it’s a dynamic meditation technique that doesn’t require long sitting posture. I would recommend it to everyone because it’s both dynamic and easy and the results are the same as after deep meditation.”

– Ivana Surya, Croatia
“I felt every pebble stone under my feet, birds singing and wave ripples which fascinated me. I felt wonderful. After Conscious Walking I got the Mohanji Healing and I saw green and yellow color while my eyes were closed.”

– Mirjana, Croatia


“I have been practicing the meditation Conscious Walking for one year. Within this period I felt inner calm and peace like never before. This meditation has continuous effects which can be felt for days after meditating with the focus leading towards the inner self. I feel balance and increased concentration during everyday activities. I recommend this meditation to everyone no matter the age.”

– Mohana Guru Priya, Macedonia


“I practice the technique Conscious Walking from its very beginnings, and that is since an year and an half ago, each week without stopping. I feel great benefits from it. Some of the effects which I experience from the meditation are stability, higher awareness for the inner processes, deep peace, higher energy and personal will power. The echnique is irreplacable, and very simple to learn. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone.”

– Mohana Hanumatananda, Macedonia



“Consciousness Walking helps me focus within my inner consciousness and helps me feel my inner space. I can feel going deeper and deeper within myself. After every Consciousness Walking I have a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, safety and fullness.”

– Ekaterina, Macedonia


“I practice this technique for 9 months and would like to recommend it to everyone because there is a cleansing on all levels, I felt big difference in my body posture and my back become straight . There are a lot of benefits like cleansing the inner space, higher energy level, deeper inner peace and a good opportunity to be in nature with wonderful people.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska, Macedonia

“Because conscious walking is a different meditation than the classic one.
It is dynamic and I prefer movement. In a relative short time my energy circulation increases into a pretty high level, that make me feel free, light, happy and quite powerful.”

– Bobi, Macedonia



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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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