Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “Protection through Mohanji’s eye card”

In the 9th and last story in Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8, we share a lovely experience narrated by  Ishrat from London on the power of Mohanji’s eye card. Looking at the eye card, connects us to Mohanji’s Consciousness ensuring a ring of protection that safeguards us from the simplest to the most complex situations in everyday life. This story is yet another true example of Mohanji’s presence without presence.

Protection through Mohanji’s eye card

by Ishrat, London

I came in connection with Mohanji not too long ago, just about 3 months back. However, in this short span of time I have become aware of the energy and power of Mohanji through various experiences that have happened since then, through inidividual Mai-Tri session, through group Mai-Tri session, through Power of Purity Meditations, etc.

Around the second week of February 2019, I came for a Mai-Tri Healing session with Subhasree in London. During the session, I heard about Mohanji for the first time. The experience from the healing session took me to a different level of connection and in my heart I became aware of such a powerful master as Mohanji. It was a blessing that I even received Mohanji’s eye card from Subhasree, who said by keeping this card with me I will constantly receive Mohanji’s protection as a shield. I gladly accepted it. I was even so lucky to receive the book ‘Guru Leela’, which had just been published at that time. After the powerful Mai-Tri session, I had returned home with the Guru Leela book and the eye card.  I somehow felt that I should keep Mohanji’s eye card in my car, so that Mohanji’s eyes will always be on me and I will keep receiving his protection.

This faith was proven to be true very soon. Let me tell you this unbelievable but true experience.

On Friday 17th May, I was on my way to a dinner invite and was driving on the M25 (a highway in UK).  On the passenger seat were several items I was taking with me. I keep Mohanji’s Eye Card in my car and always give a quick glance of gratitude, before I begin driving every day.

eye card

That particular day it was a ‘bumper to bumper’ situation on the motorway with only moments of less traffic as I passed some junctions; so it was quite an unpredictable drive.

Anyhow, for some reason, and just for mini seconds, I turned my gaze to the side and before I could even take my next breath, I’d hit the van in front of me.  Every item on the passenger seat were flung on to the floor on the car. It was such a loud bang that the cars behind me began indicating to leave the lane, thinking that the accident was going to cause long delays.

The man came out of his van and approached me, animated with anger. As I opened my car door to communicate, words failed me and I just looked at him. For some unknown reason, his demeanour completely changed suddenly.  He looked at my face and into the car and politely asked me if I was okay. He requested me to come out and see if my car was alright. I was 110% sure there would be a dent in his van as well as in mine.  I was stunned and words failed me initially. As soon as I could resume dialogue, it transpired there was not a single scratch on his van!  It was very surprising considering the force of the impact. I was in a state of shock and was eager to leave the place as quickly as possible. After checking if I was okay, he was happy to drive off. On reaching my destination, I checked my car. Astonishingly there was no damage to my car either.

The whole episode took me by surprise. The fact that the driver of the van who was initially very angry became very calm all of a sudden. Within moments, the driver’s expression and body language changed from anger to calmness. More over, there was not even a dent in either of our vehicles in spite of the loud collision. This was strange, no less than a miracle, to be honest.

On introspection, I realised it was the Mohanji’s eye card that I look at each day before driving that saved me that day. I understood then that it was the Grace and protection of Mohanji that ensured my safety with not a scratch on my car or the van which I had hit.  It was indeed a miracle.

The unseen hands of the Master protects us eternally. All  that I did was just look at Mohanji’s  eye card and this was the result. Amazing protection from a great Master!

Before I end my story, I would also like to share that after this incident, just a day after, in the weekend I happened to join a Group Mai-Tri session, where all the Mai-Tri practitioners were present and doing the sessions at one place together. I found this session to be incredible powerful. With multiple Mai-Tri practitioners connecting to Mohanji’s energy all at one physical location, had raised the frequency and level of energy in that room. Just by sitting there, I felt the therapeutic energy running through me at so many levels. I even experienced many sensations – tingling, waves, colours and above all immense peace and relaxation.

This was beyond my comprehension. I would like to express my gratitude to have received such amazing opportunities in experiencing the power and energy of Mohanji.

Thank you Mohanji for showering me with your grace!

mohanji protection


Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 31st May 2019


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