Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8  brings to you another beautiful story about the Guru. Meeta Sahai recounts her experiences of meeting Mohanji and the experiences that led her to consider Him to be her Guru. She then realised that this connection was older and deeper than she could ever imagine!

A connection through time

By Meeta Sahai, India

I first got to know about Mohanji when I read one of His interviews in “The Speaking Tree”. I’m not sure why, but the interview stayed with me.

In 2016, I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. That is when I decided to start meditating, to give me some peace of mind. I went online and I found the Power of Purity (PoP) meditation by Mohanji. I started doing PoP every day and read a lot of blogs by Mohanji. I also got in touch with one of Mohanji’s followers in my city and attended a few meditation sessions at her place.

It became that my day would begin and end thinking of Mohanji. I desperately wanted to meet Him. In 2017, Mohanji came to Mumbai in June, and I was invited for the retreat with Him. I met Him for the first time and He asked me to stay connected with His close followers in the city.

I attended another satsang with Mohanji in August 2017. In January 2018, I was initiated into Kriya, together with my husband. Each time I met Mohanji, I just felt happy and loved. The same year, encouraged by Preethi, my husband and I decided to visit Bosnia for the Kriya Intensive programme. At that time, it felt more of a holiday for us!

We first had a satsang in Zagreb, in Croatia before leaving for Bosnia. When Mohanji came to meet us after the satsang, everyone touched His feet but I could not bring myself to do the same. I loved and admired Mohanji but there was still a slight hesitation in my mind.

On the second day of our Bosnian pilgrimage, we climbed the Pyramid of Moon, where Mohanji and Deviji took us through certain breathing exercises and meditation. The Pyramid of Moon, I was told, was a female energy centre. While doing the meditation, I became aware of the form of Kali and Durga (manifestations of Shakti or the female energy) standing in front of me! I was completely overwhelmed and started to cry, something I rarely do. I felt a great burden being lifted from me, and I could clearly understand the greatness of Mohanji who appeared and behaved like an ordinary man in front of us.

When the meditation was over, I went looking around for Mohanji who was standing at a distance. I fell at His feet crying. All barriers were broken at that moment when I realized I have found my Guru. Mohanji picked me up lovingly and blessed me. From that moment on, I felt a deep connection with Him.

mohanji CK

Back from Bosnia, I wondered how it was possible for me to have such a Master in my life! I got my answer when I met Devi Amma, who told me that I had a very long-standing connection with Mohanji. She told me that in one of my past lives, I had been one of those present when Agastya Rishi’s wife Lopamudra, had distributed prasad (sanctified devotional offering) to all those who were present! I believe that it is a result of that blessing and going through lots of pain in subsequent lives, that I have been able to meet my Guru in this Life!



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  1. Dear Meeta, when I met Devi amma she said only people who got prasad in Satyuga from Devi herself are eligible to come to her ashram and receive the prasad from her hands 🙌🙏🏼
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

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