Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “Heart to Heart”

“I love you and I am with you. I wish through your dedication, consistency, commitment, conviction and continuity in action, you will not only touch the lives of many beings positively but also walk the path of liberation with firm unshakeable determination. Live liberated through acceptance and service. Leave liberated through devotion and surrender.” Mohanji

Mohanji’s beautiful message is a reminder for all of us to love and serve with selflessness and gratitude. Dr. Wasir shares with us how a day in his busy life as a heart surgeon changed unexpectedly and what experiences he had. With Mohanji’s grace, he serves with increasing awareness and clarity. Love unites us all, beyond any external factors. Enjoy this sharing and read similar stories in Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8.

Heart to Heart

By Dr. Harpreet Wasir

The operating list for the next day was out the previous night and I was to operate on an elderly lady with heart disease. The next morning at 6 am, I reached the Intensive Care Unit well prepared, only to realise that the case had been changed due to an emergency. I came to know that I was now to operate on a young gentleman who had recently suffered a heart attack. Not just that, I also found out that he was a tourist from Korea who had developed chest pain and had reached our Emergency Unit.  Investigations and diagnosis revealed that he required immediate surgery.

Suddenly everything had changed!

From an Indian to a Korean.

From a regular operation to an emergency operation.

From an elderly patient to a young patient.

It was 7 am and the patient was on the table ready for the surgery. As always, I took some time out in a secluded place before the surgery and holding my hands, prayed to Mohanji, “These are your hands. Guide my hands to deliver ‘You’ to all you send to me.” More so as this patient was not on my list and it was His divine will as always.

I entered the operation theater with clarity of thought yet conscious of having an international Korean patient before me.  I started the surgery with clear and proper planning. Once the main part of the operation was over, something strange took over the thoughts in my mind as I was looking at the beating heart in my hands. I immediately felt so much love for the heart which was beating in my hands. Then the thought came to me that throughout the surgery it never occurred to me that I was operating on a Korean international patient. On seeing the heart, I felt that it looked no different from any other heart I operate upon daily.  All are the same bearing absolutely no difference.

Heart surgery
A heart surgery in progress

The important point was how we as intellectual humans have divided humans based on caste, creed, race, religions, communities, countries and colour, being totally unaware of the fact that from inside we are all the same. We share the same colour of blood and have the same beautiful organs gifted by God, without any distinction at all. We have the same common faculty of LOVE within us, without any discrimination.

It’s only by the Guru’s grace that this Mohanji family stands as one with the common factor of ‘Love within all, and all for, and within love.’

Heart and mind

Simply speaking, an English heart looks, feels and beats the same as an Asian, American or any other Continental heart. The hug to the Korean brother felt the same as a hug to anyone else. That is the main teaching of Mohanji for me and to all of us. We are all the same and we share the same faculty of love for all. The feeling was one of love as I served the Korean brother, just like one of us.

All I can say is that it is entirely Mohanji’s grace, which keeps transforming minds until we all reach liberation, giving us absolute solace for our souls. He’s always there for all of us, holding our hands and helping us to HEAL BEYOND BOUNDARIES!

Dr Wasir

“I am always with you. Whenever you are serving the world, you are serving me. We are the world. Remain the soothing breeze over the scorching existentialist pains of generations. Your highest and greatest message is your own life. Script a great life ahead through meaningful existence of selflessness, sacrifice and service. A life lived selfishly, complaining, criticising, judging and not accepting oneself and others are not worth it at all. Lead by example. Create a better society, rooted in compassion, kindness, love and care. I am always with you. I have always been. I will always be. Be practical. Be spiritual. Be natural. Be you. You are your highest message.” Mohanji

Mohanji smiling


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