Guru Tatwa in my life

by Jyoti Bahl, India

Life is a journey bestowed upon us to have experience, realise the power of nature around us and keep moving forward till destined. And when a guru comes into your life and works silently, transformation happens. The guru guides and helps us discover the potentialities he has already realised. When I think of the difficult times I was going through, a hand was suddenly offered for support. And as I held it firmly, Mohanji, my guru, has always been there with me. 

I want to share my journey with Mohanji, the events, the miracles, the transformation within me and how my faith became stronger in Sai Baba and Mohanji. I sing my praises to them for always being there for me, my family, and my whole lineage. Here I am sharing a few experiences that have completely changed the course of my life. I did not realise it when it was happening. But now, when I think about it, it shows the loving and supporting hand of the guru. It may guide you in your journey.

My mother-in-law was bedridden for five years from 2011. It was tough for her to leave her body and release herself as she still carried unfulfilled desires. We requested Mohanji, and he helped her transition from one world to another. My mother-in-law was the Trade Commissioner’s daughter, having enjoyed life’s great luxuries and travelled a lot. Though she had a good life, she still carried many unfulfilled desires that bound her to this world. 

Before I met Mohanji, I had no idea that this body is to fulfil desires, and if they are not fulfilled, the exit from the body becomes difficult, and you cling to it and suffer a lot in the last moments.

Mohanji helped her and guided us. When her last moment came, Mohanji asked me to continuously chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra for three hours. She was unconscious, lying on the bed, and I kept chanting for three hours, and we saw her taking her last breath. Her last rites were performed according to the Sikh religion, and we had ‘Akhand Path’ (the non-stop continuous reading of the Guru Granth Sahib – a religious text – from beginning to end) at our place. 

Many miracles were happening. I had already applied for Consciousness Kriya. Mohanji was in Delhi. He was guiding me. The Consciousness Kriya training was on 28th July. And my mother-in-law expired on 26th July. Deep in my heart, I strongly wanted to receive the initiation for Consciousness Kriya from Mohanji. I surrendered everything at his lotus feet. We had the reading at our house in memory of my mother-in-law. The reading of the religious text was scheduled for 5 pm on 28th July. We had many guests at home. My husband asked me to attend the Kriya initiation. He said he would take care of everything. I still believe it was Sai kripa, Mohanji’s miracle, that I attended and received Consciousness Kriya’s initiation from our beloved Guru Mohanji. And I was back home on time for the reading and blog (prasad).

I was blessed and soaked in Baba’s grace for making the impossible possible. I started practising Consciousness Kriya consistently. And once a week, Sai Parivar and Mohanji family visited my place for bhajans and meditation. 

My mother-in-law, who left her body, still had some unfulfilled desires. She used to come into my dreams often. I felt there was something still left unfulfilled. I wanted to help her but couldn’t. I only used to pray to Sai Baba and Mohanji, surrendering fully at their lotus feet. I knew they would take care of my family.

It so happened that Nikita, my friend for years, living in Gurgaon, called me in September 2018 and said that Mohanji would conduct a Homa himself at Rishikesh, where a Retreat with Mohanji was scheduled. She mentioned this was a rare opportunity, with Mohanji conducting a Homa himself. And she suggested that we go together to Rishikesh for Homa. I had no idea about the Homa. But when I realised that Mohanji was going to conduct the Homa himself, I made up my mind to go. 

We arranged in a week and were at Rishikesh for Homa. We participated in the Homa. Before Mohanji started the Homa, he explained that this is not only for those who are present but for the lineage, our ancestors and our coming generations and how it will help each of us. Then it dawned upon me why I was there for the Homa.

The Homa started. Mantras were chanted, and we felt the presence of Guru Mandala and different deities who came to receive annuities (offerings). Mohanji looked so powerful and intense. Each of us was given a coconut to keep near our heart centre and offer it to the fire where devas come to receive it. With this offering, cleansing happened at various levels for various devotees. Lord Datta’s presence was felt by many. It was a strong mystical atmosphere. After the Homa, my whole lineage benefited, especially my mother-in-law.

After a month or so, Arunachala happened. On the way to Rishikesh, Sakshi asked me if I was going to Arunachala – the Kailash of South. With family responsibilities, I knew I couldn’t go on a Kailash trip; I decided to go to Arunachala.

The auspicious day came in October, just a month after my trip to Rishikesh. Things worked very smoothly. On the home front, everyone was ready to help me with my journey and share responsibilities in my absence. Going to Arunachala was a miracle. After returning from the trip, I realised why it happened—all the divine plays of Sai Baba and Mohanji. 

I was looking forward to reaching Arunachala in the presence of my Guru Mohanji. I soon learnt that there is an Inner Kora parikrama similar to the one in Kailash yatra – an arduous trek. And it came to my mind if I would be lucky enough to be part of it. The guru listens to your thoughts and fulfils them. 

We reached Arunachala and waited for Mohanji ‘s arrival. Mohanji arrived, looked at us and said, “All present here, be ready for Inner Kora parikrama on Monday.” We were thrilled to hear this. My ultimate wish was to be fulfilled. Later in the evening, we learned that it was shifted to Tuesday. I wondered why it was shifted from Monday to Tuesday, a day devoted to Shiva. When I asked, I was told Tuesday was a no-moon day (Amavasya) to pray for our ancestors. The pitru pooja of 14 days was going on. And Amavasya was the last day of pitru pooja and shraad (rituals) for all our ancestors whom we know or don’t know.

When you are with Mohanji, each day is blessed, and you are on a different level. The guru amazes you with his leela. On Monday, we visited Pawan Sut’s (a saint) place. The saint is no more in his physical body. A lady saint looks after the temple. When we reached the temple, we were welcomed by her. She explained about her guru.

While she was explaining about her guru, my eyes were fixed on the lotus feet of my Guru, Mohanji. There was an eternal tune going on in my heart. And there was a deep urge to ask Mohanji a mantra for sadhana. When we returned to our centre, and I found Mohanji sitting on a chair relaxing, I could not stop myself. I went to Mohanji and prayed to him to give me a sadhana mantra to be on the path. Mohanji asked Rajesh Kamath to write a particular mantra and give it to me. I felt blessed and happy. I went to my room and started chanting it.

Finally, it was Tuesday early morning when we were asked to get ready very early as the parikrama of Inner Kora was to begin by 4.30 am. We got ready and reached the starting point. It was pitch dark. Nothing was visible. I could see the dense forest around the path with the phone’s light. I got scared; maybe there were wild animals around. And when you are scared, you start chanting. And I realised that I was chanting the mantra Mohanji had given me the previous day. I kept chanting the mantra all through my parikrama. And while I was chanting, I could hear someone chanting, “Om Namaha Shivaya – Shivaya Namaha Om”. 

All through the Inner Kora parikrama, I was in a trance. The sunrise I saw that morning was so beautiful that no words could describe it. It was a heavenly feel, and slowly Arunachala appeared amidst the sun’s rays. I bowed down several times to Arunachala and was in tears.

The vision of Arunachala brought deep gratitude in me to my guru. Without the grace of Mohanji, this journey to the Inner Kora would not have been possible. The chanting of the mantra was deepening, and many more things were happening around me. A lady started walking along with me. And slowly, she started explaining various saints around the parikrama who were meditating in their subtle forms. They were not visible to my naked eye. But I could feel their presence as she explained, and with full humility, I bowed down to them and asked for blessings. 

On the way, there came a small spring. The water was as sweet as nectar and gave us the strength to keep walking. I completed the 15km Inner Kora parikrama. My eyes were filled with tears of gratitude. I couldn’t believe that I had done it. Then someone senior in the group mentioned Ramana Maharshi’s cave in the hills where people go and meditate. I wanted to go there. There was a separate path, and it was difficult. I kept my intention of visiting the Ramana Maharshi cave. And I started towards the centre. My only wish was to go and bow down at the feet of Mohanji, who gave me the strength to achieve this and fulfil my desire to visit Ramana Maharishi’s cave also.

We came back and found Mohanji waiting for us all. I ran up to him and prostrated at his feet. My tears were flowing. I got up and hugged Mohanji. To my amazement, Mohanji told me everything that had happened during the parikrama. Then realisation dawned upon me that the mantra I was chanting connected me to the Consciousness of Mohanji and Om Namaha Shivaya -Shivya Namaha Om was chanted by Mohanji. He was walking with me all through.

I was sitting with Mohanji when my son Shivendra called and said, “Mumma, I must share something with you. Today at 4.45 am, I saw you performing the aarti of Mohanji (the exact time we started our parikrama of Inner Kora) on the ground floor of our house.” He was sleeping on the first floor in his bedroom. He saw his Dadi coming inside the room and pressing his neck. He cried for help. Shivender said that he could see that when I heard him crying for help, I left the aarti plate and ran upstairs crying for Mohanji and asking Mohanji to help. 

Shivinder said, “When you entered the room, Mohanji was with you. Mohanji held Dadi and pressed her third eye at the wall of our house’s altar, and she merged into the wall.” And since then, my son and I have not seen her in dreams. Mohanji has taken care of her in his divine grace forever. Then I realised why Mohanji had shifted the parikrama from Monday to Tuesday, the last day of the Pitru Paksha so that all the grace we earn could pass on to our ancestors and they could be released from all the bondages.

Later that day, Mohanji asked me to go and visit Ramana Maharshi’s cave. He fulfilled this wish of mine also. It was a very powerful cave where we went and meditated for some time.

I returned home in November much lighter and soaked in the grace of Baba and Mohanji.

In December, my clairvoyant neighbour shared some things that gave me clarity. She spoke about the rough phase I had been going through since January 2018. My mother-in-law used to come in my dreams – sometimes blessing and sometimes asking for something I could not understand. She mentioned that a great Master protected my family from the ancestors hovering around with unfulfilled wishes. By showing her pictures of Mohanji, Sai Baba and Mahavtar Babaji, she identified the master as Mahavtar Babaji. Some past life karma must have brought Babaji, Sai and Mohanji into my life. Now I know Babaji, Sai, and Mohanji had cleared up our lineage and merged them in their divine light.

First, Homa at Rishikesh and then Arunachala – all these happened to clear our lineage. The divine play with a much higher purpose beyond our thoughts had taken place. Deep gratitude dawned on me for Babaji, Sai and Mohanji.

The guru plays a very important role in our lives. Guru is supreme consciousness. We should follow their teachings and guidance. They know what we need and much more. They cut short our karma. Since Mohanji came into my life, I have been sincerely into seva and singing. I sing the praise of my guru. When guru happens, dark clouds fade, and divine light fills up.

Guru is not a body but consciousness. In my case, “Baba” is who I always look upon; I listen to my soul and go with my experiences. Sai and Mohanji have showered me with many blessings. When everyone abandoned me, they only stood by me, protected and guided me. Guru Tatwa gave me the purpose of life and music. Singing is my passion, puja, aradhana, and prayers to the Lord. Ma Mukambika, Babaji, Sai Baba and Mohanji always hold my hand and guide me. There is no other place for me to go. 

My pranams at the lotus feet of Mohanji!


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