When Soul Meets Source

By Meghan Rose, USA

On March 4th, I landed in Bengaluru, India, for the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga Training. It was my first time out of the USA. I traveled with a classmate and arrived in India with a fresh mind, as I had not googled much about India before. I didn’t even know what it would look like! I wanted to be surprised. When I stepped foot out of the airport, It was after midnight. We got into a cab, and I was mesmerized by how everything looked. To my surprise, I did not feel I was in a foreign place at all. In fact, I have felt more foreign in places in the USA than I have in India.

During the cab ride, I couldn’t get my mind off Mohanji. Knowing he was in the same city as me, I began really yearning to be around him. I started to tell my friend in the cab about how recently I really wished to hear Mohanji’s voice. You know that feeling when you just wish to hear a loved one’s voice. It was like that. I longed to receive a voice message from Mohanji saying I love you.

A couple of days after this yearning, I was doing the Power of Purity meditation with headphones in my ears. A few minutes into the meditation, my body got extremely hot to the point I felt I should take my shirt off! Suddenly Mohanji’s voice did not feel like a recording anymore. I could feel him speaking deeply into my ears! I knew then that Mohanji had fulfilled my desire in an unexpected way.

When I told my friend of this, I got the idea to send Mohanji a voice message myself. I was hesitant as I had heard some doubts of others before. They were scared to message Mohanji. But I told myself that I should conquer this fear and tell him I am thinking of him and I love him. What is there to lose? The only thing I could gain was regret if I did not take this chance. So I sent him a message a couple of hours later.

The yoga training commenced, and I was wondering if I was going to get a chance to see Mohanji. Four days after the training, we were told we would take the evening off and see him. I was so excited and crying! I had only seen Mohanji in person once before and went to his ashram with no expectations. When I arrived in front of the house, I could not feel my legs! I took my shoes off, and the moment I went inside and saw him, my soul took over.

All my moves were automatic, flowing. I kneeled at his feet and held his hands as if they were a magnet for mine. We were smiling at each other like little kids, and I told him I loved him. He said it back! He must have known I wanted to see his altar because he then told me to take a look at it. We sat down with a group of people, and a satsang commenced. I waited patiently for my turn to speak. I had a lot of courage this time around. When I was speaking with him, I could not take my eyes off him. I was sweating a lot but not uncomfortable.

Between him speaking with others, he would turn to look and smile at me, and my heart would burst with happiness! It was amazing. We took a break, and it was time to eat. Even him asking if I was hungry and showing me where the bathroom was something I can’t explain in words. I felt extremely loved and cared for, more than I ever had felt in my life. This was different. It did not feel like the type of love you receive from a family member, friend, or anything.

After the satsang, he offered to take some photos. He must have known I wanted one because he just called me to him. I put my arm around him, and again my soul took over! I immediately kissed his chest and possibly his cheek. At one point, I was facing one way, and he stood next to me facing the other way. I looked down at his hand and felt the magnetism. I held it, and it felt like the most romantic moment of my life. Not like the typical relationship romance, but really pure.

Soon it was time to leave, and he stood in front of me, looking down at me and smiling. All I could say was I love you very much. He told me he was with me and blessed me. We left, and I was totally blissed out. I shared my feelings with everyone in the group, and I did not want to stop thinking about it. I started yearning for more time with him. I wasn’t sure when he would leave the body, and I just wanted to be able to experience living with him.

My friends assured me that I would get my chance, but still, I was yearning for it. The yoga training finished, and I badly wanted to go back to India. So I booked another flight and a longer stay in Bengaluru. Some time had passed, and one night I was telling my dad how badly I wanted to be around Mohanji again. But I wasn’t sure; would he want me around just cause I wanted to be with him? Would it require me to do some work?

The next morning, I received a reply from Mohanji about my voice message! He told me he would possibly be in the USA soon, and I told him I would like to come be with him. But I knew I would be back in Bengaluru in April, so this was my chance. I told him I would be in Bengaluru again and that I would like to see him. He told me I was welcome anywhere and everywhere with him. Then he told me I was his family. I knew he had heard my thoughts and was answering a really sincere call of mine.

A week after landing in Bengaluru again, I arrived at Mohanji’s place. One night, we spoke privately, and I told him about my thoughts on wanting to see him. He told me that he received them and confirmed he had answered my request! I also shared how magnetic it felt to be around him back in March, and he was smiling. He told me that is what happens when the soul meets the source. The reason why I share these things is because 1. I wish to express how amazing it felt to have my soul take over around Mohanji in March and 2. In case other people are sharing their doubts on whether or not to speak to Mohanji, not being sure if they should see Mohanji… if YOU want to, you should take that chance!

It is really now or never, and we don’t know how wonderful it can turn out! I could have missed such wonderful experiences and opportunities if I listened to other people’s fear of speaking to him. Our experiences can be very different from others. What is there to fear? Whatever he would tell us would be for our own benefit because he really loves us! Take the chance; give your heart out. Love consciousness! 


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