Meeting Mohanji

By Susan Ponce, Peru

I didn’t know anything about Mohanji. I was just a Peruvian woman with many issues, living in a cosmopolitan city where people were rushing and trying to work hard to earn money each day to survive in this chaos.

I met a new partner at work. I am a teacher, so it was a new teacher at school. We started to talk, and we became good friends. Suddenly, she told me she was going on a pilgrimage to Croatia. By the way, she is Croatian and so interested in spirituality, and so am I. When she came back from Croatia, I noticed a change in her. She was more centred and excited because she decided to help the Mohanji Foundation and establish Mohanji Peru here. She told me about Mohanji.

In India, there are lots of people who are called Gurus. I didn’t understand how this works there. Being a Catholic, I know about Jesus, Mary, saints, angels etc., but I love to learn about other cultures.

Well, my friend asked me for help with Mohanji’s quotes. She told me to work on the Spanish translation. At first, they were just sentences, and I translated them. As time passed, I realised that the meaning of these texts was very powerful. I felt good when I read them. They made me think about my life. It was challenging for us to convey the same intention and meaning as the one in English.

Earlier, I used to meditate from youtube videos. 5 or 10 minutes of meditation, and I also went to some Buddhist meditations a couple of times and felt relaxed. Meditations helped me to de-stress.

Meanwhile, Mirela, my friend, started with the meditations. The day arrived, and Mirela invited some people to her house for Mohanji’s meditation. It was the Power of Purity meditation – the first time I was doing it.

During the meditation, I felt electricity in my whole body. The moment Mohanji said something about looking at yourself in 360 degrees, I saw myself outside the body and looking at my body, sitting down with my eyes closed. I could also see the rest of the group; I could sense that they wanted to get out of their bodies to see themselves but couldn’t. I felt so light and free. I could float around and go to the window. But I started thinking about what if I went and could not come back, so I came back into my body. I felt dizzy. I thought my imagination was incredible because I felt it was real.

As time passed, Mirela became an Acharya and Mohanji told her he would like to come to Peru. I was so excited. He was behind the beautiful quotes and created these wonderful meditations. By the way, I am very sensitive to energy, and I had many expectations about the day I met him. The day came.

Mirela invited me to have lunch with Mohanji, Devi and George. I was so excited and full of expectations. When I met him, I started to laugh; I was so nervous. But I couldn’t feel anything – no special energy or something that I could feel about him. He appeared as a simple man having lunch, but I could feel George’s energy. It was so intense, different from other people’s energy that I had felt before.

We made a short tour around Lima. I was driving, and Mohanji sat next to me. In Peru, traffic jams are terrible, and people do not respect any law. Suddenly I heard Mohanji’s voice telling me to look at an old lady in the corner, so I stopped, and the old lady crossed the street. Some blocks later, he told me again about a woman with a baby. So, I stopped again, and the woman carrying a baby crossed the street. But something was interesting about this situation. Mirela told me that Mohanji never spoke out loud. He was in silence next to me. I couldn’t see him while driving, but I heard his voice. I could hear his voice clearly while the others couldn’t!

The next day, there was a satsang with Mohanji. It was very nice; Mohaji spoke in simple words. I loved the satsang. After that, we meditated, and he decided to do energy transfer. During the meditation, something happened again. A new sensation came onto me. I went out of my body and flew or floated pretty fast until I got through outer space. There was Mohanji. He told me, without moving his lips, “What are you waiting for?” I was so confused. I was waiting for what? I really didn’t know. At the end of the ceremony, we could hug him. I could feel his love; he was pure love, like a Father with his child. It was the first time I felt him.

Soon, Mohanji left Lima, and after he left, some strange things happened to me. I was happy. I was smiling for no reason. I went to buy some stuff at a store. I used to walk because it was near my house. While I was walking, a stranger’s dog ran up to me. I had never seen it before; the dog was so happy being with me. I patted him, talked to the owner and continued on my way. I reached the store, and suddenly another dog appeared. It seemed lost and walked around the whole store. It sat down next to me. The seller told me that dogs were not allowed and that I had to take my dog outside. But it wasn’t my dog. So I decided to go out with the dog. Nobody was there. The dog ran away and disappeared from my sight. I felt the dogs came to me because they could sense a positive or kind energy in me, a shift that happened after meeting Mohanji.

The same day I went to visit my mom at the hospital; she was sick and stayed at the hospital for a long period. While walking, I started to look at the flowers; I could feel their energy. It was a fantastic experience.

At the hospital, there was a group of monks. They were from the Saint Francis congregation. I had to pass where they were standing. When I was near the group, I could feel one of them spreading a unique, nice, calm energy. I believe he realised I could feel his energy because he turned around and stared at me. I walked by quickly and started to look the other way.

Later, I went home and decided to do some research about Saint Francis. I only knew that he loved animals and that he lived in Asis, a small town in Italy. The next day, Mirela told me Mohanji was in Italy, Asis, in a special meeting. I couldn’t believe it. Was it a coincidence? But there were a lot of coincidences happening.

I was starting to realise that there was a connection between Mohanji and me. Was it only my imagination?

Spanish Quote

I continued with the Spanish translations and meditations. Sometimes Mohanji appeared during the meditations. I could feel his energy, and I had some visualisations. Most of them were in outer space. During these years of practice of Mohanji’s meditations, I thought he was training me to do something I had never imagined could be real or could be able to do.

He taught me how to float in outer space. He showed me that we could transport ourselves in a bubble. By just thinking about it, the energy bubble appears surrounding you. It helps you to move from one place to another in space. It could also help you move from one place to another on Earth.

Then he taught me how to control my energy; how to focus my energy in different places. I can guide my energy through planet Earth, the moon, and the whole solar system. He never used to talk. He only pointed, and I already knew what he was teaching me. But he would always laugh. He got happy with every new step I took.

One day, he pointed to the sun. He wanted me to get into the sun. I had some doubts because I thought I could get burnt, but he gave me confidence, and I did it. When I came back, I was shining brighter. I felt full of light. I sent this energy to Earth, but he told me to be careful.

Another day, I realised that we were not alone in outer space. There were other energy bubbles. There were few, all of them near planet Earth, just like us. At that moment, I didn’t realise what it was all about. But later, more and more bubbles appeared. These bubbles were standing around planet Earth; they looked like a pearl necklace. On each bubble was a person. Mohanji was the one leading this group. He told us to raise both hands and put our palms looking at planet Earth. We started to send energy to the planet. It was a beautiful bright energy. This situation would sometimes be repeated – a group of people around Earth send energy to it.

One night I dreamt that Mohanji, Devi and I were sitting on a high building looking at planet Earth. Mohanij looked concerned and worried, looking at the planet. Devi was pointing to some parts of the Earth; there were black holes or black lava in some parts of the planet Earth. They were showing this to me. They need more people to continue sending energy to the Earth.

This was a special occasion. We were around planet Earth and started to send energy, but suddenly Mohanji told us to do something new. He told us to hold each other’s hands. I thought: But how can we still send energy if we hold hands?

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What happened next was awesome. The energy started to spread from our hearts to planet Earth. It was such intense energy. Higher than before. I was crying in my physical body. The love energy was purifying the Earth and ourselves. I felt so grateful and blessed to be part of this.

It is not only planet Earth that needs to increase its energy levels; it is the whole solar system. Mohanji was trying to form a group around the solar system, but there were few people, so it wasn’t easy. But it is possible to send energy.

I had dreams and visualisations about different situations the last time we were together around the planet. I was next to Mohanji, and a guy was on the other side. The rest of the bubbles were darker than before. Mohanji was trying to increase the energy, but he couldn’t, so he sent me to the other side of the planet and did the same with the other guy. He told me to increase my shine so the people next to me would increase their energy too. So the other guy, Mohanji and I started to increase the brightness, and the other bubbles began to increase their levels but partially. It looked like Christmas lights twinkling. It was not enough.

Finally, after years of meditation, visualisation, energy feelings and huge transformations, it is impossible not to understand why Mohanji is here. He is a Master. He is teaching us how to be Masters like him. I am so grateful for all his teachings. We are energy, the energy of LOVE. It is inside us, and we have to spread it. We are like light bulbs. Together we can shine in a big way and transform the planet. We are one. Thank you, Mohanji.

Nowadays, I am still working on my observation. I always looked outside, gossiped, and complained about people and situations. Now I pay more attention to my inside. I observe how I react to different situations; I can realise when a pattern in my life is repeating and if I am reacting the same way as always or stop for a moment and look at it carefully. I am in the process. I know that I am here on this planet to learn and enjoy the experience of life. I am standing up from a different perspective than ten years ago. I am not a victim of the circumstances anymore; I am grateful for every day of my life.

I know that I also have a great connection with animals and nature; I know that I am a part of the whole. I have reduced my complaints about everything. I feel uncomfortable when somebody complains too much, but at the same time makes me remember how I used to complain. I have learnt different techniques to help me clean myself on the inside. I continue helping others but have learned to trace my boundaries because I am not a doormat. I don’t know if this is a transformation. I am still learning. I am so grateful because I was looking for something that I didn’t know what it was. And it was Me.

I really wonder if everything I have seen were dreams; some of them appeared during meditations, Kriya and while I was sleeping, and they seemed real.


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