Family reunion

Katerina Vati, Greece

Another amazing experience took place today, on Mohanji’s birthday, the 23rd of February 2022. We received the gift of seeing a beloved family member after many months of fear and pain.

Due to covid and fear-driven decisions, we have not been allowed to visit my husband’s grandma, who lives a door away from us. The last time we saw her through a small window, she was walking with a stick. Now she is bedridden. For two painful years of isolation, our hearts have been in pain. 

Today, my mother-in-law called and said to go in the morning to visit grandma as her health was deteriorating very fast. We would have to wear masks and do a test before going. My husband could not accept this; he said, “This is fear talking”, so he called his grandmother directly. He spoke to her, and she sounded ok. He called his mom as well and had a good conversation. So they agreed we would visit her the following day as we had to drive to a different city to do errands all day, and we had left the kids with their grandma. 

We were back at 5 pm, and my husband rushed to work; he had a deadline and was very pressured. At 7 pm, I looked at my watch and thought: maybe we can still see grandma today. I immediately called him and softly asked, “Could you finish for the day, leave work, let’s go see your mom together? She was worried a lot; let’s be there for her, yes?” We also had to pick up our kids as she was babysitting for us. The initial plan was that I would go alone to get the kids, but when I suggested going together, he immediately agreed. 

By 7:30 pm, we arrived. With puffed eyes and sadness enveloping her, his mother hugged me tightly. I told her to be strong. A minute later, she literally jumped up and said, “Do you want to see grandma?”

This was very spontaneous, as it was late for a visit. We just don’t do that. My “Yes” was so loud that my daughter started crying, begging me not to go, not to leave her. What drama. I reassured her that it would take me 5 mins. She hugged me tightly; she wasn’t letting me go. My husband then said, “No, I won’t go to see grandma. The time is wrong. Kids are tired. We need to go home. It is too sudden, no.”

I then stood up and said, “I am going to see her alone. I need to see her. Grandma has been isolated for two full years. Since I am asked to go, I will take the invitation” – and off I went with my mother-in-law. On the way, my mother-in-law was crying, worried that it would be the last day for grandma; she said, “I will never forgive myself if my son doesn’t see his grandmother as it was me who was keeping her in isolation in fear of covid illness and death. The guilt and regret are unbearable.”

I secretly wished that I was helping her by going, and maybe my husband would follow us. 

Oh, the moment I saw grandma, my heart turned into a butterfly. She was fragile, but her eyes sparkled. She forgot who I was every minute. But I was so happy repeating my name and looking deep into her eyes. After 5 mins, she got it. I am the wife of her grandson. “But where is he?” she asked. She cried out loud his name… where is he? So I ran next door, knocking on that small window and called loudly, “Come, she is fine; she wants to see you!” And I ran back inside. Two minutes later, the doorbell rang. My heart was pounding! It was him, and he walked through confidently, with love in his eyes.

And the reunion happened; he took off his mask, they held hands, they hugged, they hugged more and more. And she wept, and he was melting with love, unable to believe that he was really seeing his grandmother, locking eyes, words of love and joy kept pouring from both of them. She made jokes; she used to make jokes always. 

I ran again to that small window, now calling my father-in-law and our two young kids. This was a party!! We laughed and sang songs, and not once did grandma ask who her grandson was; there was not a hint of confusion. Yet she was still asking him who I was in a whisper. They laughed, we laughed, and we felt so blessed. My mother-in-law said when we walked back that she felt so light, like flying off the ground!!

This reunion, I know, is the work of Mohanji. I know it deep in my heart. I saw it unfolding. He gave me more gifts than I would ever ask for on his birthday. He also cleared my mind about another issue and guided me to do seva and give a gift donation to my mother, who is in need of a doctor.

Mohanji says: “Give with no expectations. Love is not a transaction.” This is the Master that Mohanji is, a Father and a Mother that gives out of true love and purity while teaching us how to walk the path of Freedom.


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