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Sonia Mayur, Muscat 

Today, 21.02.2022, while we got together to chant for Mohanji’s Birthday celebration, I had an experience that I wanted to write about and share with everyone. 

We started the usual process of chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra that I have been doing with the rest of the Mohanji family since January 23, 2022. 

I am always in sync with the Mohanji Acharya, who leads us all through the session, but today I felt I was rushing, and I was chanting the mantra on my own while Nirupama ji was chanting at a different pace. I tried a lot to catch up with her and slow down my pace, but I just couldn’t. So I surrendered to my beloved Mohanji and continued at the pace I was going on. 

Even before we started chanting, I was inside a beautiful cave with Mohanji, who was sitting on a golden chair that was emitting a strong and bright light. I had lit an oil lamp on the right side close to where Mohanji’s chair was. The energy kept flowing, and I could feel I was merging with him, and my pace of the mantra went a bit faster. In no time, I finished the 108 times chanting, and I wore the Rudraksha Mala (blessed by Mohanji in Kailash) that I was doing the chant with and sat waiting for the others in the online group to finish.

While I sat with my eyes closed, I saw myself getting closer to Mohanji’s feet and just through gestures, I showed my inclination to do Guru Paada Puja, to which Mohanji smiled, and I continued. 

There was so much love pouring from Mohanji’s energy that I continued doing the Paada Puja while the chanting was still going on. Once I finished, I just sat close to Mohanji on his left side and kept looking at him while he smiled at me. 

Photos from Mohanji’s Muscat house

I felt I was home  

I became that small child who is in awe of her father and wants to keep looking at him while her father just smiles and showers more and more unconditional love on her. All this was happening while the mantra continued, and I was in a state of complete bliss. 

What a blessing I received from my Mohanji today ….

Once the chanting session finished, I couldn’t speak about my experience to anyone as the feeling and energy were so strong that I just kept sitting with my hands folded and prostrating at Mohanji’s lotus feet. 

Once I regained my senses, memories from my 1st Guru Paada Puja that happened here in Muscat on 23.02.2014 came flashing back to me.

I couldn’t believe myself with the energy that was flowing within me; I didn’t want to analyze anything; I was just soaking in the unconditional love of my Guru, my Mohanji. I picked up my phone to google about Paada Puja, and the 1st article that came up was Guru Paada Puja – Mohanji Satsang UK 2018. 

I couldn’t stop reading the article where Mohanji explained the significance of Guru Paada Puja. He mentions there, “Don’t do any rituals just for the sake of doing it.” I understood the true meaning of it today. One should do it with full awareness, devotion and surrender.

When I did Paada Puja in 2014, I clearly didn’t understand the true significance; I did because of my love for Mohanji. Today while I wasn’t even in the same physical proximity, I totally understood the significance that Mohanji explained in that satsang. 

Today, I received my biggest blessings in the form of performing Guru Paada Puja for my Mohanji two days before his birthday. What else can I ask for? What gift I can give him on his birthday when he lovingly knows how to spread unconditional love and grace upon his people. 

I bow down in humility and gratitude at my Guru’s Feet and pray to him to always be with me so I can walk this path of liberation gracefully. 

Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration 23.02.2014


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