Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 115 & 116

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 115 Lesson – “I’m not here for conversation; I’m here for your elevation” 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Mohanji arrived back safely yesterday after his flight from Turkey. We went to the airport to welcome him. After the greeting, we were in the car, and straightaway, I was experiencing the intense form of Mohanji. He wanted to know what we were doing to set things right, to set them in place, and get moving, as he says. So there was no time for any formalities or pleasantries. 

 I’ve shared before that my connection with Mohanji is very straightforward. It’s primarily based on the activities of the office and moving these forward in the world. I know others have very different connections. 

I have also shared that Mohanji’s intensity and style can change from day to day. Whilst he is very consistent in his messaging and vision, he can display this very differently. I’ve learned, it’s best to avoid having any expectations; otherwise, it can be very confusing why he has suddenly changed. He breaks expectations consistently. 

Yesterday, the focus was on the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) because he’d shared the vision for this very clearly with the participants there during the Turkey retreat. He reminded us that this powerful platform wouldn’t just be a place for entertainment to bring people like musicians, actors, etc. This platform had the vision to change the world and usher in a new philosophical and political system. The measure of contribution to society wouldn’t be on wealth gained; instead, it will be based on each person’s acts of goodness and kindness in their lifetime. There’ll be a charter for this. WCA is a vehicle to bring that vision to the world, and it will comprise artists, entertainers, musicians, filmmakers who will be the torch bearers of that message. WCA has the vision to bring a complete shift in the consciousness of Earth in the mindset of people. In that sense, the platform has real power behind it. 

For me, it’s a reminder that what Mohanji is delivering to the world isn’t ordinary. He has said this before; he’s not interested in making small things, a small mark on Earth. If he’s going to do something, he wants it to be the biggest possible because his ultimate goal is to shift the frequency of the Earth so that a better time can come. So all the platforms can become game-changers globally, and the people associated with them will undoubtedly get great fulfilment. 

Yesterday was a stark reminder of my reasons for giving time for this work, which partly is for my elevation. Because while I was waiting to speak to Mohanji about something, he turned to me and said, “I’m not here to have conversations with you; I’m here for your elevation, to take you to the highest.” Sometimes all it takes is a sentence from Mohanji to realign you completely; re-orient you, and shift you. This was one of those moments I instantly knew what he meant, and it gave me a clear inner sense of the next steps. I’m always amazed how just one sentence, one phrase, can completely put you on track. 

A year has almost passed since living with Mohanji, and I can recognize a distinct difference in our interactions. I recollected a Satsang wherein Mohanji shared about the guru-disciple relationship. He said that inside of us, we have a guru principle; it’s part of us, beyond the personality. It exists, and it directs us. At some point in time, we meet an external guru through practice, desire, penance, or our progress. And that’s the person or the form we can connect to, which helps us climb further in elevation. Then when we connect to that form or person, it becomes the mirror, the reflection of that guru principle inside us. 

Once I thanked Mohanji for all he had done for me, he quickly turned to me and said: “I didn’t do anything. I just showed you where to go. You are the one who has actually walked.” So, those two things come back to my memory from that one sentence he shared with me. I realized that this difference in interaction would be because something had changed in me. What that is, I would need to sit and think back. 

 I think it’s an ongoing lesson (especially being in close proximity with Mohanji) to remind us that he’s here as that guide, pointing us to which way to walk so that we take steps to our elevation. All these platforms are opportunities and set clear structures for us all to do that. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

Day 116 Lesson – Complacency & Stagnation

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

This morning, during the catch up with Mohanji, we were speaking about a question from the retreat in Turkey, where someone had asked what the biggest cause of failures in life is. Mohanji shared that complacency and stagnation cause the majority of the failures that people experience in life. 

We spoke about one document circulating on WhatsApp, indicating the 50 companies that failed to innovate. These were all companies that had lost a chance, lost the opportunity, or even become bankrupt because they were stuck and stagnating. They weren’t moving with current happenings in the world; an example of one of these was Blockbuster – the video store that missed the chance to buy Netflix at a point in time when Netflix was set up (it’s early days). Blockbuster’s growth declined while Netflix flourished and is dominating now.

He shared this as the lesson that complacency and stagnation can cause these failures in life. Generally, people can reach a point in life where they feel content. They’ve achieved a certain amount in life and reached a place, so now it’s time to enjoy. But Mohanji shared that it’s often short-lived because situations, circumstances, and the world changes. He shared we need to be ever watchful, especially if we have a leadership position, as it comes with the forward-looking responsibility. We can be looking out for the movements and trends in the world. We need to be alert and aware, always looking toward what we can do next. This will help us to respond promptly, and we can avoid becoming stagnant. So you have to keep looking out for what else to do and where the world is going. 

 I’ve experienced this in my previous career. This happened at a few points in my career; when I reached a position and thought that was it, I am settled now. My self-esteem took quite a hit at that time because trends moved on; it was a race to catch up again. 

This morning’s lesson is that complacency and stagnation can bring about failure, and not to feel too settled has given that reminder to keep looking for ways to innovate and do something more. 

I hope you have a great day ahead.

Have a great day ahead.


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