intense spiritual practices

Intense spiritual practices

By Swati Jarugumilli, Australia

Conscious Gapless Breathing 

During the EMPOWERED program’s questionnaire session, Mohanji told me to “Intensify sadhana” and said, “Our spiritual progress should always reflect with more compassion towards family, friends, animals, etc.” When I was trying to find out ‘how to intensify my sadhana’, I stumbled upon Rekha Murali’s testimonial about how intense the Conscious Gapless Breathing technique (CGB) was when practiced for 21 days as a challenge. On reading the testimonial, I reached out to her and expressed my interest (with gratitude) in learning this CGB technique. Rekha and Aditya Nagpal conducted a workshop for the same for five days just before Diwali in November 2021.

It was a cute little group of people who shared similar thought processes. During the first two days, there was a significant change in my behaviour to be more aware and calm than usual. This itself made me energetic enough throughout the day. But on the third day, I experienced a little sadness in a certain posture, which was not mine but from someone else. 

When I observed the feeling the following day, it dawned on me that the sadness was my mother’s when I was in her womb. I quickly cross-checked with her if she had undergone any pain while I was in her womb. She confirmed that she had and said, “During the 8th month, I tried to sit down on the floor, and that caused me pain, which made me cry a lot.” This explanation helped me understand what I had noticed during the CGB session.

Truly, CGB does stir all the heavy, un-noticed, settled emotions from the bottom of our container. By the 5th day of CGB (the day before Diwali), there was a stirring of total restlessness and extra energy that I couldn’t handle myself. Due to this, I fell back into my usual patterns of overeating and needless anxiety. Usually, managing such emotions might take days to months, depending on our constitution.

Fortunately, Aditya Nagpal announced a group Mai-Tri session on Diwali, conducted by Preeti Duggal, and how attending this Mai-Tri might effortlessly cleanse us from all that had been churned with CGB. Some of us quickly grabbed this opportunity and attended the group Mai-Tri session.

Significantly, a huge cleansing happened for all of us. From the day I had opened my eyes in this life until the day of the Mai-Tri session, the whole reel of incidents played like a quick short film. It showed glimpses of my emotions when I was hurt, or felt low, discriminated against, helpless and all of those emotions that were low in frequency. Later, the same short film played once again, but this time, it showed me how the supreme consciousness had taken care by giving me luck factors, people who love me, and how God’s hand was carrying me like a baby, protecting me from negative thoughts all the time.

There was only gratitude that was left behind and a divine motherly love that was bestowed upon me, keeping me calm and stable.

A day after Diwali, I understood that if this combination of CGB and Mai-Tri could be conducted as a package, and if we could utilise the opportunity, we could certainly experience a shift in our level of consciousness.

Beautiful was the experience of Group Mai-Tri as well, which is described below. 

Mohanji himself is the supreme consciousness to me. Else, how could my ignorant self have the ability to understand how he is operating through various souls around me. My humble pranaams at his lotus feet.

Group Mai-Tri and Empowered Program

Attending the group Mai-Tri conducted by Preeti Duggal on the day of Diwali in November 2021 was a sheer blessing that came directly from Mohanji.

Simultaneously, I was overcoming certain fears and insecurities (in career and family) through the cleansing as part of the EMPOWERED program conducted by Mohanji in September 2021.

In the group Mai-Tri session, intentions were placed to release the unwanted fears and insecurities that I felt were unnecessary. This helped me shed a certain weight from my karmic baggage. Before this, I attended CGB, and there was unprocessed restlessness and anxiety within me, which caused distractions during the Mai-Tri session.

But though the distractions kept coming back, I tried to concentrate as much as possible and listened to Preeti’s voice invoking Dattatreya’s presence. Midway during the session, suddenly, a film started playing within me, showing a short glimpse of all events and situations that had caused me sadness, or exposed me to my vulnerable nature, the small mistakes that I had made, which made me feel guilty throughout my life. I could understand that it was all me and how my soul felt when I was doing certain things just for fun. I understood my soul, and I was different in frequencies, and most importantly, my soul silently watched the show. I felt sorry for myself.

Then immediately, when we invoked the Mother Goddess’s presence, I could experience and feel Mother Kali’s fierce form. I even saw myself under the trident, ready to be hit. But there was no fear. Instead, I was happy to see how well protected I was under her trident. Then I understood that Mother’s Kali form had come to keep our ego in check (under the trident). There was only gratitude in me.

When Baba’s presence was invoked, the whole short film of various glimpses of my life started playing, just for me to look at the optimistic side of the same incidents that had previously made me sad. A constant vision showed me that Shirdi Sai Baba was carrying me as a baby in his arms like a mother. He has been looking after me since I was born, and he is there always beside me. Tears flowed, and my heart was filled with emotions. Motherly love is always pure, but Baba’s motherly love is the purest of the purest.

During the rest of the Mai-Tri session, I was blessed to have a vision of all the three (Datta, Mother Kali & Baba) in one form: mother Mohanji. He is truly a manifestation of all our prayers, in these times especially. As the session concluded, everybody shared their experiences. But the Mai-Tri energy could be felt continuously later. The more we are receptive to change, the more energy will flow into our system.

Later, while I was doing Consciousness Kriya, I felt a tremendous constant vibration that was unusually strong. So, to be on the safe side, I listened to Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham for protection. Suddenly, I saw visions of different divine snakes. And I was in a dark room with a huge Shiva linga in front of me. The upper part of this linga was pure bright golden and white moving energy. By the end of the Shiva Kavacham, a snake had left my side and coiled two and a half times around this linga of energy and kept its hood (single) on top of the Shiva linga. I couldn’t open my eyes to leave this beautiful experience.

I attended an interview the following day, which was a scary experience for me (coding and developing). By the end of the technical round, I was offered the job. At that very moment, I felt that Mohanji had held my hands and made me cross the most fearful asteroid belt/barrier – my limiting beliefs.

All of this happened because of: –

• Empowered 1.0 program – made me contemplate on myself and become aware of my internal system

• CGB – helped stir up those heavy, settled, un-noticed things to come up in my system

• Group Mai-Tri – with the divine intervention, cleansed off all that had come up

As Brahma the creator, Mohanji conducted the EMPOWERED program and instilled the knowledge to contemplate on the self. As Vishnu the preserver, Mohanji has provided us with Conscious Gapless Breathing to move up those heavy particles of emotions from the bottom to the surface. As Maheshwara the destroyer, Mohanji, through the Mai-Tri method, is cleansing away our karmic burden.

Isn’t this what the Guru Principle means? Isn’t this what Dattathreya means? Isn’t this what Maa Mohanji has given us in the form of Kalpa Vriksham (the wish-fulfilling tree)?

How can I even thank Mohanji with mere words, who has taken a form and is living this life just for our sake? Datta is Mohanji. Mohanji is Datta.

Mohanji is the mother of all mothers. He is Prema Sai!


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