Guru’s embrace

By Turinski Branislava, Serbia

Translation: Maja Otovic

I read in one text that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. I have to say that he found me long before I found myself, long before I knew who he was or that he even existed. I think it was the year 2015. A friend of mine shared a friend’s post on her Facebook page.

The picture showed a man in white attire, surrounded by many women and a few men. They seemed to be on some path in a forest (later, when I was there in 2020, I remembered that picture, and I knew it was Park Ravne 2 in Visoko, Bosnia). My thoughts ran fast: “Who does he think he is? Pretending to be Jesus, wearing a white robe, and everybody acting as if they’re under a spell.” When I wanted to see the same post a couple of days later on my friend’s profile, it was no longer there. Now I believe that it was not there for my eyes only.

About a month passed, and the same friend shared a post from her friend’s profile: “It is a blessing to have the eye card.” I remember my thoughts and reaction: “What they won’t think of just to fool people and make money off them!” Of course, nowhere did it say that the card was on sale, but only that it was a blessing to have one; however, my mind started racing. Needless to say, a couple of days later, I could not find this post on my friend’s profile.

And then, I think it was at some point in 2017 I read that the Guru was coming to my town. I let my imagination run wild, picturing him decorated like a Christmas tree. Why so, I do not know. Maybe because I had identified him with actors adorned with gold that I watched in Indian shows, the play of the mind was then endless…

I told my now ex-husband that I wanted to go and see what a Guru looks like, so that I could tell others that I had seen a living Guru because the ones I had heard of until then had already transcended from the physical body into another realm. “Are you nuts? They’ll drug you, sell you into slavery, take your organs. That’s a dangerous cult.” I blocked the person whose Facebook posts my friend shared on her wall in panic.

Then life’s path took me to a crossroads…

I put on heavy shoes and dressed in self-accusation, hatred, pain, jealousy, envy, and all negative emotions and thoughts that were coming my way because I myself chose to be filled with them. The reason was a divorce, for which I now feel very grateful, but back then, I’d been able to see only pain and hatred. Another door opened for me. In those days of temptation, my path turned orange. I joined the ACT Serbia Foundation. My heart got to know the power of serving and unconditional love.

A few months later, on 22 February 2020, we had an activity. The person who had posted about the man in white attire, the eye card, the Guru’s visit, the one whom I had blocked on Facebook, invited me to the Happy Center. “Let’s have a coffee together and walk through the labyrinth.” In that post, I remembered it said: “Guru’s visit and walk through the labyrinth”. I was curious. In my mind, they were labyrinths of high green fences. There was also a fear: “What if she pours something in my coffee… but I am not going alone; there will be a total of seven volunteers. But what if…”

However, my curiosity was stronger than my fear.

If you could only see the look of disappointment on my face. With too many expectations and excitement, disappointment was inevitable. There were just some piled rocks instead of a labyrinth of high green fences. Only when I crossed all 108 blocks and reached the center, did I feel the energy flowing through my legs, then up my spine, towards the head. For the first time, I was drunk with such high energy, as if I was levitating, as if I was not walking; I heard a call from a distance for all of us to enter the Happy Center. Thoughts started racing. Thoughts of fear…what if… white slavery, organ trafficking, cult…

Curiosity won over fear again. Later, I felt grateful for the curiosity and my victory over, as now I can clearly say, unnecessary fear. I was embraced by that beautiful energy, covered in the smell of frankincense, white sage, and incense. Amazed, I sat on a pillow and closed my eyes. When I opened them, my eyes wandered toward Mohanji’s picture. “Where can I buy this picture? Out of all his pictures I see here, this one is the most beautiful.”

“You can buy them all in Novi Sad or Belgrade, but not this one. This one is received, that is, the Mai-Tri practitioners receive it.” “That is the most beautiful picture. Those eyes of his…” The next thing I remember was a call into Mohanji’s eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. Mohanji and somebody else were on its top. They were telling me something, but I could not remember what. I know that I felt good and that I was at peace. When I came back to my body, I heard the other volunteers talking, but I could barely say: “I was called into his eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. He and another person were telling me something.” 

I did not feel comfortable saying the name Mohanji; instead, I said he as I shared my experience. After listening to me, “Welcome”, said Maya, the seemingly physically fragile woman who embraced me with such power, tenderness and warmth. Where was I being welcomed to? Did I set off somewhere in order to arrive? All of the present volunteers had warm smiles on their faces, and I did not understand a thing. Well, I was not asking to go somewhere. I’d just had the urge to look at those eyes in the picture; it was not done with a purpose.

As dawn was approaching, one of the ladies said, “Let’s have a picture. First, I’ll take a picture of you, and then you can take a picture of me.” I published the picture on my Facebook profile. Above the picture, there were nine hearts. At first, I did not get it that I put two extra hearts, as we were only seven volunteers in total. I was about to erase two of them when I received the first mental message from Mohanji: “The two of us are also there; don’t erase those two hearts. Me and Baba are there.” “Who am I talking to? Who are you? What “Baba” are you talking about? (translator’s note: “Baba” means “granny” in Serbian) These are all younger women. There are no grannies here.”

“Me, Mohanji, and Sai Baba are there.” “Maya, I am talking to someone! He says he is Mohanji and that there is some Baba (granny) there. I am telling him there are no grannies here, but only younger women.” “This is Sai Baba”, Maya said, pointing towards the altar. I was ashamed of my ignorance, but I took it as a sign that I was ready for new teachings. Later, through meditations, dreams, and Reiki treatments, I received messages from Mohanji that I lived with full acceptance. For example, right after sending my first experience sharing, I got a message that it should not be published. I could not understand why I was told not to publish it back then, but I obeyed and stopped the first publishing. Now, it is time to publish this text.

After that day – 20 February 2020, my connection with the Master started becoming stronger day by day. I got answers from him in various ways, through Facebook posts on Mohanji Official page, video recordings, and texts from his book The Power of Purity. Through connecting to him, I received the answers to my unexpressed questions. That was a true blessing.

My true wish was to get a hug from Mohanji. In Divcibare, on 20 May 2021, my wish came true. I physically met the Master, and I felt blissful in his embrace. The peace and unconditional love that I received that day filled my soul. Initiation into Kriya and the first Shaktipat… one by one, the lights in my chest began glowing. I got closer to the light so that I could shine brighter, more today than yesterday and even more so tomorrow. It all continued from the retreat at the Bosnian Pyramids.

That strong pillar of light that illuminated me during the meditation intensified the light in my heart. I had a feeling that I was filled with light. It was within me and around me. In such moments, one should express gratitude for all the grace. As the retreat drew to a close, for some reason, I had a dispute with the organizers because I wanted to attend the satsang on 14 June 2021. As usual, and for my highest good, I got a message in my sleep: “All that you need, you have and will receive through Shaktipat. I will give, and you will take as much as you can; you won’t take any more tomorrow rather than today. Give your spot to somebody who needs it more.”

In the morning, even though I had paid for a suite just to spend one more day in the Master’s aura, I made a decision to do as the message said. On my Viber, I got a call from a dear friend: “It all happened as you said. The flight to Abu Dhabi has been cancelled. I am in Belgrade, getting back to Visoko. I’m worried I won’t be able to attend the satsang as I did not register. Whom should I talk to?” “Just come. I’m not going, so you can take my spot; you need it more. Say that you will attend the satsang instead of me.” “Thank you. Thank you so much,” my friend was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mohanji,” I thought. And that’s how the message came true. Somebody needed it more, and she went instead of me.

I was sitting in meditation and looking towards the hall where the satsang was taking place. As if I was present there, through connecting internally, I felt peace and unconditional love given as blessings from the Master.  Then a group together with Mohanji came out of the tunnel. “Come with us; it is time for individual pictures.” said someone. I will receive another hug, my heart sang. Once again, I’ll be in the aura of the Guru.

“You did not attend this satsang, so you can’t take a picture,” said a dear soul from the organizing team. I wanted to explain that the reason was not a lack of interest in the satsang, arrogance, or the cost, that it was not anything like what she (might have) thought. However,  I did not feel like justifying myself to her or explaining that the reason for my cancellation was Mohanji’s message that I had received in my dream – to give my spot to someone else who needed it more.

Without any explanation, without ego, without feeling insulted or angry, I took a step back and watched all the others who were lucky enough to be in the Guru’s embrace. I was happy to just look at him with physical eyes. He’s always with me. These were just moments of physically looking at him. Suddenly, the organizer said, “I was only kidding; of course, you can take a picture with him.” Like everybody else who took a picture, I got the hug I had longed for. Without uttering a single word, the Master and I understood each other in those moments of silence. His hug was the embrace for my soul. My hug was the openness towards the peace and unconditional love that I embraced in all its glory.

The days continue… I shine brighter; my heart is illuminated.

Peace, love and light to the world.


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