Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 123 & 124

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 123 Lesson – Living for the world

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

The time I’ve spent with Mohanji has opened my eyes to many new observations about the world that I never had before. Some of these have included understanding the depths and levels of greed, selfishness, and manipulation in the world in various dimensions. The more I’ve become aware of these and the negative traits that exist, the more it’s given me a greater appreciation for those living selflessly, doing good in the world, who are pushing through their activities to leave it a better place for those who come. 

I especially feel privileged to be part of this family, of all the platforms where everybody is putting in their time, effort, resources, and skills towards this end – to uplift humanity and change lives for the better. Personally, I’ve begun to experience the freedom and the feelings which come from doing acts, giving time, serving, and expecting nothing in return – a real sense of freedom that’s growing and evolving.

I’m exploring this, which is very different from my earlier mindset because I was very sceptical about people who said they were doing a lot for the world, as then I didn’t believe that there could be an actual selfless act. I thought that every action would have some aspect of self-interest, whether it was promotion or prestige or to look good in front of somebody else. But now, coming with this group, with this family, I can see that actually, that’s not the case, as many people are just living selflessly. 

I have learnt to tell if someone is genuine. Many people say that they’re doing activities. Mohanji says he’s doing activities as well, that he belongs to the world, that he lives for the world. So how can you really tell if someone is genuine?

For me, a clear display is when people act and live what they speak. Having lived with Mohanji, he lives what he says without compromise. I observe this daily, and it’s demonstrated through all the platforms he has founded. But I was surprised to understand he has mandated a law in Switzerland which states that when he leaves the body, all his wealth and assets will go to those who love him and stand by him. So that right until old age, everybody’s taken care of, everybody will be looked after, everybody who’s been with him will be part of that family. He has made it so that the law cannot be changed. He changed the definition of what family means!! It also means whatever comes to him will be left back for the world. So, he is living for the world.

It’s a clear sign that he means what he says. This is registered in Switzerland, and all the foundation activities are audited by the federal government. For example, there are also people who earn a lot of money, say 1 million, and then they can give 10,000. They share that they’re giving 10,000 but don’t tell anyone they’re earning a million. But here, with this law, the aim that I can see is that whatever is acquired will be accessible back to the world. I was impressed when I heard this because, as an organization, it’s another level of transparency that demonstrates that what we speak and what we do are the same; there’s no distortion. 

I hope you have a great day ahead, and I’ll share another message with you again very soon.

Day 124 Lesson – Believe in yourself 

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing very well. 

As I’ve spent time with Mohanji, there’s been plenty of opportunities to hear and understand more about his life before he was known as Mohanji. When I reflect on these stories, I realize that these are powerful lessons. Because for me, more than verbal teaching, Mohanji simply lives life fearlessly, which becomes the lesson – his life becomes a lesson. All the challenges, adversities, and how he handles everything can be taken as a lesson. 

If I was to boil it all down to a very crystalline essence, or what I take personally from Mohanji’s life, the lesson is to believe in yourself. Beyond all the meditations, kriyas, and practices, this is where I take a big lesson from and contemplate the question, “Do you believe in yourself”. It’s a huge question from my point of view, and I can only speak for that because Mohanji believed in himself. We have what we see now as Mohanji, the Mohanji Foundation, and all the platforms. 

Nine years ago, he decided to change everything in his life. He was the country head of a shipping company for five countries, very successful, making good money, and had great contacts. He had built a successful career spanning 22 years, and he had a family to support. Then, he decided to change his field completely. He decided that he was going to serve the world. Whilst he was alive, he would use his life well. Who would do this? 

Twenty-two years of career, successful experience, contacts, and networks; all were completely left behind. Everything which he had earned during his career was put into three companies. Twenty-two years’ worth of activity was invested into three companies, which were then taken away from him. He had nothing, just himself, but he believed in himself.

There’s also a story of when he set up Ammucare (in the name of his late daughter Ammu) to serve the world. Many people asked, “What is your investment? How much money are you going to put into this organization?” Mohanji simply said, “The investment is myself”. They laughed and said it wouldn’t last a year, yet eighteen years later, Ammucare is serving hundreds and thousands of people and animals every year, and it’s growing. So this is a real inspiration and lesson.

I’ve used it a lot during my time here because I’ve been confronted with many situations I hadn’t experienced or I couldn’t do before. I’ve been pushed well beyond my previous capacities, and each time Mohanji reminded me, “Just believe in yourself. And also, if you can’t believe in yourself, then you can believe in me.” 

This is important because I’ve experienced that it’s visible when I have some doubts about myself, or I’m not so confident, or I do not believe in myself. Because in my mind, I’m neither here nor there. Especially if that’s about a decision or an idea, the activity also becomes weak. There’s no real consistency. 

But when belief comes, “I can do this, I know what I’m doing. This is why I’m doing it, I have this reason. And I’m happy I’m doing this.”, then it brings strength to it. That, in turn, brings efficiency and clarity. So that is developing – that belief and being clear, “This is what I want to do.” 

I hope you have a good day. We will speak soon.


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