Guru Poornima mantra chanting

By Nirupma Chowdhary, India

Today (on Guru Purnima), I had a profound experience during our Google Meet get together which was arranged to chant the new mantra that Mohanji had given us during the Guru Poornima week. We were to chant this mantra with all the new initiates.

Yesterday, I received a message from Aditya, our country head. He asked me if I could chant this new mantra live, exclusively for the new initiates for an hour. Then he messaged saying it had to be done on Google Meet. I informed him that I didn’t have the app and could do it only on my phone. There was no reply or message from him yesterday.

This morning I got up and listened to Mohanji’s Guru Poornima message and was trying to finish my daily chores before the eclipse started. The first thing on my mind was to chant this powerful and beautiful mantra 108 times. I lit the lamp and did the chanting. It was around 8:55 am when my phone rang and it was Aditya calling.

He said, “Nirupmaji, start chanting the new mantra at 9 am on Google Meet.” I was shocked and not prepared. I told him that I didn’t have Google Meet. He was as cool as ever and asked me to download it immediately. Believe me, I just had a few minutes to set the altar, change clothes, and start the session.

With Mohanji’s grace, we managed to start at 9:05 am. The chanting began, and to my surprise, it was not my voice that I could hear. Slowly the momentum began. I felt a few souls near me playing string instruments. They were all dressed in white, translucent clothes.

As we were chanting, Mohanji came and sat on a decorated wooden stool with his feet resting on a brass plate. Many people came and started doing abhishekam (ritual bathing) with milk, curd, honey and water. Then he got up, went to change and came back and sat on a chair. Everyone applied tilak (mark on the forehead), placed garlands  on his neck and tied sacred threads on his wrist. And to my amazement, now I was chanting each chant in a different voice corresponding to the person offering prayers to Mohanji.

My spine started burning slowly and heat reached my crown chakra. I felt that I would faint. Suddenly, I felt Mohanji’s hand on my head and it took away all the heat. Feeling blissful at that moment, I continued chanting for an hour. The mantra is very powerful and it took me to a different realm altogether in the presence of my Guru, where I chanted all through his abhishekam and puja.

Do request for this mantra (by writing an email to and experience the bliss it brings.



By Raghvendra Pandey, India

I have had several experiences of Sai Baba from late 2018, after Dussehra. By Baba’s grace, I started overcoming a long battle with depression and was even blessed with a baby boy in December 2019. I started to watch a lot of Mohanji’s videos on YouTube and became curious to understand more about life and its purpose. I began to watch more and more of these videos.

I also started to chat with Mohanji Acharyas on Facebook about my depression. I recently had my first Mai-Tri session and got to know about the Power of Purity meditation as well. I recently had a dream where I could hear a voice saying something about Jnaneshwar and Lord Shiva. It was a long discussion in the dream, but in the morning I remembered only Jnaneshwar and Lord Shiva (these 2 names). Soon I forgot about it, but yesterday I saw a video on YouTube where Gautamji was talking about Jnaneshwar and Guru Poornima.

Sathya Sai
Sathya Sai Baba

Then I realised that I should join the group which was learning the new mantra. While chanting the new mantra, I saw Mohanji throwing ashes and also Sathya Sai Baba. I just finished another session of chanting this new mantra, and my heart is filled with love and gratitude.




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