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Enjoy reading these three beautiful expressions of gratitude from our Mohanji family members. Mohanji says his presence is always with us, but we are not always aware of it. These experiences show us yet again that when the yearning is true, he makes sure that his love and grace is felt by us.

Jameela Jeyaraj, India

When I dived into an abyss of darkness and sadness a year back, my friend Mala insisted that I read about Mohanji and gifted me the Power of Purity book.  One look into the extremely powerful eyes of Mohanji on the cover of the book, and time just stood still.

While reading the book, curiously I tried out the Power of Purity meditation, and amazingly, Mohanji’s divine soulful voice transported me into a world of absolute silence and peace.  I love the meditation so much, I practice it often. Through the meditation, I have learned to bless all, people I love and those whom I thought I hated.

Through the Power of Purity meditation, I have learned to evolve to a higher frequency. It also kindles me into the path of spiritualism. Today, I have only expressions of gratitude and gratefulness to my greatest Master, Mohanji.  Without doubt, I am so blessed. I place my koti pranams at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

“Gratitude.Grace. Growth. They are all related and interconnected. Gratitude ensures Grace. Grace ensures Growth. These three aspects deliver LOVE, LIFE and GODLINESS in us.” – Mohanji



Deborah Davidson, Canada

On Thursday, April 9 2020, I was sitting with my tablet muted ready to begin the morning’s 7 am chanting with Eric and Cini, here in Victoria. Sara Sydney joined us this morning.

My phone was sitting on my left, a foot or more away, face up black screen when I saw the screen flash. I had not touched it since signing into the Zoom session. What appeared was a photo of Mohanji and Sai Baba. Two photos superimposed on each other.

Sai was in profile facing right in the foreground. Mohanji was in the background facing forward. They were both wearing headscarves of deep blue and the background was a deeper blue, almost purple.

It stayed on my screen but was gone when we finished the Gayatri Mantra chanting and I cannot find it anywhere in my history on the phone.

What I do have is a deep sense of peace and well-being as it should be with the world, and a strong heart presence of both Mohanji and Sai in my life, with us as we chanted. The beautifully vivid image is stored in my heart.


Jai Mohanji! Jai Sai Baba! With love, awe, and gratitude.


Pravin Thakkar, UK

I am always with you – these are the words we hear time and again from our beloved Mohanji. It was my 70th birthday on the 17th of November. During the whole day, I felt that I really needed to talk to Mohanji and receive his blessings, but for some reason I did not have the courage to either message him or call him.

On the 19th, I read on the Mohanji UK Facebook page that there had been a Mohanji Acharya programme held on the 17th, on the same day as my milestone birthday. It was at the request of a Mohanji family member who wanted to celebrate her birthday and also wanted her friends and relatives to experience Mohanji’s presence and energy through the Acharya programme. At the cake cutting ceremony, Mohanji Acharya Subhasree played a recorded voice message from Mohanji, blessing this lady on her birthday.

I read this on Tuesday night before I went to sleep. Early Wednesday morning, I had a beautiful experience. I am not sure whether I was in a dream state or awake, but Mohanji was speaking to me, and telling me that on my birthday he called me many times to bless me but did not get reply on my mobile phone, neither could he leave a voice message for me with a blessing (I had blocked my voice message). My wish to have Mohanji’s blessings was fulfilled so beautifully.

Once again, I am reminding myself of the need for constantly becoming aware of the countless little pesky flaws in my nature that stand in the way of making my inner aspirations more sincere, true, and complete.

I feel immensely grateful to our ever compassionate Father, Mohanji. My humble prostrations at your lotus feet.




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