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During the coronavirus pandemic, inspired by Mohanji’s call for action, the UK family also came together and started doing online programmes from morning till night. We have had sessions of chanting starting from 6 am to sessions of book reading, meditations, online Mai-Tri, special devotional songs etc.

During these sessions, Mohanji’s presence is often felt by the person who is conducting, as well as those who are viewing. Sometimes Mohanji makes us feel his presence even beyond energetically, many times showing physical signals too.

It’s very easy to discard such signals as imagination or just mere coincidences. For someone, who needs the assurance of Mohanji’s presence, he shows it. Such a signal becomes special for us, because we notice this signal on a specific day, or during a specific session, but not all the time. These signals are not imaginary. These are very much true to show Mohanji’s presence without presence.

Let me narrate a few experiences that we have observed in the last few days.

Last week, on 7th April, during Hanuman Jayanti, Harish and I were chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. We were live on Facebook.


As we finished chanting, few of the viewers sent some snapshots from this chanting session, where Mohanji’s photo looked exactly like Hanumanji. No doubt, no coincidence, no imagination.

Mohanji_Hanuman pic
Mohanji’s mouth area appearing like Hanumanji’s

We understood Mohanji’s kindness and compassion. It was his way of showing his presence in a form that someone could connect to. It was such a blessing for all of us to feel the presence of Hanumanji, the Consciousness of Hanuman through Mohanji, through Mohanji’s Consciousness on that occasion.

After all, Para Brahma is one, and only one.

On 13th April, we had a special event, continuous chanting for 12 hours, starting at 6 am. Chai was doing the chanting at that time. While she was about to start, she had some technical issues. She really needed help, and called out to Mohanji, “Please be with me Mohanji.” Of course, her session went on well. When she finished her session (, she noticed the wick of the candle that was in front of Mohanji’s photo showing a clear ‘M’ shape. She realised it was Mohanji showing her the evidence that indeed he was with her.


Then on 14th April, Harish was chanting at 6 am. After his chanting, Pravin bhai messaged saying that he noticed a bright light at the center of Mohanji’s forehead on the photo.

Mohanji_thirdeye light
Bright light in Mohanji’s third eye area


After this message, we contemplated on all these experiences.

I thought this might be the reflection of the ceiling light. We have many spotlights on our ceiling and most of the time we can see those multiple lights as multiple dots over the photo. However today, how come just one was there and exactly on the 3rd eye? Where were the other dots, as all the lights were on!

That made me realise, for someone who needs that assurance of Mohanji’s presence, he shows it.

May be Pravin bhai (the viewer who notified us about this special appearance on the photo), needed some assurance that morning and Mohanji made his presence felt.

When I was talking to Pravin bhai later, he further mentioned that, usually in the morning he doesn’t watch FB online sessions. But when he woke up this morning and looked at his phone, the FB session opened up without any notification. Hence he started watching and noticed this dot. He also mentioned that this dot was expanding at times, it was not static. He even showed this to his wife.

Then he mentioned that yesterday during the 12 hour chanting, when he was chanting the Shiva Mantra, he was feeling Mohanji very much and thought in his mind, is Mohanji really listening to his chanting?

So after seeing this dynamic dot on Mohanji’s third eye on this photo, and the way he was made to see this session, he felt it was surely Mohanji giving him darshan and showing that he was pleased with Pravin bhai’s chanting yesterday.

After listening to this detailed account from Pravin bhai, I was sure of my understanding that even though Mohanji is always with us, he shows such symbols at specific instances to show physical evidence to the person.

Just as he did yesterday for Chai too, she was praying to Mohanji to be with her and he showed her his presence through the candle!

Whether it is the ceiling light reflections or a candle, these real material things show something beyond the material items! The true reality beyond the physical!

I was convinced, this is not imagination. This is very much true.

Truth as it IS!

Because this is Mohanji’s response to the love and call of his devotees.




Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 15th April 2020


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