A memorable birthday

By Santha Narayanan, Malaysia

My Kailash yatra was the most memorable, with two main wishes getting fulfilled. I totally agree with all the others who travelled with us to Kailash and shared their experiences. With the blessings of Mohanji, it was such a lovely journey with our kind, loving, caring friends with positive vibes and our sherpas.

The most memorable part for me was the five-day stay at the Hyatt Hotel with Mohanji and the homam done on the banks of the Mansarovar Lake. The five days with Mohanji in the Hyatt were blissful and the happiest. The Siva Linga puja, prayers, Rudram chanting & bhajans in the early mornings with Preeti were great. We went to Kailash with all these prayers and blessings from Mohanji, and I know Mohanji was there with us throughout our journey.

The homam was done with so much divinity; no words can describe that feeling. I felt the divinity in each and every one there. The two main reasons for me to sign up for the Kailash Yatra were, firstly, to be with Mohanji; as Malaysians, we hardly get such opportunities. Only once did we meet Mohanji in Malaysia. The other reason was to be at Mansarovar for my 70th birthday on 31st July. I was so happy to be there on that particular day and was able to spend two nights on that wonderful soil. Both my wishes were fulfilled!

Now, the journey to Kailash was a dream come true. I felt so blessed with such wonderful souls around me. It was a wonderful journey, and Kannaiah (another participant) even went to the extent of putting on shoes for me on the bus and made sure that he waited till I got off the bus with ease whenever the bus stopped for lunch or tea.

On the first day of the parikrama, my heart was filled with gratitude. Once I sat on the pony, I thanked Lord Vishnu and Mohanji for giving me such a heavenly opportunity, which I never dreamt possible. It was a wonderful feeling. I loved the gorgeous view as everything looked amazing.

During the journey on the first day, I noticed my pony was taking a very slow walk; she might have felt my low energy level, I suppose. Once we reached Yam Dwar (door of death), I was happy to see my cousin Geetha, Bhavani and Zoran. Bhavani guided us on what to do there. I felt happy to leave something behind and continued my journey.

One thing I noticed after a few hours of my journey was that everything stopped. My thinking mind stopped, thanking God stopped, Mohanji stopped, Om Namah Shivaya stopped, Gayathri mantra stopped. There was emptiness, and I felt like I was just going with the flow. In between, although my porter offered me food and a drink, I just ignored it and refused to drink or eat.

That was the mistake I made in hindsight. Having food and sipping on water was highly emphasized by the sherpas and the Kailash team for overall well-being. When I reached the end of the first day of the parikrama, I felt tired, with a slight headache and weakness. I had difficulty breathing, and almost everyone came to check on me after they returned from their journey.

Oxygen levels were being checked to make sure of each participant’s health. My check revealed low oxygen levels. Just at that time, my daughter called; when she heard that my oxygen levels had plummeted, her advice was not to continue with my journey.

Although my oxygen level was low after the first day of parikrama, I didn’t have any body aches. The only thing that I lost was my appetite to eat and drink, and that made me weak. In the evening, after chanting, I received my first Mai-Tri session from Bhavani. She came in and out of the room to check on my well-being at night. She sat by my bedside chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, and propped me up on pillows to make me comfortable. All these kind gestures cannot be forgotten.

The next morning, as my oxygen levels did not improve, I could not continue with the parikrama as advised by the team. I was to travel back to the hotel in Darchen (base camp for Kailash pilgrims) while the rest of the group continued with their journey forward. The miracle was that while I stayed back in the hotel, by the grace of Mohanji, my health stabilized without a hospital admission.

My co-travellers returned after completing the parikrama and joined me at the hotel. My loving Kannaiah… who went to Gauri Kund (Mother Parvati’s bathing lake) after passing Dolma La Pass (the highest passing of Kailash parikrama), hugged me and said, “Santha Amma, you were with me at Gauri Kund.” It was such an emotional moment for me. I really love him. I was touched as I couldn’t complete the rest of my journey after the 1st day.

Although I was initially sad for not completing the parikrama, I later felt happy that I had spent that one night by the North Face of Kailash. It had been my silent wish, and Mohanji fulfilled this, and I am immensely grateful to him for this. At the age of 70, I set foot on Kailash soil and had the darshan of Kailash and the Mansarovar Lake. I salute our Mohanji and team for organizing such a wonderful, amazing trip to Kailash. Very well organized. Shabas (well done!).

I was blessed to be there with all 26 wonderful souls. I would like to thank Mohanji and each and everyone who travelled with me for the moral support, loving touch and care given. I would also like to thank my dearest Sandra & Asja for giving me a good massage and reflexology therapy even after I tried convincing them I was alright.

Thanking my loving cousin Geetha, who was with me throughout the journey. And Madhusudanji for encouraging me to sign up. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you all so much. One of the most memorable trips of my life at the age of 70. 


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