A shield of protection

by a Mohanji follower

Always there for me & family! All I need to do is call out!!

It was April 2020 when I first came across Mohanji’s video accidentally during one of my worst phases – professionally. ‘Surrender to Sai Baba and Don’t Look Back‘ – how that video just flashed in front of me out of the blue when I was looking for some motivational video by Deepak Chopra to cheer me up, is another story altogether.

Since then, I have never looked back. Like many of us, the first thing I thought of during troubled times was Guru Mohanji ( I am consciously refraining from using “My” Guru in my attempts to reduce ownership). 

“Mohanji”, during the most tough times, you held my hand and have never left my side.

I lost my husband in a very unexpected, tragic manner. Never did I ever think this would happen to me. That one week, when he was in the ICU, was the longest week in my life when I was hoping against hope and praying that he would come out of a coma after a head injury and haemorrhage. Mohanji called me and did whatever he could. 

Sadly, my husband’s soul chose to leave this world. But on the day he left his body. I would never have imagined I would react in the calm and composed manner I did. I stoically accepted his passing away and filled out the requisite forms right before his lifeless body. Despite the magnitude of my grief, I maintained my composure during the post-mortem and cremation. It was as though an invisible force was giving me the inner strength to accept the inevitable. (all this along with my then 15-year-old daughter). Mohanji also ensured that I got a pandit to do the last rites at the crematorium, which again is another leela. 

After the cremation, when I was back home trying to sleep, I suddenly felt a pat on my cheek, which I felt was a communication from my husband. It was his typical gesture of appreciating or giving a light high five. 

I also got a job in a good company within two months of his passing on a Thursday when I had yet to apply. I have experienced many more instances of grace, which have been humbling experiences for me. 

He continues to guide and be with me whenever I think of him or reach out. He is a guiding force for my daughter, too. Only with his grace have we put the grief behind us and get our lives back on track. Otherwise, I would have been a broken person with no will to live.

A little before 7 October 2022, I almost met with an accident which could have caused grievous injuries to myself and the people with me. “Miraculous” is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the incident that could have had a tragic outcome if not for his grace. 

It was like a suraksha kavach (a protective shield) around me, minimising the effects of the accident. 

Coincidentally, Mohanji, too, met with an accident around the same time. To my mind, it seems like he took the impact of my accident on himself. The thought has shaken me up as well as filled me with a plethora of emotions which I am unable to express. I can only bow down in gratitude to Mohanji for his unconditional love and protection.

“Gurudev, your physical presence is vital for us. It is our lifeline. Please don’t deprive us of the joy of being able to see you when our hearts long to be in your presence. It is the essence of existence.”

Guru Mohana Nayanam Sharanam, 
Guru Mohana Vadana Sharanam, 
Guru Mohana Charanam Sharanam,
Bhava Sagara Taranam!


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  1. Bache

    I am 60 yr old and canot travel to Mumbai for programmed . How I can get the blessings of Mohan ji.

    Rajiv Sawhney

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