Dare to speak

By Paula Vouk, Slovenia

“Where the helpless are not supported, decline and decay befall. If you don’t raise your voice against unrighteousness, you are as guilty as the one committing it and will face the same consequences.”

Mohanji in the book Mast

I really like feeding beings. It makes me happy and light. Mohanji says that giving food to hungry beings immediately removes karmic blockages and negative emotions from us. I have experienced the effect many times, and now feeding animals and people is my favorite activity in the world.

So today, I was feeding deers. I was happy. After a while, I heard pigs making some noise from a nearby farm. I felt like saying hi to the pigs and giving some food to them too. I really care for pigs and feel like being very kind to them, knowing what kind of destiny awaits them.

The gate of the farm was open. The pigs were in several stalls behind a tall wooden fence. I could not see them until I came very close and could look over the fence. I never imagined this would be such an unwanted event for all of us. It was terrible for me and even worse for the pigs. When they saw me, they went crazy. They started running towards the back wall as far away from me as possible. The reaction was even worse when I was trying to give them some food and explain that I didn’t mean to hurt them and that I just wanted to say hi. The scene was like a horror movie.

About thirty pigs were jumping one over each other, competing who would have the best position, as far away from me as possible. The further away, the smaller the possibility of being forcefully dragged away from their family and slaughtered to be served for dinner. When I moved an inch, they would jump in panic. When I was still, they would stare at me with deep, deep fear in their eyes. Thirty pairs of innocent eyes, eyes full of horror, were staring at me at once. I don’t think I can ever forget this scene. I felt like a criminal. And I was a criminal. I was a human. It never felt so terrible being a human.

I went away in shock and sadness and sent some love from far. I was sorry I came and caused sorrow to them. I felt like I owed something to these eyes and hearts. To do something to show I am sorry. So I decided to write this text as my apology. Maybe someone else will understand.

I can’t wait to see the animals living in Mohanji Peace Centre we are creating in Slovenia. All beings will be respected as part of the family and treated with love, not cruelty. I feel every single life matters. If we love our life, we understand how precious each and every life is. It is not about numbers. It is about intention. Not acting is just agreeing with what it is, supporting unrighteousness, and paying the same price. In the end, we are only acting for ourselves and no one else.

In a way, I am grateful for this terrible experience. More than understanding, it brought more motivation to stand for the helpless. Desire to do more good work. Desire to prove we can be much better; may it last.

Thank you, Mohanji, for bringing so much brightness to my life that made me see my ignorance hiding in the dark. Thank you for empowering me to dare speak up and shed the ignorance from my heart. Without you, it would take a hundred more lives to see. Hundred more lives to feel. Hundred more lives to speak. And a hundred more lives to love.

With eternal gratitude and love!


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