Miracles of faith

Natalija Mejandzieva, Macedonia

“When you have faith, I do miracles.”


I have experienced happiness, love, gratitude, sadness, loneliness, confusion, acceptance and much more. This all happened in a very short time. I feel this was happening because of my decision to serve Mohanji.

How could I explain, and where should I start, because words are not enough. I am truly blessed to have had these experiences. When I started writing, I couldn’t stop, so I wanted to share one experience that was very meaningful for me.

“When you have faith, I can do miracles.” This sentence was ringing in my ears. I finally felt what it truly meant.

Two days before I started serving, my father had a heart attack. When he called to tell me, I felt calm and even tried to calm him down on the phone while he was breathing heavily. Then my mind got in the way, and all of these questions came up: Why am I being calm? What if he dies? What’s going to happen after that? Being an only child of divorced parents, I often had fears of losing them.

He called again and said he would be transferred to the capital city (where I am working) to have an urgent procedure. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, I felt that fear of losing him. I tried to sound calm on the phone.

I finished work and bought some things he needed in the hospital. They wouldn’t let me see him because he was in the Intensive Care department. With the grace of Mohanji, the way opened, and I got to be the exception to see my father. When I got there, they had already started with the procedure. I had to wait outside until they were done. 

Those 20 minutes I waited, I prayed to Mohanji to be with my father, guide him and take care of him. I surrendered my doubts and fears completely at his feet. I started connecting to him, felt him in my heart and found peace inside. I felt the calmness because, deeply, I knew everything would be okay. I had complete faith that all would be fine.

And everything was fine. My father was looking refreshed as he got up after rest. He then told me that the doctor said his chances of survival were 10 %. Everything happened in the right second. I wished him a happy birthday because he had started living his second life.

I felt so much love, support and gratitude. I feel like Mohanji was here all the time, holding my hand and giving me guidance and directions. I have never experienced this kind of stability. I felt like I was lying in his hands with my eyes closed, trusting him completely. I will remember this experience always. He is in my heart, and I am very grateful for everything he does for me daily.

I am grateful for the awareness and decision to share this with people. I am not so open, and I need so much time to start opening up. I feel this flowing so naturally, and I really want to share it with people. That day a few times, I thought – I want other people to experience this feeling I have.

Thank you so much for your grace and love.


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  1. I am eternally grateful to Mohanji for guiding and protecting my daughter Natalija. May all the Great Masters and all beings, who love Him, protect Him and keep Him safe. I love you very much baba, You are in my heart! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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