Empowered 5.0 – Towards the Dhuni

By Sanjay Acharya, Canada

After attending Empowered 5.0 personally, I know the true meaning of Empowered 5.0 is: Emotionally, mentally, & physically operating wonderfully even if rejected, ignored & in a disappointing situation. And 5.0 means learning to tune in with all the 5 elements within myself with 0 (zero) expectations & emotions.

Yes, it was indeed the most powerful Empowered program attended in person as I was not at all in the mind frame of attending personally. A couple of times, I said no to my wife, Alpa and my friend, Mahesh, that I was not going to Serbia as I had just returned from India after two and half months of stay there!

But we all know, Mohanji pulls the strings in HIS unique way, which we will never come to know. So one day, during the morning prayers & rituals, the matter went from mind to heart and tickets were booked to Serbia even before registering for the program. 

Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkan region, especially after receiving Mohanji’s blessings & empowered by Devi Mohanji’s divine energy. It was a beautiful feeling as soon as I landed there and felt a warm welcome by my Brother – Nemanja, at the airport and then the heartiest welcome by Serbian and Balkan team volunteers at the hotel reception. Thank you, Team! 

And that moment came when Mohanji entered the hall. Suddenly the entire energy of the hall changed with full of love & devotion from more than 200 participants. Everyone stood up, looking at Mohanji with deep gratitude. Personally, tears of joy, love & devotion started flowing down my cheeks! I was near the entrance door, and Mohanji just glanced towards me, and he was so full of love that I started melting right away.

Then the time came to receive a goody bag from Mohanji. I was walking towards the stage with my heart beating faster & faster. Mohanji looked at me and said, “Acharya, good to see you, Acharya.” I could speak only three words, “Thank you, Father.” I wanted to ask him that – from how many people and how much pain you took Deva from that accident. But I could not, and I just took my goody bag and returned to my chair. 

Here I would like to share my experience on Oct 7th, 2022, on the day Mohanji “faced” a car accident. It was morning here in Toronto, Canada. I was at work performing Process Instruments Calibration. Suddenly I experienced chest pain! My BP went up. I was so confused, and I could not understand what was happening. I was experiencing breathing problems too! I was totally blanked out! I stopped work and stood aside. It lasted for a few minutes, and then I became normal, as if nothing had happened. I continued the work. Probably many of us came to know during the Global Volunteer Meet when Mohanji himself informed us about the car accident on Oct 7th, 2022. 

Back to Empowered 5.0…. Mohanji explained the significance of Empowered 5.0 in a simple but very effective way. From the next day, we started meditating with a blindfold. Being a devotional person, I had a vision of Lord Ganesha in purple colours the very first day. I also smelled the jasmine fragrance while I felt was Lord Krishna with Radha. At one point, I could feel Mohanji come near me as I felt the breeze of HIS presence with HIS divine perfume fragrance. I also suddenly experienced Shirdi Baba’s presence, and my eyes started flowing continuously for more than 5 minutes. Indeed, it was a transformative program.

I am writing this after 15 days, and I feel that Mohanji broke one of my biggest hurdles in the path of Liberation, which I have been going through for a long time. It’s a huge blessing that after Empowered 5.0, I also moved very close to following Vegan food habits. It’s again a grace received through attending Empowered 5.0 in person. 

Last but not least, I must say amazing teamwork by all the Balkan volunteers and Serbian team. They all expressed an immense amount of love and care every moment. I offer my deepest gratitude to all of them, but especially to my friends Nemanja and Monika.

Thank you….The journey continues towards the Dhuni (sacred fire) of Dwarikamai….


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  1. Jai ! MohanJI, Unlimited Thanks !, to you Sanjay Acharya in sharing your experience and making us more Blessed…Infinite Thanks! to our Baba…

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