A new voice!

By Natalija Mejandzieva

On the last day of Empowered 5, Mohanji was finishing up with a final satsang. It was quite a long one. He was, as always, giving love unconditionally, focusing his time on us completely. 

“Consciousness is experiencing life on earth through me” – this rang in my head. I resonated with this very much, and I could honestly feel it after intensely working on the silence inside for the past couple of days as I experienced earlier that my emotions are here, they are happening, and they will go again. I saw this drama that the mind creates based on emotions. I felt so much lighter and was so grateful that I was aware of it. 

After the satsang, Mohanji got up from the chair he was sitting on and continued to walk towards the exit door. As always, there was a river of people who wanted to hug him. It was an unusually big number of people, so I stayed aside. I went a little closer, but still far behind people, just to watch and observe him. I stood there for a little while when he noticed me and called me himself. He asked: “Don’t you want a hug?” I was thrilled and said “Yes!” like a little girl. I hopped towards him and slipped into the hug. He then asked me, “Are you singing?” I said that I was. Then he touched my throat, gently squeezed it and said to me, “You should sing more.” I felt so grateful for the opportunity he gave me. I felt happy and fulfilled.

It was the next day I had a glimpse of what he actually did. That was the day when Jelena and I were supposed to record our vocals for the ACT Foundation song. We had a great day together, did some vocal exercises and went to the studio. She recorded first, and while this was happening, I wasn’t in the studio. When I came back, I started to sing, and somehow everything felt so nice and flowed easily. You have to know that the voice is not always ready and, in different periods, needs more or less preparation. It can sound different throughout the day. 

The recording process was so easy for me. Usually, when I go to record in a studio, I don’t like my voice. But this time, there was something different happening within me. After the first try, the producer turned and said to me, “You made it in only one try. And your voice sounds so nice!” I felt good after this, but at the same time, I was humble as always and said let’s try again. We recorded a few times, and I felt like I wanted to sing more because my voice was more open than before. I was thinking about why it was so easy to connect with my voice and find the right way to sing. I visualized myself having some different connection with it. I felt like I am amazing!

The same day, new pictures from the retreat came up on the official Mohanji Facebook page. I scrolled them down fast, and I found myself in one of the last pictures. It was the moment when he touched my throat. This was the sign. The moment was even photographed. It was so clear.

A few days after that, I got a chance to see Mohanji, and I told him about this feeling. Then he confirmed – “Yes, I gave you a new voice”. That is what he actually said! I was mind blown. He is inspiring and blessing me to walk towards the thing I love to do the most. I have sung so many times for the past few years but rarely felt this love and expression. And he even gets me closer to actually feeling it more. The thing I was not so good at was suppressing everything, and when the right feeling came, I couldn’t recognize it. 

So much gratitude and love I have for my Master. He is walking with me always, every step of the way. I am so lucky to be found. How lucky I feel to walk with Mohanji?

I know that there are a lot of things that are about to happen, and I am open to experiencing them.

Thank you for connecting me with Jelena. She is an amazing person and definitely is getting me out of every comfort zone ever! We are totally different, but we both feel there is a connection that has a higher purpose. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. The things I am aware of and the things I am unaware of.

I love you, your Musician!


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  1. Jai MohanJI, Blessed to read your Divine Experience with MohanJI Natalija, this shows that the Supreme knows all our Wishes and does what is good for us at the right moment, even without asking…Be Blessed…

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