Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 171 & 172

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 171 – Leading from the Front

Yesterday was a fantastic day in our holy land here in Slovenia, where the Mohanji Peace Center will be. It’s an extraordinary place that is becoming energized each day as we go there and perform work. We’re taking whatever steps we can. Yesterday was putting up the fencing all along the borders and the boundaries of the land. We completed the North and East sides – a big job with many meters to cover.

A few days ago, we had the exact survey, and we’re ensuring that boundaries are clear. Mohanji said that this is important because, energetically for the land, once the boundaries are clear and established, it makes the job of containing the energy in the land much easier. He said that now it can be like a leaky pot with some holes; when an activity takes place, it can dissipate. But that leaky pot is still very powerful. Just being on the land is itself very soothing and rejuvenating.

I look forward to everyone having the opportunity to spend some time there. Mohanji also shared that every activity done on the land adds to the land. All the Satsangs, meditation, and Shaktipat have a positive effect, as it all goes into the land itself.

Yesterday was another living lesson from Mohanji about leading from the front. He takes the time to ensure that even the most minor details are covered. Yesterday, we started the day with Mohanji giving an overall direction and vision to ensure everything was aligned to set everything right. He even helped with moving fence poles; I’m sure some people would have seen the pictures of Mohanji generally assisting us with what we needed to do. He was very much involved.

This always amazes me because he’s a very busy man, he has lots of work happening, yet he still takes time to come and support the activities. Even when we were going to set up mobile homes (which was quite a drive of two hours to get there), he joined so that he could take some time to look at and understand them better. Yesterday couldn’t have been any better. I feel that only grace helped us, bringing all the right people together for the work.

Here in Slovenia, the 1st of May is a public holiday. The 1st of May is when people and their families go for walks in the countryside or somewhere else. Some dedicated volunteers joined us, and we had just the correct number of people to do a quick, speedy and efficient job. In the end, it was a job well done before the rain came. This morning, we’re back there. There’s going to be some rain during midday, so we’re going early, and I’m also sending this recording a little bit earlier so we can get there for a good start.

Day 172 – Techniques Revealed 

From yesterday, as soon as the weather turned, there was a practical lesson in doing what you need to rather than what you love or want to do. Although we had the help of the neighbour with the tractor for some time, it started raining really heavily, and we were out there and got completely soaked. But we had to make the best use of that time and his help while we had it, rather than stopping so that we could do what was needed and now have a good plan for the rest of the days ahead. Yesterday, we were back on the land, continuing the work that had started the day before to put the fencing around the centre’s boundaries in Slovenia. We arrived much earlier than usual because of the rain coming in by 11 o’clock; we were there just after seven, and thankfully, as had happened on previous days, the right number of people turned up to give us the help that we needed.

We managed to do everything just in time before the rain started. So far, every day has been like this; we’ve set a good timeline. It has been quite aggressive as we’ve set challenging targets. Everything has come together, whether it’s the volunteers or resources or materials, all at the right time for it to happen. We are working to a reasonable timeline, and people are providing their support at the right time and when it is needed. The work is flowing. There’s definitely sheer grace supporting us and everything that we’re doing. It’s good hard work which is moving well with speed and clarity. 

For example, yesterday, the assistance came from one of the neighbours who owns a farm and has a tractor. He was able to help us finish off all the fencing posts using the tractor to push them down into the ground, which was a fantastic help. He was only available yesterday morning, and thankfully, we managed to finish all the preparations just in time.  

After we finished our work yesterday before the neighbour arrived, we had time to experiment with a Siddha technique, which Mohanji had provided to us earlier; he’d spontaneously given it a few days ago. 

There’ll be a space on the land, in the centre, where everybody can practise this in the future. We set up what we needed to, and we had an experiment. It’s designed to bring the whole system into alignment, something you can do after you wake up. You can do this; practice this technique. It indeed felt like it was excellent. I’m excited about what else comes because when I asked Mohanji about this, he said there’ll be many more techniques and practices.

I remember, back during the time in Bangalore, when we would do the processes as part of the abundance retreat or another retreat. There wasn’t much preparation for Mohanji before these; he’d have time, and then in the 15 minutes or half-hour before we began, he would have assessed who was joining. He would create something spontaneous; it would come. Afterwards, I’d ask, and he would share that it’s either an avadhūta technique or a Siddha technique, so all of these are coming, he’s revealing these, but sometimes, it’s not so obvious for people to catch on to that it’s a technique, but they’re all unique in their own right.

Once we have established the centre, Mohanji said that he’d be able to bring much more, and we can have different parts of the centre where one can practice each of these. There’ll be some meditation or something for connecting with nature more deeply in the forest and things like this. People can then come in and include it in their sādhanā; it will be extraordinary.


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