Taste of Silence, Body on Standby

by Biljana Vozarevic

Experience during Empowered 5.0 at Zlatibor, Serbia, October 2022

This has been the most intense spiritual practice I have ever had. As we already had thorough preparation in theory and practice, we could immediately get down to the next level to taste a bit of inner silence.

“In the depth of silence, you will see me.”  


Through the Mohanji team, a card welcomed us into our rooms, conveying a message filled with tremendous love: 

“Dear master in the making, welcome to your cave
during the Empowered 5.0 experience.
As you detach from the outside world of
impressions, sensations, distractions, 
you will have an opportunity to dive deeper
into your inner world. Follow the SILENCE within,
and it will lead you to meet your TRUE SELF.
Mohanji will be with you every step of the way
as you enter into your safe space WITHIN.
Welcome, dear Master, your journey awaits you.”

Details make a difference, and I was really touched by this message.

It was going out of our comfort zone ultimately, with reduced external triggers, reduced movements and mild vegan food. Everything was conducive to going within, penetrating into oneself. 

Mohanji was preparing us well. He said, “Don’t eat unless you have to, don’t drink unless you have to, don’t sleep unless you have to.”

Along with Mohanji’s guidance, the Group Mai-Tri sessions conducted by Devi Mohan helped release emotions and tons of impressions. It was immensely powerful, and I felt more open and well-prepared to go into deeper sadhana. Through this process, I went into an ecstatic state while tears were rolling down, and I felt my heart expand larger than the hall. 

I meditated and relaxed a lot. I felt well-rested and caught up with the missed sleep due to my busy lifestyle.

I felt as if Mohanji had filled in special energy in the hall conducive to meditation and penetrating within. It felt like the energy of the cosmos, galaxies and intergalactic space, so the meditative state would not disappear. It stayed persistently throughout the whole program.

I have been on water therapy every morning since I became an Acharya in January 2019, and I know what it means. That morning I drank seven glasses, about 1.5 litres of coherent water (Analema or Somarka), and after a while, a small breakfast. But miraculously, despite drinking so much water, I didn’t have any call of nature. I challenged myself to stay as long as possible, even until the end! It is 7.5 hours. I persisted without much effort; it only required a bit of effort towards the end.

I noticed some patterns in my thought process. The pattern was to continue some discussions that had happened earlier and where I felt I had more to say.

I noticed that when I focused on the practice, Mohanji had advised us to do, I didn’t feel my body but just a pleasant flow of energy. The focus was nourishing. But when I started thinking and talking in my head, observing thought patterns and pictures appearing one after another, I would start feeling discomfort in my body. I would refocus and continue. 

At one moment, I felt I needed to get up and go for a toilet break. I felt I would disappoint myself by not completing my challenge. I thought, let me break earlier, and I will try some other day. When I went out, I was curious. I recognised I have the inclination to overcome boundaries. Now this inclination came out and expressed itself. I signalled to the lady at the reception, pointing at my left wrist. She understood I was asking about the time. She showed me the clock. It was 17:04! Precisely the end of the day. On the way back to the hall, I heard Nikolina announcing the end of that day’s sadhana and the schedule for the next day. 

I was so overwhelmed and grateful. Tears of gratitude started rolling down my cheeks. I bowed down to the vastness called Mohanji at his chair and sobbed a bit in gratitude mixed with a feeling of accomplishment. “Mohanji, you did it! Thank you so much for giving me this experience!” No need for food, water, toilet even though I had drunk 1.5 l of water that morning. The whole body was like on standby for 7.5 hours. I had never experienced anything like that state before. 

Now, after the whole program, I feel rejuvenated, fresh and light, full of energy. I feel empowered. I tasted a bit of silence and am determined to continue with the lifestyle conducive to finding inner silence, as much as my commitments allow. I experienced how much power we have over our bodies. When we enter a particular energy zone, we let the whole body be on standby. Similarly, when we force detachment, it doesn’t happen. 

But the more I connect to consciousness and are tuned to the energy aspect, a subtle aspect, then detachment happens by itself. 

I believe my ability to avoid attracting desires also has increased. When I tasted silence, my desires became directed to that – coming home to eternal silence. 

I also experienced that I am not this body. I felt that I am the merger of physical and metaphysical, gross and subtle.

Finally, by tasting the silence, a tremendous feeling of self-sufficiency increased. I didn’t go through any crises caused by the deprivation of external stimuli. I had a sense of well-being without needing anything external, leading to a liberated existence.

I am incredibly grateful to Mohanji for this opportunity and humbled by the experience, transformed as a tiny dot in the whole universe, showered by and filled with omnipresent, inexhaustible, omnipotent love.  


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