Epitome of love

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I want to share my experience of meeting Mohanji for the first time. I have been with Mohanji since May 2020. To give a little background information, Mohanji visited Canada in 2018 during the Prana pratishta of the Shirdi Sai Baba idol at the Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada. I received an invitation at that time to come and join. It is said that Mohanji is the Master who finds you, rather than you finding him. However, I didn’t pay attention and lost that opportunity; I probably wasn’t ready to meet him. 

After a few twists and turns, I reached Mohanji through YouTube videos about Shirdi Sai Baba. I have been Baba’s devotee for many years. The first video that I watched was “How to Surrender to Shirdi Sai Baba” by Mohanji. Everything he said in the video got imprinted on my mind and deeply touched my heart. It felt as if I understood the true meaning of surrender for the first time. 

I watched a few more videos by Mohanji and shared one of the videos with a friend who had given me the invitation to the Prana pratishta in 2018. She told me that this is the same Mohanji about whom I told you two years back. I was taken aback as I realized that he was the Guru for me. With each passing day, the desire to meet him was increasing in intensity. 

Mohanji came in my dreams, telling me that he would come to Canada, but Covid kept on testing everyone. Finally, the good news came that Mohanji would come to Canada on the 16th of March, 2022. Now I was ready to receive my Guru. So many emotions were passing through my mind. While there was excitement and joy in meeting my Guru, there was also worry about whether I would be able to spend time with him to my heart’s content. Additionally, there was sadness that he would leave Canada within a short amount of time.

Thus, I poured my heart into a letter and placed it under his Padukas. Mohanji took care of everything so beautifully. Ultimately, the much-awaited day arrived. The night before, I couldn’t sleep in excitement. My husband and I took half of a day off from work to receive Mohanji at the airport. I want to add here that my husband has back issues and isn’t able to drive for very long. I live approximately an hour away from both the airport and the Datta Tapovan Ashram. The distance between the airport and the Ashram is also around an hour. 

Initially, the plan was to greet Mohanji at the airport and come back. Though my heart was not satisfied with that arrangement, I agreed, considering my husband’s health. An evening before Mohanji’s arrival, my thoughts went to thinking about how my birthday had just passed and how beautiful it would have been to cut my birthday cake with Mohanji holding my hand and me being his little daughter. After that, I thought, why couldn’t I celebrate it with him now! 

I spoke to my husband, and we ordered a vegan cake. Luckily, the bakery was able to prepare the cake for the next day, even at such short notice, but the truth is that when Mohanji is at play, anything can be done. Now, the bakery was in Brampton, close to the airport. We decided to pick up the cake on our way to the airport. Looking at my desperation, my husband offered to take me to the Ashram as well, despite his health issues. I was on cloud nine!

The next day, Sanjay bhaiya reached the airport early and told us that due to Covid restrictions, it would not be a good idea to come to the airport. Instead, it would be better to go to the Ashram directly. The point to be noted here is that Mohanji reduced my husband’s 3.5-hour drive to 2 hours. Now, the question was that I still needed to pick up the cake from Brampton, so I called a friend and asked her if she would be able to pick up the cake, but the bakery was far from her place, and she was already running late! 

I was in a dilemma, but out of nowhere, Manisha didi called to ask me what my plans were about coming to the Ashram. While talking to her, I realized that the bakery was just a mere 4 minutes drive from her place. On asking, she readily offered to pick up the cake. I was relieved; Mohanji was at work! After Mohanji arrived at the airport, he left for the Ashram, and so did we from our home. My younger daughter made a little drawing for Mohanji, which we forgot at home, and this made my daughter sad, so we went back to fetch the drawing. However, this caused us to get delayed. 

I desired to reach the Ashram before Mohanji did, but he had different plans. On my way to the Ashram, Alpa ji called me and said that Mohanji was tired, so we will cut the cake tomorrow rather than today, to which I agreed (probably, Mohanji was testing me). Now I got worried that if I got late, Mohanji would go for rest before I had the chance to meet him. That one hour felt like one year, and every single second took so long to pass. In my head, I was talking to Mohanji, and I asked him, “Baba (Mohanji), don’t you want to meet your daughter the way I am longing to meet you?” 

We finally reached the Aashram only to realize that Mohanji had already arrived and Mohaji’s Aarti was going on. As I saw Mohanji for the first time, Mohanji uttered, “Supreet has come! Welcome, Supreet!” I had a mask on, but somehow, Mohanji knew it was me. Here I was thinking of welcoming him, but he received me with so much love.

I couldn’t hold myself back and, like a toddler, ran to him and hugged him. My tears of joy refused to hold back. I held him for a good five minutes, and he poured immense love on me and instantly, I felt so contented as if I was longing for this contentment for many lifetimes. 

He didn’t stop here. We all went to the basement to eat dinner. Mohanji was upstairs, but he came down to meet all present there. He was standing with us and said, “You are coming for Baba’s abhishekam tomorrow.” Although that was not my plan, how could I refuse when your Guru says it with so much love.

While we were talking, Manjiri didi mentioned to Mohanji that there was a cake to cut. He said, “Bring it; we will cut.” I said, “Baba if you are tired, we can cut it tomorrow.” His answer was, “No, no. We will cut it now; cake is always welcome.” He fulfilled my inner wish. Mohanji held my hand, and we cut the cake together, just the way I wanted. I don’t have words to convey what I experienced. The joy, the bliss, it was all beyond words. 

The next morning, we reached Baba’s abhishekam around 5 a.m. I got the opportunity to touch Mohanji’s lotus feet. Yesterday, when I met him, he was a parent to me and today, he is a Guru to me. The question he asked me at that time was, “Are you happy?” I said, “Yes, Baba. Very happy.” Mohanji knows everything, and he fulfils our every wish. 

With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank my Baba (Mohanji) for these amazing moments that I will relive all the time in my heart. Thank you, Baba. I love you so much. You are truly the epitome of love. 


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