Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 127 & 128

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 127 Lesson – Appreciating People 

Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

I’ve been sharing in the past days that many activities are speeding up now. The variety is also increasing. Last month, at the Global Summit, we set some great goals for 2021. Mohanji is really encouraging us to do what we can today because we don’t know what will come tomorrow, bringing momentum, speed and pace. 

Looking back through my notes for Invest in Awareness, I found some notes from a conversation with Mohanji on the importance of appreciating people. I realized and recognized that my general tendency when things or activities become hectic is that I tend to narrow down on what has to happen rather than on the people around me. In some respect, this tendency could have a weakness or cause missed opportunities. Re-reading this passage of notes about appreciation and how it can help, I’m relearning that this has a great value. 

We can all think about our own life of what happens when somebody appreciates us. Usually, it makes us feel good, inspiring us to do more. It helps us carry on doing what we’re doing and even push ourselves to do something additional. So if that’s how it makes us feel, then that’s how it makes others feel. 

In a big global family like this, it has great value because there is an element of appreciation behind every innovation and transformation. Someone may have said, “Okay, you’re doing well.” Thus, appreciating people helps an organization; it helps individually and collectively. 

Looking back through some more of the notes, I realized that this aligns with Mohanji’s teachings of giving back to the world. The more we start giving to the world, people, and situations in the form of appreciation, we get a lot back. The more we appreciate, the more we will be appreciated. This is relearning for me.

In all the busyness, with all the activities and the focus to move things forward and take steps, remembering to appreciate the people around who are contributing time, energy, resources and themselves fully to these activities is important.

Hope you have a great day.

Day 128 Lesson – Coming closer to the fire

 Good morning everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

Yesterday as we were travelling, I spoke with another person and with Mohanji about the changes we’ve experienced in our life since connecting with Mohanji. For me and others, the shifts are intense as we begin to serve Mohanji more closely. I’ve shared before in another voice message that when one comes closer to the fire, there are two options that can happen. One is that you transform in that fire; you lose all your identifications, comfort zones, and boundaries; or the other option is that it becomes too intense, you get burned, and then you run away. That running away is essentially falling back to comfort zones, patterns, habits, and everything we are used to in life. 

The conversation was a good reflection on some of the changes that could happen. One of the things that stood out in this conversation as a good point of reflection is that I began to see many of the relationships I’ve held in life in a different light. As my awareness increased, my clarity on certain topics and realities of life and relationships was also seen through a different lens. I realized that many of these were superficial and dropped off over time. It’s not because there’s a good or bad, but just the understanding that whatever created that connection is no longer there. 

In the process of becoming more aware and gaining more clarity, one of the challenges is confusion. We’re shifting from a life that we were very much used to, to something different and not used to. That shift requires moving from superficial identifications, or usual life, to reality or truth. These times and these periods can vary in intensity, as I’ve experienced connecting with Mohanji. As Mohanji spoke before, he’s constantly breaking comfort zones. For me, it’s happened time and time again; expectations are smashed, comfort zones are broken, and understanding about myself and identifications are all completely trashed or challenged, which can be very uncomfortable. This path is about demolishing patterns and can become extremely painful because it’s constant.

But what comes out of it is definitely – a lightness, a new/fresh perspective, and more ease in life. Something that I’ve noticed, as I’ve come closer to serving Mohanji, is that there’s really no end to this. There will be an end at some point, but it comes and goes. Time after time, there’s always a challenge of these patterns, of these comfort zones. So when people want to come, connect to Mohanji and serve him more closely, it can be quite challenging. Because as the intensity increases, and if people are holding on to patterns, it becomes suffering. As I mentioned before at the start, there are only really one of two options. It’s either a complete transformation in that fire, or by holding on to past life, it becomes suffering; people get burned, and they leave. 

This is why he always warns people or at least asks them when they come closer or would like to serve him, “Are you sure? Are you ready?” Because the only thing that can really help pull people through is when they’re crystal clear that that’s the priority they want to set for their life. 

Hope you have a good day and will speak to you soon.

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