Mohanji’s silent message to a devotee

By Charles Ndifon Londi, Canada

Mohanji advocates a vegan lifestyle, and this makes sense when viewed from the ahimsa (non-violence to all sentient beings) perspective. The beauty of his style is that it is suggestive and not forced upon the devotee, and this enables him/her to handle the changes that come with adherence to Consciousness Kriya (a lifestyle of humility, non-violence, gratitude and purity). And so, quite frankly, some will give up meat and meat products slowly and in a natural way. 

It will come from within and not so much from without. However, along the way, there will be silent nudges and reminders from Mohanji of the virtues of leading a vegan lifestyle. This is what happened to a Mohanji devotee in the Congo Democratic Republic, Joseph, whom I jokingly call Tonton Jeff, the grand Hindu of Congo. The story that follows is about his experience, and he has granted me permission to narrate it for the edification of all.

On account of many household chores, he had to engage another housemaid soon after, the former one left. After some time, he realized that the new housemaid, unlike the former one, would not eat whenever food was served with meat. Joseph decided to ask her why she was behaving in that way. The young lady told him she is a Christian, and the Pastor of her church discourages the eating of animal flesh. 

The young lady to whom I spoke said all congregation members are strict vegetarians. The church members come together and produce something that resembles meat from non-animal ingredients, and this is sold to congregants as a viable food source. So the encounter with meat at Joseph’s home caused her to become squeamish, and she just kept away whenever food with traces of animal flesh was served. 

The run-up to this situation, she said, was her health which was never good until she joined this Christian church where fasting and prayers were done, and the eating of meat in all forms was eschewed. Thereafter, she was relieved of all her health afflictions, she said, and that is why she could not go back to eating animal flesh. And here, the silent but audible voice of Mohanji comes in. 

In my conversation with Joseph, he himself told me that he understood this subtle message from Mohanji through his housemaid and that he’ll make efforts to be like her housemaid too. I was very thrilled by this story which illustrates the use of what some call the ‘Golden Tongued’ wisdom by great Masters operating in the Supreme God Consciousness/Awareness to pass across messages without saying a word directly to the person for whom a message is destined. 

It may be through even a mad man, a signpost, a billboard, radio or television advertisement, a casual statement by a friend or stranger, etc. Joseph’s housemaid’s story made me wake up to the voice of Guru Mohanji, the voice of God, all around me, and this may well be a message for anyone else.

From the maid’s experience, I deduce that even if one were not a spiritually-minded person, a vegan lifestyle has a huge positive impact on one’s personal health, which is a plus, not a minus. I have, since becoming a Kriya Yogi, tried to do some research on human beings and meat-eating, and this is what I found out. 

The intestines of human beings aren’t designed to handle meat, so man is actually a herbivore (eating leaves and plants). If a herbivore eats meat (man, for example), it takes a very long time to exit the body, putrifies and produces noxious gases and all kinds of toxins that compromise health. 

It cannot be gainsaid that human beings, who are by nature herbivores, don’t have a problem with meat digestion and excretion. Perhaps Joseph’s housemaid’s story of chronic ill health and becoming well and vibrant after she stopped eating meat is a good signpost for anyone who cares nothing about spirituality but just wants to improve their health. One may well stumble on Mohanji’s guidance to physical and spiritual healing in the process. 


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 19th May 2022


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