Eruption of Causeless Laughter 

By Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

Experience during Empowered 5.0 at Mohanji Peace Centre in Obrenovac, Serbia 

17-26th Aug 2023

Sometimes, we work hard for the best results; on the other hand, the best things happen out of the blue, without expectations. I learnt and accepted that, in both cases, we get what we deserve, not what we desire. Life brings us the results of our past actions, whether we are conscious of them or not. During Empowered 5.0 at MPC Obrenovac, Mohanji mentioned many times grateful is graceful. The more gratitude, the more grace we accumulate. And grace is the only thing worth fighting for. It helps a lot on a spiritual journey. 

This was the second Empowered 5.0, taking us deeper than the first one. It was meant to help us withdraw from our senses. That is why consistency is essential. Each Empowered 5.0 takes us deeper within. During the 10-day program of intense spiritual practice, we had an exceptional environment – proper vegan food, sleep, nature, and an energised place with live murtis of Ganesha, Dattatreya, and Shirdi Sai Baba at the venue. And a true Master was there! It would have been a real self-injustice if we hadn’t used these to the fullest. Whatever guidance Mohanji gave, I obeyed sincerely. 

Mohanji’s Omniscience

Mohanji spontaneously showed his omniscience. For example, he called people by their names during the photo session. How did he know their names?! He had never met them in person before. Or even if he did, they were in the audience, and they weren’t introduced to each other in person. He said, “Oh, Tihomir, come,” warmly like to a best friend. Or “Oh, Isidora,…”

Another example was when Devi mentioned how Mohanji noticed that some people had bloated bellies, so he guided her to do pavanmuktasana, a yoga posture for it.

Furthermore, during the morning satsangs, Mohanji said directly, “I see what you are thinking. Your thoughts are crazy. So I prefer not to look at them much. You are here physically, but you are somewhere else in your mind. You think, what is going to be for the lunch. It is a really stupid state to be in.”

Eruption of Causeless Laughter

I followed the new technique as much as I could. Sometimes, I skipped lunch or dinner because I didn’t want to interrupt practice or because I was absorbed within and didn’t hear the call.

I had trained myself earlier to feel the energy within, and now I had enough time to romance it. Breath and I were like two lovers trying to live harmoniously with the heartbeat. There were times when this orchestra was noisy and out of chord, and fortunately, there were times when they played celestial symphonies of inner realms. Then, nothing outside bothered me. I felt like I was floating on a boat on the peaceful sea, with a breeze over my body, and I was astonished when the program organisers said it had been the 10 hottest days of the year. 

On the 10th day, after sitting for so long, I felt like relaxing my body a bit. The moment I touched the floor with my torso and the head, just out of the blue, my heart opened. I was overwhelmed by uncontrolled, ecstatic laughter and tears, like when an innocent baby or a toddler bursts into laughter and giggles. Laughter bordered with crying. Tears were rolling from the corners of my eyes down to my ears. The eruption of laughter, accompanied by crying out of joy, continued and continued, as per my feeling, for about half an hour; it was pure ecstatic bliss beyond time and space!

When I started thinking what it was, it would subside for a breath or two, and then it continued again. Luckily, the eruption was much stronger than my mind, and my heart was able to bear such an explosion. I was addressing Mohanji in these moments with gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for this experience, and I wanted it to last forever!

I had experienced such prolonged ecstatic laughter once at the intensive retreat with Mohanji in Andrevlje and once after Conscious Dancing with Devi during Aarati to Sai Baba, which followed up. But both times, it was triggered by some activity. Here, it came out of silence and as a cumulative effect of the Yoga Nidra marathon with Devi and other processes, enabled by and accompanied by Mohanji’s energy work. He worked on each of us individually, as always. Although retreats are group programs, we always get a customised approach. 

Mohanji says, “Causeless laughter flushes the mind out. The mind cannot stay when there is no cause. The mind thrives on causes. When the mind is flushed out, ego and intellect (logic) are also flushed out. When everything is flushed out, the inside becomes empty. No causes mean no flavours. No thoughts. No agenda. In that empty space, when everything is nullified, fundamental corrections in character and constitution can happen. This is induced by a seeming activity such as laughter. 

However, causeless laughter is equal to the silence of beingness. It is stillness because the mind is still. The mind has no idea what is going on. It is bewildered. Causeless laughter has no pattern or reason. It is not bound by any particular stimuli or even joy. It is based on nothing.

The presence of a higher being or the one who has mastered his mind or a true spiritual personality could possibly affect this experience in a seeker if they drop analysis, judgement and comparison. If the seeker approaches a master with emptiness and no agenda, usually the master delivers them causeless joy. When the seeker approaches the master with a distinct agenda, more often than not, the result will be disappointment. Emptiness is the key here, and the benefit would be unbelievable. 

When joy sprouts from inside for no reason, when the proximity of a master who is empty triggers causeless joy, uncontrollable laughter takes place in the constitution of a true seeker, and it flushes out the mind matter and makes it empty. 

In the empty canvas, the master leaves the seeds of immortality – liberation. It can change habits, character and even life. It can establish silence from the core. It can create magic in life. Causeless laughter has the power of 1000 sincere meditations. Proximity of higher beings and recognising them, experiencing them, feeling them more than seeing them makes this possible.”

Such an experience is unique for me but not limited to a chosen few. In 2015, I remember Raj Sethi wrote about his experience in Scotland. He called it “Laughing Buddha, A Mystical Rendezvous with Mohanji”. He had been a heavy smoker and wanted to give up cigarettes but couldn’t. After that, he stopped smoking.

Another example was Deva, an old man who came all the way from the US to this program. He told us how once he asked Mohanji, “What is bliss?” And Mohanji tapped him on the back a few times. Deva burst into laughter and couldn’t stop laughing. Now, he can remember that experience and where true light is. During the photo shoot, whenever Mohanji gently tapped his back, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He continuously emphasised that love is not only inherent within us but also the sole necessity we need to express in our lives. 

It will take me some time to settle and realise what changes have happened on subtler levels in my character and constitution. I feel much more acceptance and deeper relaxation as a result of it. There is definitely more stability, focus and stillness. I would give up 1000 holidays in Turkey, 1000 holidays on Azure Beach, and 1000 holidays in Egypt for one day of being in Mohanji’s divine presence again.

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