One with the Master

by Rimjhim Prasad, India

An experience from Empowered 5.0

Before I share my experiences with Mohanji, I bow down to him with my heart full of gratitude for standing by me and letting me complete this ten-day event. Successfully completing the event itself was a big challenge for me as I faced a lot of resistance from my family members, dealing with their emotional blackmail and ignorance. But I surrendered to my Guru Mohanji and sought blessings from Sai Baba to be with me and help me complete Empowered 5.0 successfully. I bow down to them with gratitude. I bow down to Deviji for taking us through the wonderful experience of Yoga Nidra and Conscious Gapless Breathing (CGB).

Yoga Nidra on all the days with Devi Mohan was very intense. But on the fourth day of Yoga Nidra, as I lay on the mat in Shavasana after surrendering all the negative aspects of mine to Mohanji, which he was collecting in a bowl, I felt as if from every nerve and cell of my body, something was being pulled out with a lot of force. I felt an excruciating pain in my entire body, so much so that I turned and tossed from side to side, sobbing.

After some time, the pain subsided, and I felt much lighter from within, but I started to shiver. I was feeling cold. I pulled a blanket over me (despite the heat); shivering continued as if I was running a temperature. I was sobbing incessantly. But after some time, I felt very peaceful from within and fell asleep.

I woke fresh at 4 a.m. (my usual wake-up time). I felt rejuvenated as if a deep cleansing had happened from within, resetting my entire system. I resumed my practice of deep silence as immense peace prevailed from within. Thank you, Deviji, for all your effort to help us align and experience oneness with Mohanji.

But the most beautiful experience for me was on Day 4 of CGB. Deviji took us through the process of gapless breathing. After completion, as I lay on the mat contemplating deep within, in silence, I saw Mohanji in his most expanded form, standing right next to me, shining brighter than a thousand suns. I stared at the vision, awestruck. Mohanji’s face was not visible as it was glowing in brilliance, shining in golden light, arms stretched out to welcome anyone who surrendered at his golden feet. I wondered if it was for real, or an apparition or a figment of my imagination, unable to move or respond.

Suddenly, I felt like I was being pulled towards the dazzling golden light of Mohanji like a magnet. I looked like a small speck of black dot being drawn toward the golden light, ready to be swallowed in its radiating brilliance. I shuddered for a second before I vanished entirely into him. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I sobbed and sobbed.

Was it surreal? Was it my imagination? I know not! But I feel blessed to experience Mohanji in such magnificence. I felt his deep love in my heart. I don’t know whether he showed me my future or if it was an experience. As Mohanji says, do not think and analyse; just enjoy the moment, enjoy the experience! I bow down to him with love and gratitude.

Genuinely speaking, I do not have enough words in my dictionary to show my gratitude to him. He has changed me from a non-vegetarian to a vegetarian to a vegan. But this is the tangible and the visible part. The unfathomable love I have received from him constantly, his presence, and his guidance have given me new life as if I’ve been reborn.

Love you, Mohanji, as I see Sai Baba in you!

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