Guidance in a dream

By Dr Umesh Dayanandan

Dr Umesh is Mohanji’s school classmate and is a well known homoeopath serving many of the Mohanji followers through his homoeopathic medicines throughout the globe.

I was going through a lot of stress due to my work of converting my Kuwait clinic into an online clinic. It involves a lot of medicine work at the dispensary and also paperwork like scanning patient files, uploading all data etc. Added to that, I had a lot of financial commitments which I was unable to fulfill. This gave me tremendous mental strain, and I kept worrying a lot about it.

I decided to call Mohan and tell him about these problems and ask him to bless me so that I could overcome this situation. I kept thinking about this for a few days but somehow couldn’t find the right opportunity and time to tell him, although we had been conversing several times about many other things.

Mohan made video calls at times and gave me a glimpse of the beautiful place where he stays, at the Mohanji Center of Benevolence in Walpole, Australia. Finally, one night, it disturbed me to such an extent that I decided to call him up first thing in the morning when I woke up.

Surprisingly the next morning, I woke up around 4:15 am, and in that sleepy state, I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and recorded a message in my own voice as I was afraid that I might forget what I heard.

I had a dream in the early hours of the morning on the 11th of April. Mohan was sitting on a stage somewhere. I can see a lot of people sitting before him and listening to him. As I entered the place, he called out my name and said, “Umesh! This is for you. Please recite this mantra. Sarvottama Vasundhara Namo Namah.”

And he says it out three times, with his left hand lifted up, palm facing upwards and slightly flexed anticlockwise as he spoke the first part of the mantra. The next word he said with both hands brought close to his chest, with a peculiar gesture of his hands and fingers.
Then the third part was with the typical Namaste pose.

And then………
I am asking a lady who’s beside me to please remember this mantra for me, as I want to learn it. I’m afraid I might forget, as Mohanji was repeatedly saying it. I could not believe that such a thing could happen to me – Mohan coming in my dream and giving me a solution to my problems. I can understand that I could dream of Mohan appearing in my dream, as many would have dreamt. But the fact that he told me a mantra that I had never ever heard before in life was absolutely astonishing.

I quickly googled to even see if such a mantra or such words ever existed. And the meaning of this mantra and the effects of reciting it were amazing. The next day I called Mohan and narrated the whole episode to him and its immediate effect on me.

And he said, “That’s a very powerful mantra; you should repeatedly chant this mantra as many times you can during the day, and this is going to change your life in several ways.” All that I could say at that moment to him was, “I love you Mohan.” He also advised me not to recite it after sunset.

Truly, it is a great blessing to be his classmate and a close friend and an even greater blessing to begin to realize, to see, to feel and to understand the awesome Mohanji in him. Jai Mohanji! I love you Mohan.


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