Internal weightlessness

By Meghan Rose, USA 

It was Sunday, November 27th, when I was invited to an event hosted by Mohanji Acharya, Bhavani. I wasn’t sure if I could go because the event was an hour away, and it was going to happen right when my HSTY (Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga) training was supposed to end. However, Bhavani persisted that I join even if I showed up late, and I took it as a sign that I should go. I decided I’ll go even if I missed the first activity, Conscious Gapless Breathing. I thought to myself that meeting some Mohanji family members in person and doing a group activity would be a good experience.

As the next week went on, I started really looking forward to the event. I understood that we would be receiving Mohanji Energy Transfer which I have never experienced. Naturally, I became quite curious as to how it would feel to receive that! The day before the event, I was notified that the event would begin an hour later so that I don’t miss any of the activities.

On the day of the program, I got ready during the break from my HSTY classes and stayed for the remainder of the lectures. When it turned 5 minutes to 12, I hit the road and had nonstop thoughts during the card ride. I finally made it, and my nerves started feeling sensitive. I had never been to a Mohanji family event in person yet, and I was a little nervous and excited.

When I got inside, everyone was very friendly, and we all engaged in conversation before we started the activities. It was nice to start that way! The first activity was Conscious Gapless Breathing which I had never done before. My body started shaking a bit as the instructions were given. We were given heads-up that we might feel dizzy after. I got worried but chose to persevere. I told myself this was a trick of the nerves and that if I sat with it and continued anyway, it would get better.

We started the Conscious Gapless Breathing, and I could feel tingling throughout my lips, nose, temples and around my head. It wasn’t disturbing, and I really enjoyed the activity. I didn’t even get dizzy and felt calmer! But what was to come after really was something….

Bhavani asked us to lie down and played a really lovely chant. She guided us to continue breathing, with each breath to sink more into ourselves. We also started a visualization process where we imagined golden light going through both sides of the body. With every exhale, I could feel myself sinking more inside and pictured golden light going through me.

Soon I started to feel a warm weight in my palms, and it was as if my body was sinking into the floor. I began to feel completely weightless from the inside. I can’t explain this feeling in words. It was similar to the weightlessness you feel when the plane is taking off, but this time it was me taking off inside my body! It WAS me being weightless!

I began to wonder, “Is Mai-Tri going on? This wasn’t mentioned as part of the program!” I felt similar sensations during Mai-Tri, but this was way more intense. It continued, and I felt different from how I normally do during the waking state or even dream state. I knew that I was in the room, but I was feeling so weightless in my body. I kept seeing this golden color as my eyes remained closed. I wasn’t sure what would happen if this continued. Would I leave my body?! I laughed a little out of both nervousness and enjoyment. I had never felt this before, and my mind started making me question if I should try to go a little more back into my body.

As we wound up the session, the feeling slowly started to go down. I really didn’t want it to end. We sat up, and I asked Bhavani if she was doing Mai-Tri, to which she told me no! That is when it hit me that this was being done without a practitioner even invoking the process. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Before the event, I was waiting to see what would happen during the Mohanji Energy Transfer, but this was a beautiful surprise. I’m really grateful that Mohanji gave me this experience.

We finished with Power of Purity and the Mohanji Energy Transfer. I started craving Indian food and several moments later realized Indian food was being prepared for us! We spoke for a couple of hours and visited the Sai Datta Peetham temple. It was my first time being there for me, and I’m grateful Bhavani was with me to show me some temple etiquette and guide me.

Going to this event showed me how powerful it can be to be in the presence of the Mohanji Family and how God can give us wonderful experiences when we don’t even ask for them. I love you, Mohanji and the Mohanji Family. Thank you for changing my life and giving me a sense of belongingness.


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