Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 183 & 184

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 183 – The Weight we carry 

Today I wanted to share more about Mohanji, and his other work, which might not be so visible in the outer world that we are used to. All the activities happening worldwide through the various organizations are fantastic, but Mohanji is working on other levels too. Today I wanted to talk about the karmic weight or work he is lifting.

 I understand from what Mohanji has said, “We all have a karmic weight, and our karma is a mixture of three main elements. They are:

  1. Lineage karma – we are the inheritors of our body from our parents, who are the representations of our lineage; we also gain an inheritance from them. From all the generations of that lineage, there’s a karmic element which is inherited. These could be pending desires or things our family members have done in the past, affecting us now. That’s one element of family or lineage. 
  2. Individual karma – karma we accumulate due to our desires, past merits and demerits.
  3. Societal karma – Karma which we gather from the society in which we were born, the country that we live in, has a collective effect on us.”

 So, these three elements – lineage, individual karma, and societal karma, are all mixed like milk and water. We don’t know what is ‘ours’ versus that of our family or society, but one thing is for sure if Liberation is to be an option, our karmic weight has to reduce. Otherwise, like a donkey packed with goods and materials and walks, we also don’t know what we were carrying until it’s gone. Then we feel relief.

Something I’ve learned since being with Mohanji is that a significant aspect of his subtle work is working on people’s lineage karma because when karmic weight is reduced, people become lighter. The possibility for Liberation is also higher. The Mai-Tri and the MTM practitioners see this happening. In my own experience, whilst I can’t see it, I feel the effects of much more lightness and ease in life since being connected to Mohanji.

One specific, tangible event was when I went to Kailāsh with Mohanji in 2019, along with many others. He performed what was called Nandisraadha pūjā’, on the banks of Mansarovar lake, in front of Mt Kailash. To our knowledge, nobody had done this before in that location and to that scale. That purpose was to clear people’s lineage karma for this generation and 100 generations back. That’s 1000s of years of people. It was challenging for them to organize because all the materials had to be very specific, right quality, and sourced from various parts of India. Then you had the logistical challenge of bringing them to the lake just before the puja. There were challenges in getting these goods through the border, but through grace, it happened. It all happened as it should have.

What Avadhūta Nādānanda had said to Mohanji when Mohanji planned to do this ceremony touched me the most and gave me an insight into profound work. He said that, even if Mohanji did this just for one person, and something went wrong, all that karmic weight would go to Mohanji. He would have to take the weight of any mistake, problem, or complication. He was doing it. They’re not just for everyone present, but also the families and everybody in the family that was connected as well. That’s 1000s of 1000s of people. This is the central part of Mohanji’s work; clearing people’s baggage from their lineage from the family so that they become lighter and can also progress quickly on their path. The Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners are seeing this, and for me, I think for everybody, whilst we might not be able to see it, we can feel lightness in our life. 

Through service, purification happens. The Mohanji Platforms are powerful because they give everyone an opportunity to serve society, benefit society and relieve their burden as part of it. The guidance of feeding the four types of beings (air – birds, water – fishes, earth – small/big beings and human beings) is given to help alleviate karmic weight and benefit our ancestors and lineage. ACT4Hunger was established around addressing those four types of beings.

 That was the message for today.

Do we know what we’re carrying? And through these activities, serving on the platforms through feeding all the beings of the air, land, water, and human beings, we’re slowly reducing this weight. This is a big part of Mohanji’s work, reducing this lineage aspect. 

Day 184 – Satya Yuga (Golden Age) is Within

Mohanji has spoken in a recent podcast about the times of Kali Yuga, where the unreal seems real and the real unreal – a time where greed, corruption, and manipulation are commonplace. We can see this in the world around us, from the news channels or by checking the internet. The world is suffering badly due to this, and Mohanji shared that collective consciousness causes situations, such as the Corona situation, which we see now with COVID. They happen especially when the predominant state or frequency is that of Tamas; procrastination, inertia, and stagnation are very high at these times.

Today, I was thinking about this, and I wanted to re-share Mohanji’s vision and work, which is that he’s here to take people to Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, which is beyond the state of the gunas, namely –

1. rajas – movement, action,

2. tamas – procrastination, laziness, inertia, and

3. sattva – the subtle, peaceful state.

He’s restoring righteousness. It’s a dharmic duty to bring this back.

When I heard about the various yugas and eras, I always thought it was an external place. “Mohanji is here to take people to Satya Yuga,” I didn’t quite understand what that meant. It’d be some external change that we’d see. But now I understand that this is a possibility that first need to begin inside of us. Now I know the golden age or Satya Yuga is the potential sitting with each of us. Each of us can exist in Satya Yuga, and what’s necessary is to raise our frequency to a specific state to have that eligibility to transcend beyond the guṇas. The path guides us to self-acceptance, respect, and love through time and service. We can raise ourselves to that state where the sattva guṇa stabilizes, and we begin to experience that peace, harmony, equanimity, and compassion for all beings within ourselves.

When a whole generation raises itself to that state, to that way of being, the entire generation is living with acceptance, ahiṃsā (non-violence), and kindness (all these higher qualities of human existence), and then Kali Yuga automatically ends. It’s actually within us, and we have the potential to change that. This was a more profound understanding for me.

 It also gave a new depth to the platforms Mohanji created and founded because each one is distinct in its own way. These platforms raise the generation’s prospects to the highest possibilities of human existence: kindness and compassion. The World Consciousness Alliance is one platform which aims to have a broader reach to shift the collective consciousness of the generation through music, art, entertainment, and film. Its goal is to bring people up and make them aware of that state.

So, this was a more profound understanding that the potential for the golden age, Satya Yuga, is inside us all. The inner change first. That inner transformation, individually and across a whole generation collectively, brings such a Yuga into reality and the end of Kali Yuga.


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